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Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon: 10 Signs It’s Not The Right Time

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon: 10 Signs It’s Not The Right Time

Is sleeping with a Pisces man too soon really such a bad thing?

What does it even mean when we say “too soon”? You want a piece of that man, and you don’t care about social norms!

A Pisces guy seems like someone who wouldn’t take advantage of your needs, or pressure you into something that you’re not comfortable with. With that being said, it’s a generalization.

You know just as well as I do, we can never generalize one sign. Especially when we’re talking about men and the topic of physical intimacy.

The problem here is that every person alive has a specific natal chart. Him being a water sign doesn’t necessarily mean anything; he could have different placements for each planet.

He could have a Pisces Sun, but his Venus or Moon is in a completely different sign. You can’t think of him as a Pisces man if his planets are in Gemini, Capricorn, or Sagittarius.

Those signs have little in common with Pisces. If he was any other zodiac sign, like Scorpio or Cancer, he might have similar personality traits but never be a complete match to someone whose rising or Moon sign is in Pisces.

Alright, this was quite a lengthy disclaimer. But in order for you to understand what we’re talking about here, I advise you to get deeper into astrology and learn more about all the signs.

That said, look at this article as a “first aid kit” for your dating troubles with a Pisces man.

Because of that, we’ll talk about whether or not sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is a good option.

When is it too soon to be sleeping with a Pisces man?

1. You don’t feel comfortable opening up to him emotionally

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs It's Not The Right Time

The first thing you should consider when thinking about sleeping with a Pisces man is if you feel like it’s a little too soon to be completely comfortable around him.

Because of the fact that they’re so emotional, they can build up a lot of trauma. The trauma responses they accumulate through this can be very damaging for relationships in general.

With that being said, he could easily make you feel uncomfortable by ignoring your emotional needs. This means that you don’t feel safe when you’re trying to be vulnerable with him.

I know that not every intimate encounter has to be this emotional, but you should feel comfortable. You’re giving your body to someone, and whether you’re willing to admit it or not, you’re putting yourself in a very vulnerable position.

It doesn’t matter if he’s a Leo man or a Scorpio man. Emotional connection is crucial in order to have a good experience. I mean, you need to trust this man in order to give him your body like that, not so?

2. He doesn’t seem to care about your other needs

It’s too soon to consider sleeping with a Pisces man if he doesn’t care about your other needs. It’s a huge red flag, and you definitely shouldn’t be letting this man into your sacred space.

Once he makes the first move, you’re happy to oblige. However, you feel unhappy with him for some reason. You can’t just let him touch you when you feel like he’ll take advantage of you!

Your other needs could include things like the need for communication, respect, or freedom. He’s not meeting these needs, and it simply doesn’t feel good.

You’re always available to hang out with him when he needs it, but he’s never there for you. You’re always there for him when he wants to talk, but you feel like you have to deal with your issues on your own.

Those things can put you down, and they’re definitely not a turn-on. No amount of eye contact and physical attraction can change that.

3. You want a serious relationship

DONE Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs Its Not The Right Time 2

It’s fun to imagine a Pisces man in bed. You want to see who he is when no one is looking and if he’s your best match.

The problem here is that you’re considering this Pisces male to be your soulmate. You have genuine feelings for him, and you don’t want things to end after just one night of fun.

You can feel your heart skip a few beats whenever you look at him, but it feels like he doesn’t share your sentiment. So you’re focused on reading into the compatibility between you and this sun sign.

Especially if you’re a Cancer woman, this isn’t a good idea for you. Your heart could take severe damage if you let yourself fall into this trap. Don’t give in too soon just because you’re trying to keep him interested.

4. He’s pushing your boundaries

Boundaries are the most important thing for your mental health. The most apparent thing about boundaries is that we get angry when someone oversteps them.

Our anger knows that we’re being disrespected, and it wants to change the setting that we found ourselves in. Because of that, it’s not healthy for you to be anywhere near someone who’s pushing your boundaries.

This doesn’t even have to mean that he’s pushing you to do something that you don’t want to do. I mean, it’s a given that you’re sleeping with a Pisces man too soon if he tries to force you into it.

If it comes to that point, it’s probably everything but consensual, and you should walk away from him. In extreme cases, you’d even need to file a report.

His mood swings could make him seem like a cute and cuddly human being, but the next moment he’ll try to get something out of you that you’re not ready to give. So, the best thing you can do is see if he respects your boundaries.

Does he know when not to push your buttons? Does he respect you enough to not trigger you?

Or does he ignore everything you tell him just to manipulate you even more until you do the one thing that you don’t feel comfortable doing? If he doesn’t respect your boundaries outside of the bedsheets, then he won’t respect them in the bedroom either.

5. He gets frustrated with you easily

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs It's Not The Right Time

Are you considering sleeping with a Pisces man too soon? Well, if he gets exceptionally agitated with you for no apparent reason, you may want to rethink your decision.

He won’t show you his true colors on the first date, but this Piscean will inevitably give you a little glimpse into his authentic self.

Just because Pisces is ruled by Neptune (which is the planet of compassion) doesn’t automatically mean that he’ll take up those traits. If anything, he’ll get frustrated even more because of his fluctuating emotions.

You and I both know how important patience is in the bedroom. One wrong move can cause a lot of pain, or it could scar you for life (figuratively). So, if he doesn’t have patience, you have nothing to look for in him.

You need someone who is empathetic and doesn’t need to explain to you how freaky your fetishes are. Of course, this doesn’t have anything to do with his horoscope.

As a Pisces man, he should be compassionate, but his lack of patience could be a sign of something else. You don’t need to sit by and watch while someone lets out all of their frustration on you.

6. You haven’t had “the talk” with him

I know that “the talk” is a scary thing. It’s not easy to come up to your love interest and ask them to define what you are. It’s easier to go through life in limbo between a platonic relationship and something serious.

I mean, friends with benefits is a great thing if you’re both on the same page. But you can’t expect him to have the same views on these things as you do.

Everyone is different and if you’re not on the same wavelength, your relationship could fall apart quite quickly. If you’re a Pisces woman dating a Pisces man, then it’s hard for both of you to start this topic.

However, you need to talk with him as soon as possible. If you think that sleeping with a Pisces man is a good idea without this conversation, then it’s probably too soon.

One heart could easily get broken and you could end up losing someone very valuable in your life.

7. His body language doesn’t convey attraction

DONE Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs Its Not The Right Time 4

Sometimes, a Pisces man wants to get to know you better before he shows any physical attraction towards you. Either way, his body language will tell you if he wants you or not.

Don’t rush into thinking that every man wants the same thing from you. I know that it’s a very popular mindset to have, but it could be very toxic in the long run.

The signs to look out for to know if he’s ready to sleep with you are quite obvious. If he doesn’t tell you outright, you’ll be able to feel the tension between the two of you.

You’ll see the way his body leans into yours, the way he always looks at your lips, and so on. Even when he’s flirting with you, he doesn’t avoid touching you because he can’t wait to feel your skin on his own.

And if his body tells you that he doesn’t want you, you shouldn’t force things. A Pisces man likes to know that he’ll have a fun time with you, but he won’t give you any signs unless he really wants you in that sense.

So, if he’s not making his desire obvious, you’d be sleeping with him too soon, and you’re probably forcing yourself onto this poor man by giving into your urges.

8. He makes you question your sanity

You want to be seen as a human being rather than an object. Know this: If at any point you feel misunderstood, you shouldn’t be with him.

It’s definitely too soon to be sleeping with a Pisces man if he makes you question your sanity.

This includes things like shaming you for your previous experiences or your preferences in the bedroom. He could make you feel uncomfortable about so many different things without even considering your feelings.

A man who’s not comfortable with your past and your preferences shouldn’t even be on your list of potential hookups. For that matter, he shouldn’t even be in your life.

I mean, there are different types of men out there, and even if they were born under the same sun sign, they could still think differently.

So don’t question yourself right now just because his insecurities are making an appearance. He’s obviously having the time of his life because he sees that his stupid comments are flustering you.

Don’t question your sanity. You’re totally normal. He’s simply not the guy that should be allowed to enjoy a night with you.

9. You know you’ll regret it

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs It's Not The Right Time

So many people around the world regret at least one or two experiences. And for those who don’t, they still avoid talking about them. Either way, it would be so much better if we didn’t allow someone else to take up so much space in our lives.

You should probably rethink your decision if you know you’ll regret it the morning after. You don’t want to wake up the next day with the feeling of regret in your chest.

It doesn’t even have to mean that you did something wrong or that you made a huge mistake, but rather that you knew that it was too soon and you didn’t listen to your body.

Don’t do this just because you thought that things would go smoother afterward. At least, give yourself more time to think about everything.

I can promise you that you don’t have to force things if they’re meant to happen. I mean, you clicked on an article that talks about astrology, so you obviously believe in the power of the stars.

If that’s really the case, then take your time to really get to know this man and make sure that this isn’t something you’ll regret in the near future. You’ll thank yourself later.

10. You don’t think it’ll be special

Wondering if it’s too soon to be sleeping with a Pisces man? Well, honey, if you feel that it won’t be special, then you’re probably right.

This is especially true if we’re talking about your first intimate experience ever. If you want your first time to be special and memorable, then you don’t want to do it with the first guy that crosses your path.

You want sparks to fly and to feel like the gorgeous goddess that you are. If you want to do this with someone who feels like they’d take care of you, then a Pisces may be the perfect man for you.

Don’t just rush into things because you want it to be over as soon as possible. Do it because you want a new experience with someone who’s going to make you feel safe and at ease (while also rocking your world).

If you think that it’s not going to be special, then you’d be better off keeping your distance from him right now. You don’t need to look back at your first time and cringe at the memory.

What you can expect if you sleep with a Pisces man

DONE Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs Its Not The Right Time 6

How do you know if the experience will be worth it? It’s easy to imagine a fun night with him if you don’t even know what to expect.

After finding out that sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is a problem in many cases, you should know what you’re missing out on if it’s the right time. Don’t waste too much of your precious energy avoiding him if you truly want him.

We told you everything you need to know about the right time to make your move. So, if you’re sure that it’s not too soon, here’s what to expect.

1. He’ll understand your needs

In the grand scheme of things, a Pisces man will be super understanding of your needs. If you want to keep a Pisces man wanting you, then you need to listen to his needs and openly express your own.

Don’t be shy about something as important as this. The first time you tell him what you want and need in the bedroom, he may be taken aback by your openness, but it won’t affect his picture of you.

If anything, he’ll respect you even more. In other words, self-confidence is key here. Your love life may suffer immensely if you don’t feel comfortable talking about these things.

That’s why sleeping with a Pisces man will be very comfortable and pleasurable. Even if things get wild, he’ll know not to push you too far because he doesn’t want to hurt you in any way.

He’s not selfish in the bedroom, which will be extremely helpful if you’re a Virgo, Libra, or Taurus. You need to know that your needs will be met in order to give him the best adventure of his life.

2. He’ll appreciate the communication

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs It's Not The Right Time

If you’re not sleeping with a Pisces man too soon but rather at the right time, you’ll see how much he appreciates the communication. For example, if it’s too soon and he doesn’t want anything more from you than to be his bed-warmer, then he may find it a bore to talk to you.

However, if you’re both ready for this, then communication will be the best thing in the world. You can even laugh and talk while doing the deed.

Even during this entire experience, it’s very important to talk to your partner about the things that you want. For example, if he does something that you’re not into, you need to tell him.

The fact that you’re ready to work so hard on pleasing each other only means that you’ll become more comfortable and compatible in the bedroom. At the end of the day, you’re not doing anyone any favors by shutting up and acting like everything is okay.

Talk about the entire process and give him feedback. I can promise you that experiences with this man will become unforgettable.

He’s not insecure that you’re displeased with the things he’s doing. On the contrary, he’ll be thankful that you’re ready to work toward making it better for both of you.

3. He’ll give you the ride of your life

If you’re a Scorpio woman, then you definitely want it to be something that you’ll remember for a very long time. It’s not the same to sleep with someone who’s mediocre as with someone who’ll literally suck your soul out.

So, if you want someone who’ll give you an unforgettable time, then this is the man for you.

Virgo women usually see this as an emotional experience rather than a physical one, so you may want to reconsider this if you were born under this sign. However, you could easily enjoy yourself with this man if you’re both on the same page.

In the bedroom, he’ll want to impress you. This will create amazing chemistry between the two of you, which will lead to an amazing adventure.

4. He’s ready to experiment (if you’re into that)

DONE Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon 10 Signs Its Not The Right Time 8

Tell me, are you an Aquarius? If yes, then you’ll be happy to hear that this man will make every one of your fantasies come true. This man’s ready to experiment, and he’ll test everything that sounds like it could be fun.

Why would you only expect an Aries man to fulfill these dreams of yours? A Pisces man can also test you to see how open-minded you are to try out different things that you hadn’t considered until now.

If there’s something that you want to try that you didn’t feel comfortable doing with anyone else, then this is your perfect moment.

Sleeping With A Pisces Man Too Soon: 10 Signs It's Not The Right Time

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