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Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn’t See Past Himself

They taught us that when we love someone, we’re supposed to fight for them, no matter what.

We’re supposed to show them that we won’t ever leave them, even when things get hard and the relationship starts to show cracks.

And then, you find yourself with a narcissist, and you immediately apply all of your past knowledge to him.

You convince yourself that you have to fight. You have to show him that you’re there for him even though the current state of the relationship is making you unhappy.

You’re drained from being walked over and treated like a toy. You started doubting yourself and you no longer know what’s right or wrong.

Your narcissistic partner ruined you and showed you a dark side of love, one where you lose yourself completely and you no longer have any idea of who you actually are.

What were the things you enjoyed before this relationship, what were your hobbies? Were there things that made you happy?

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

You don’t remember anything about yourself and the harder you try, the worse you feel.

But then again, you remember those words, “You have to fight for love.”

So, you pick yourself back up and go on the journey of trying to change your narcissistic partner.

Once again, you give him a chance, hoping that he won’t waste it.

“Maybe now he’ll realize how much I love him and he’ll try to change for the sake of my happiness.”

But that day never comes and all you can do is sit down and wait, as you’ve been taught that giving up on love makes you a bad person.

And while you’re sacrificing your own happiness for a guy who’s not worth it, he doesn’t bother to see how you’re doing.

He doesn’t care that every night before you go to bed, you have a mental breakdown because his behavior has strongly affected every aspect of your life.

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

He doesn’t see that you’ve changed.

That girl who used to smile all the time is long gone and now, your face has a sad expression since you forgot what it means to be happy.

How much longer can you keep doing this? How long are you willing to fight for a narcissist who doesn’t see past himself?

He has no idea what you’re going through because he doesn’t care.

The only thing that matters to him is that he’s happy. His wishes are the ones that need to be satisfied.

Why would he bother making you happy when seeing you smile isn’t part of his plan?

He wants to manipulate you and prove to himself that he can seduce anyone he wants, for as long as he wants.

You’re just a pawn in his dirty little game and that will never change. He’ll never stop to see how he’s making you feel because he doesn’t care.

If he cared about your feelings, he wouldn’t be a narcissist.

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

He wouldn’t treat you like a piece of paper that he can keep folding and then throw away.

Trust me, people like that never change.

Remember all of the methods he used just to win you over. He pretended like he was the nicest guy on the planet to cover up his real intentions.

This is because he knew that if he showed you his real face, you would’ve never bothered with him.

You would have put on your running shoes and run as fast as you could so you never risked the chance of seeing him.

He’s dangerous. He ruins your self-esteem and breaks you into pieces that are hard to put back together.

The pain that he leaves behind is heart-wrenching and it’s hard to successfully recover from it.

So, please, don’t bother fighting for him. He’s just a narcissist who doesn’t see past himself.

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

The only person he’ll ever care about will be himself. No matter how hard you fight for his love, that fact will never change.

He’ll always be a guy incapable of loving because he doesn’t know what it means to love someone innocently, without expecting anything in return.

He doesn’t know what love is about because he’s only ever loved himself.

Please walk away from him because you deserve so much more than this torture that you’re currently going through.

You deserve the right kind of love, the one where your boyfriend understands you and could never see you hurting.

The thing you have with this guy isn’t love.

It’s the agony of fighting for someone who doesn’t notice your efforts, the agony of being there for a person who cares only about himself.

This is your sign to leave before things get even more complicated.

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

You gave your best, trying to show him that there was someone who loved him and cared about him, someone who wanted to see him grow.

But no matter what, he always failed to see that. And no matter how many times you try, that will never change.

He’ll always be a narcissist who doesn’t see past himself because he’s used to living that life.

His happiness and satisfaction when he fulfills his manipulations are what he lives for. He has no interest in anything else.

Save yourself now before it’s too late. Don’t let him get you to your breaking point, as once you’re there, there’s no coming back.

His torture will leave a permanent mark on your heart and soul, and you’ll feel like a victim of narcissistic behavior for the rest of your life.

So run! Run away as fast as you can!

Don’t let him catch you because you deserve so much more than struggling to live a decent life with a guy who doesn’t care about you!

DONE! Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

Run away from the narcissist who doesn’t see past himself and don’t ever let him come back into your life. Break away from this vicious circle.

If you don’t do that, you risk the chance of never finding someone who’ll show you what love is supposed to look like.

Because a narcissist could never do that.

Stop Fighting For A Narcissist Who Doesn't See Past Himself

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