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Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

Life isn’t about finding someone just so you aren’t single on Valentine’s. It isn’t about looking for a person who’ll buy you heart-shaped chocolates and a few roses that’ll last longer than your love.

It’s not about sharing your Valentine’s gift with the world so others can be jealous of your so-called happiness.

Those trivial ideas of love should have no place in your life. They’re superficial and soon evaporate into thin air.

Instead, life is about finding your real Valentine. Someone who gets your feelings by a quick look in your eyes, who makes you smile when you don’t even feel like laughing.

I wasn’t born to look for a person who’ll make this love holiday less hard by spending it with me. I’m not made for pretending to be in love only to make others envious of my relationship.

That’s not part of my plan, and it shouldn’t be part of yours either.

DONE! Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

We’re born for bigger things. For real men who’ll love us the right way, men who’ll know how to treat us with respect even when they’re mad at us.

That’s why I’ll give you the most simple advice that can end up being life-changing – STAY SINGLE UNTIL YOU FIND YOUR VALENTINE.

Don’t just rush into relationships because you’re afraid of being lonely on this specific day.

Don’t lower your expectations for those who don’t deserve it.

I know that you’re blinded by the idea of love and feel the need to have someone next to you, especially on that day when the whole world gathers to celebrate love.

I know that you’ve been faced with romanticized ideas of love that made you think that love is something perfect.

That love is about his romantic gestures that make you go, “Wow!” in front of the whole world.

DONE! Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

But there’s so much more to it than that. Real love is so much more than a good Instagram picture and a heart-melting description underneath it.

It isn’t real love if he doesn’t fill your stomach with butterflies.

It isn’t real love if you don’t feel that you can fully trust the person standing in front of you.

If you can let him see the darkest parts of yourself because you know that he won’t let you go after that, it is.

To let those who don’t deserve your love into your life and pretend like they’re worth your time and effort is a waste of energy.

It’s a waste of time giving them your attention.

Trust me, you’ll know that you’ve met the right person by a simple look in their eyes.

You’ll know that you’ve met your forever Valentine by the energy the two of you share.

DONE! Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

When your paths cross, you’ll feel that you’re heading in the right direction.

You’ll feel the need to move through life with them because they’re the only right person for you.

That person right there will be your Valentine. He will love you unconditionally and make you feel special every day, and not only on Valentine’s Day.

He’ll take care of your heart and make sure to protect it so one hurts it ever again. Your Mr. Right, your knight in shining armor, your guardian angel.

In his arms, you’ll feel like the most special woman in the world. Safe and sound, you’ll want him to hold you forever.

He’ll love you for your flaws and all of your good sides. He’ll support you in ways that you’ll feel you can do anything you want.

With him, you’ll finally spread your wings and you’ll be able to fly anywhere you wish.

DONE! Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

This person will be the only right Valentine you can meet. He’ll show you what real love is about and what true happiness feels like.

Instead of playing with your feelings, he’ll play with your hair while he holds you in his arms. Instead of kissing other girls, you’ll be his first and final kiss.

You’ll be his idea of happiness, the woman he has dreamed about.

Your only true Valentine will be the man you’re destined to be with. He’ll be your soulmate.

All of the other guys that are there are just a waste of time. They’ll come and go but none of them will stay.

And do you really want to waste your time on those who have no intention of staying? On those who are there until they find someone else because they never really liked you in the first place?

Trust me, you’re so much better staying single until you find your Valentine than faking the feeling of love with all those wrong ones.

DONE! Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

You’re better saving all of your love for the right one than comforting yourself with half-love or half-relationships.

At the end of the day, all those who were wrong for you will leave your life like you never meant anything to them.

They’ll pack their bags and walk away from you as if they never cared about you.

But your real Valentine will always stay by your side. He’ll cherish you 365 days a year, years and years into the future.

He’ll be your Valentine even after the holiday ends. And that’s how you’ll know that you’ve found the right person.

That’s why it’s always better to stay single until you find your Valentine than to waste your love on those who don’t deserve it. It pays off in the end.

Stay Single Until You Find Your Valentine

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