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Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

You’re constantly trying to analyze everything he does so that you can know whether he likes you. You want to make sure that you always look your best and that you’re always ready to bump into him.

You want to see the way his eyes sparkle when he sees you. It’s like you’re so scared of rejection that it’s making you jump out of your skin into the skin of someone he’d like more.

You’re not capable of thinking rationally right now. You’re so in love with him that you’re scared of losing him. That’s why you spend so much time trying to figure out what you can do to be more likable. You want to be the best version of yourself for him.

This is a huge mistake we as women make. Everyone focuses on whether or not a woman is good enough for a man. A man wants to find a woman he likes and a woman wants to be liked.

DONE! Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

But what happens when you think like this for a very long period? You forget to ask yourself whether you like him too.

You focus so much on creating a false persona that’ll be interesting enough to him. That persona is the perfect woman for him. It’s exactly who he wants because you want to be picked more than anything.

That’s just so sad. So many women want to be picked by a man without understanding that they’re the ones who should be picking. Yes, a man should figure out whether he likes a woman or not but a woman should be the one to take more power back!

We need to stop asking ourself whether someone likes us. Everyone should focus on whether or not they like the person they’re with.

DONE! Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

This logic applies to all relationships in life. Your platonic relationships are the ones where you want to be the best friend in the world. However, it may be that these friends never give you the same energy in return. If anything, your friends are awful toward you and you simply don’t know how to walk away from them.

That’s because you’re so dependent on the opinions of other people. You want people to like you so much that you’re completely blindsided.

But what about your wants and needs? If you open your eyes for just a moment, you’ll see just how awful those people are – even the guy you’re in love with. I can guarantee you that you don’t really like him.

You were in such desperate need of someone’s validation because you couldn’t find any within yourself. Because of that, now you’re left chasing an awful human being you’ve been convincing yourself you like but take a closer look.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re dating this guy and you’re still in the talking stages or if you’re in a relationship. You can’t even remember the exact number of times you’ve been so angry with him that you wanted to block him and never talk to him again. But here you are, trying to look pretty for him.

DONE! Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

We use the effort we put into our relationship to inspire our partner. We want to show them that all of these things can be done if someone’s willing to put in the effort.

You want to make him treat you the way you treat him but that’s not going to happen. You’re doing so much to get him to adore you when in actuality, he’s just using your feelings for him against you.

He doesn’t want to create a genuine connection with you because all he needs is the validation that you give him. Am I wrong?

If you were to tell your mother all the things he does to you, she wouldn’t approve of him in a hundred years. That’s also how you know that you’re not that into him. You’re just there because there’s some mutual gain in your relationship.

When you focus on whether or not you like a guy, you’ll know what you want to settle for. You’ll know whether someone’s the perfect guy for you or if he’s just wasting your time because he’ll never treat you the way you deserve to be treated.

You’ll be happy in a relationship when you meet someone and you stop ignoring the red flags. Of course, when you put those rose-colored glasses on, everything just seems like it’s going to be fun. You forget to pay attention to the things he does that you’d never let anyone before him do.

DONE! Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

Whenever your friends would tell you about the way men would treat them, you’d get so angry, so why can’t you keep that same energy for the men who surround you?

Never settle for someone just because you’re lonely or because you crave a genuine connection. Don’t just ignore everything you want in a relationship simply because you desperately want a guy who’ll give you all of his attention.

Think about whether he deserves you or not. Don’t think about how you’ll impress him because you’re perfect just the way you are. Stop trying to make him like you and start thinking about whether you like him or not.

I can guarantee you that your love life will look much different. Your relationships will be much better and your next romantic connection will happen when you know that someone truly does deserve you and not just because you’re scared of being alone.

You deserve so much more than that and you know it. So stop thinking about the way he sees you and whether he’ll like your new hairstyle.

You’re the one to pick and choose the man you want to spend your life with. He should do his best to become that man because a woman like you only deserves the best man out there.

Stop Asking If He Likes You, Ask Yourself If You Like Him

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