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6 Signs You’re Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You’re The Only One

Do you feel like something’s changed? Is your gut telling you that your guy has been acting differently?

It feels as if he’s found someone else and you’re no longer the only woman in his life. Your relationship isn’t coming to an end, as far as you know, but still, the atmosphere is different.

Any woman can notice when she shares her man with another person. It’s as if she smells the remains of the other girl on her man’s skin.

If you’re suspecting that you’re just a side chick even though he keeps repeating that you’re the only one for him, then you should look for the following signs. They will help you stare the truth directly in the eye, without pretending that everything’s fine.

1. He still hasn’t made your relationship official

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

The whole thing feels like a relationship, but he still hasn’t made it official. I mean, all of your friends know about the two of you, but his pals are still clueless that you even exist.

When you run into them, he introduces you as a friend and that’s about it. And when you ask him about it, he says that the relationship is still fresh and he doesn’t want them to get involved in it.

Or he tells you that he wants to keep it private because he’s had too many bad experiences in the past. This seems like a legit reason, right?

As time goes by, though, you realize that you don’t want to feel like a stranger in his world. You want to have all of the benefits of a girlfriend but even when you decide to define the relationship, he somehow finds a way to avoid it.

It would appear that you’re together, but officially, you’re just two friends who hang out from time to time. This is the first red flag and a possible sign that you’re just a side chick.

2. He hides his phone from you

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

We all deserve to have our privacy in a relationship, but when he constantly hides his phone from you, it becomes a little suspicious.

Of course, it’s not okay for you to go through it without his knowledge.

But when he refuses to unlock it in front of you and makes the same old excuse how he’s texting his friend when he has a great smile all over his face, you can suspect that something’s wrong.

This probably means that his phone is filled with text messages and call lists he doesn’t want you to know about. He’s probably cheating on you and doesn’t want to get caught.

3. He doesn’t answer your messages for hours

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

Are there times where it feels like aliens kidnapped him and he’s no longer a citizen of planet Earth? You text him for hours without any reply. You call him multiple times only to hear your calls go to voicemail.

After that, he suddenly reappears with an excuse that his battery died or that he had too much work he had to focus on, so he turned off his phone.

This would sound legit if it happened once or twice. But when the pattern keeps repeating, you’re sure that he’s not telling you the truth.

He’s probably with another woman and he doesn’t want you to disturb their plans. He ignores you while he’s with her and then reaches out to you the moment she’s away from him.

4. He sees you when it suits him

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

When you actually do get hold of him and you two decide to hang out, who’s the one who proposes the time and place? Does it feel like he’s the one to choose all the time?

He needs to incorporate two women into his schedule and that’s why he’s always the one who arranges the meet-up time.

He could let you pick a time, but if it doesn’t suit him then he’d need to come up with an explanation for why it won’t work for him.

And as time goes by, he’d run out of excuses. That’s why he makes sure to be the one in charge when it comes to choosing when to hang out.

Also, you can notice how he usually wants you to drop by his apartment or suggests spending the night at your place. This only goes to show that he doesn’t want to be seen with you in public as that could end up being too complicated.

This is also one of the possible signs that you’re just a side chick. If he rarely takes you out on a proper date and he’s always the one who picks a time, then something is definitely off.

5. He doesn’t hold your hand in public

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

When you finally convince him to take you out, you never get to hold your hand. You walk side by side, without fingers touching.

The red alarm is buzzing at this point.

If you’re his girlfriend and he loves you, why would he avoid holding your hand every single time you go out? It makes no sense – unless he doesn’t want anyone to think you’re a couple.

6. You catch him lying

DONE! Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

How many times have you caught him lying? Does it happen on such a regular basis that you’ve started to suspect he’s a pathological liar?

He tells you that he’s going out with his friends, but then you run into them at the bar and he’s nowhere to be seen.

Or he apparently goes away on a business trip, but months later, you hear from his coworker that they didn’t go on any trip and that you probably heard him wrong.

This is as obvious as it gets. He’s cheating on you and covering up his absence with lies. And he’ll keep doing that until you expose him.

Signs You're Just A Side Chick Even Though He Says You're The Only One

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