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Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

You have finally moved on.

After a long time of working on yourself, improving your confidence, and realizing that the past is only an experience that can help you grow, you found the courage to continue with your life.

Things start to look better for you and after a period of rain, you feel that the sun is finally coming out.

It seems like everything will make sense from now on!

You will believe in yourself; others won’t be able to control you, and you won’t let anyone hurt you anymore.

But we all know that things don’t usually work this way.

The moment you feel that you will receive good things and only good things, life starts throwing rocks at you.

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

Those people you left in the past usually wiggle their way back into your present.

They come along with smiles on their faces, thinking that you will be more than happy to accept them.

But instead of a smile, they bring a bag of bad memories. They remind you of pain and suffering and everything they did that hurt you.

Instead of happiness that you finally have control over your life, when they come back, the only thing you feel is pain.

And they always come back, remember how your mother told you that.

They come back when you are finally continuing with your life; when you have put all of your pieces back together or when you have turned a new page in your book.

They don’t care how they made you feel before. Whether they hurt you or not, that’s not their concern.

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

The only thing they want is to come back because they are no longer happy with the choice they made.

And who is a better person for them to break than you, right?

They don’t care that you struggled to get out of bed for a long time because their words and actions stabbed you deep in the heart.

You couldn’t move on with your life because of the consequences of their actions. But guess what?

They are here, again, and you will have to welcome them back. (At least that’s what they suppose will happen.)

Well, guess what? No, you won’t!

You had been building yourself up from scratch because of their behavior and they don’t have any right to come to you again, like nothing ever happened.

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

You’ve dedicated way too much time trying to get back on your feet for them to ruin everything again. You won’t let them do that!

They will always come back once you realize your worth!

Once you finally understand that you deserve someone who will love you and accept you the way you are.

You make the decision that you don’t need people who will come back, you need someone who won’t ever leave.

However, life works in mysterious ways and the moment you make that decision, they decide to appear.

Because hey, they are special and you need to put up with them…

Well, you don’t need to and you won’t!

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

Where were they when you were learning to love yourself like a small child would?

Far away, taking care of themselves, not even aware of the damage they inflicted on you.

Now, they walk back into your life, thinking they have every right to do so. But it seems like they don’t know that you are a changed person now.

You won’t let them behave the way they used to. Those days are over!

You have worked on yourself too much to let them control you again.

They come back once they see how well you are doing without them! They want a piece of you. Nothing else.

You wouldn’t even expect anything else from them. They always only did things for their own benefit. No one else was important.

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

Self-centered people have no idea how it feels when they constantly bring you down, when they always make sure to show you that you are less important than they are.

They think that you will always welcome them back into your life. That you will wait at the door and greet them with a smile.

They always took you for granted and people like that don’t change easily. This person hasn’t changed much either…

But the best thing is when they come back when you no longer want them.

When it’s not about them hurting you anymore but about the fact that you don’t want to have anything to do with them. Period!

You’ve gone past them and moved on and you have no intention of going back to the past. They are not the kind of person you want in your life any longer.

You realized that and now they have come back.

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

Because now they miss you. They miss everything you did and everything you were.

The way you showed love and helped them grow… The way you supported them when no one else would…

Now, they miss you but they don’t know that you are not the same person anymore. You don’t miss them.

The way they talked and laughed, you don’t miss those sounds. The way they hugged you and looked at you, you don’t miss those actions.

You don’t miss anything that reminds you of them because you are the only one who knows how much it hurt when they left.

How tiring it was to wake up, roll to the other side of the bed, and not find anyone, even though two days earlier they had promised to be with you forever.

“Forever is such a strange word. It sounds infinite but lasts for a couple of years, months, or even weeks.” Remember how you thought that…

DONE! Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them

You survived all of the pain on your own and now they think that they can come back. But they don’t understand how much you love yourself now.

You know what you deserve and what you don’t and they don’t even assume that you erased them from your life. It’s like they never existed…

You couldn’t even let them come back – it would hurt you too much. It would remind you of the tears and pain.

It wouldn’t let you live the life you have created for yourself; a happy one, one where you are the main character and the other roles belong to people who truly care about you.

You don’t accept those who come and go whenever they feel like it.

You are the one who sets the standards. How good it feels to finally say that.

“I am the one who is in charge. I know what I want and I won’t let you crawl back into my life when you don’t deserve it.”

You’ve been too good toward those who pretended to care about you. Now, it’s the right time to change that.

This is your chance to shine and to apply everything you’ve learned.

Don’t let them come back because you are worth much more than that.

Sometimes They Come Back When You No Longer Want Them