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20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

I think my wife wants to leave me. If you have recognized yourself in that sentence then this article is for you because I’m going to tell you about all the signs your wife wants to leave you and how to know if your wife wants a divorce.

A lot of the time, women who are thinking about a break-up will try finding a marriage counselor as their last hope. But if you have been a cheater and want your wife back, marriage therapists might not be able to help you. If there was some other sudden change in your marriage, it’s a bad sign. But if you were a cheater or have been neglecting your wife, it should not come as a surprise that she is considering breaking up.

Whatever is the case in your marriage, these are signs of unhappily married women, so if you are wondering, “Is my wife done with me?” read about these signs she wants to leave you and find out how to tell if your wife wants a divorce.

Signs your wife wants to leave you

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

1. She doesn’t want to argue with you anymore

One of the telltale signs that it’s time for a marriage counselor is if she no longer argues with you. Since she has already decided to break up, she doesn’t see the point in arguing with you and just agrees with whatever you say.

She has given up on your marriage and doesn’t have any future plans that involve you.

2. She doesn’t say, “I love you,” anymore

A lot of the time, when a woman is no longer in love with a man, she will stop saying the words, “I love you,” altogether. So if your wife hasn’t said for a while now that she loves you, it is a bad sign because she has to love you to say it in the first place.

So if you want your wife back, consider a marriage therapist and find a way to fix it.

3. There was a sudden change in your marriage recently

One day you could wake up and see clear warning signs that your wife is going to leave you after a big change recently happened in your marriage. This is especially true if the change in question had a big impact on her daily life, her priorities, and the people she’s around.

This change may have made your wife imagine a life without you. So, confront her about it to find out how to fix it, because you don’t want to wake up one day just to find a packed suitcase and a goodbye letter.

5. She has been spending a lot of time away from home

If your wife has started making excuses just to be away from you and she is spending a lot more of her time away from home than before, it’s a red flag and one of the telltale signs that your wife is thinking about leaving you.

If she no longer enjoys your company and is avoiding being with you, you don’t need me to tell you that it is a very bad sign.

6. You have been cheating

Are you a cheater? If you have been unfaithful to your wife, you shouldn’t be wondering, “Does my wife want to leave me?” in the first place. It’s time for you to learn some more about how to keep your wife from leaving or how to know when it’s time to leave your marriage.

7. She is emotionally distant and cold

Once she wants a divorce, she will become emotionally cold and distant. She will start closing herself off from the marriage, and it will be hard for you to get her to engage in conversation.

8. You have been neglecting your wife for a long time

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you are seeing signs your wife is planning to leave you if you have been neglecting her for a long time.

If you think that you have been a bad husband and have been repeating the same problems over and over in your relationship, it’s time you have a talk with your wife and try to fix things while you still can.

9. She is always critical and resentful

Some signs your wife wants to leave you are all those mean and hurtful things that she has been saying to you and about you. She sees you as inferior to her and always has something bad to say about you.

10. She is not interested in visiting your parents

If she has given up on your marriage, there is no reason for her to maintain contact with your parents anymore, so if she doesn’t want to go with you to see them and it has been a while since she talked to them, it’s one of the signs your wife wants to leave you

11. There are times when she doesn’t come home in the morning

Your wife might have started going out without you and doesn’t come home in the morning, so you have no idea where she has spent the night.

12. She doesn’t care about your day

One of the signs your wife wants to leave you is if she is no longer interested in hearing about your day. You basically don’t even talk anymore, and she is not interested in anything you have to say.

13. She is reinventing herself

A change in make-up and hair could seem harmless, but what your wife is actually doing is reinventing herself, and you might not be a part of her new life.

14. She doesn’t discuss your future

Once you stop talking about your future together, it is one of the clear signs your wife wants to leave you because she doesn’t see a future with you.

15. There are new privacy rules in your marriage

You will suddenly realize that phones and laptops are locked, and there will be new hidden meetings and privacy rules. She might not be seeing another man in a romantic way, but that man could be her divorce lawyer, as she might be searching for divorce advice.

16. You are feeling unwanted

You will have a general feeling of being unwanted if your wife is planning to leave you. She will no longer ask you about your day or care if you are feeling okay. She will no longer do the things she was doing before and will not care about the dates that are important to you.

17. She always seems irritated with everything you do

It doesn’t matter whether you do something or don’t do something, she will always be irritated with you, and everything you do or don’t do will be an issue. She is even irritated by the very sight of you.

18. She has given up hope

She has completely given up on you and your marriage. Maybe she doesn’t want to go to counseling anymore, or you simply see that she doesn’t care anymore.

19. She is fighting with you

Even though, as I mentioned before, your wife might have stopped arguing with you, another sign could be if she is fighting just for the sake of fighting.

20. Your gut is telling you something’s wrong

Every situation is different, and so is every couple, so you yourself know best if something is wrong in your marriage. You will certainly sense it if your wife has changed and no longer cares about you and your marriage.

3 Reasons why women want to break up

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

There could be many reasons why your wife is considering a break-up, and I will list here a few of the most common ones.

1. She feels like you are taking her for granted

For a marriage to succeed, both partners have to contribute to the relationship and put in the effort. She could be feeling alone in the relationship and like she is the only one who’s trying while you have been taking her for granted for too long.

2. She argues with you about the same things over and over again

If you have been hearing sentences like, “You never listen to me,” or “You keep saying that you’re sorry, but you do it again and sorry isn’t enough anymore,” the reason why she is thinking about leaving you should be clear to you.

3. She no longer feels an emotional connection and intimacy

When a woman is so tired and unhappy with her relationship, she will no longer have the strength to try to preserve the intimacy, and that will, in most cases, lead to divorce.

How to prevent a break-up?

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

Here are a few tips on how to prevent a break-up that you might want to try.

1. Change

If your wife is unhappy with you, you have to find the will to change and become different. Consider all the things that bother her about you and try to fix them. You need to prove to her that you can change and that you are willing to become different.

2. Appreciate her

You need to shower her with love and attention like you are in the honeymoon phase all over again. Show her that you will no longer take her for granted and that you appreciate all the things she does for you and your marriage.

3. Be gentle and caring

Become more considerate and affectionate. Small gifts, going out, eating out at restaurants, compliments and kind words of gratitude are some things that might just save your marriage.

4. Be a real man

She wants a big, strong man to protect her so she could feel weak and fragile. She needs you to step up and be a man.

5. Surprise her

Choose a moment when she is in a good mood and surprise her by buying her chocolate and flowers. But don’t try to buy her off, you only want to show her how much she means to you and surprise her with a kind gesture.

7 Signs she wants a divorce

The divorce process is an ugly thing, so if she has already found a divorce lawyer and is looking for divorce advice, you have a big problem. Here are some signs that she wants a divorce.

1. You are constantly arguing

If you have constantly been arguing, your wife might be starting the divorce process. Especially if that arguing suddenly stopped, and you are no longer talking because that silence is even worse than angry words.

2. She is giving up

Instead of resolving conflicts, she gives up because she doesn’t even care anymore enough to argue. She has disconnected emotionally, and it’s time for you to look for a marriage counselor before she starts looking for a divorce lawyer.

3. You have been neglecting her for a long time

As I said before, if you have been neglecting your wife for a long time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that she is looking for divorce advice. Try talking to her and change before you lose her.

4. She is not showing affection

If your wife is showing little or no emotion or affection, she has already broken up with you inside her mind.

5. There are divorce topics in her search history

You might want to look at your wife’s search history because she has probably Googled something about divorce if she is thinking about it.

6. You don’t communicate anymore

The painful silence is the worst, and if you and your wife are not communicating any more, there is no hope for your marriage unless you work on your communication and start talking more about everything.

7. You don’t eat together

If you no longer eat at least one meal a day together, she no longer cares enough about your marriage because it’s usually very important for women to eat with their partner and family dinners are important in a marriage.

Why does my wife want to leave me?

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You

No one can tell you exactly what is happening in your marriage, but if you are afraid that your wife is going to leave you, there usually is a reason to worry because you have sensed that something has changed in your relationship.

Your wife probably feels like she can’t rely on you when she needs you, and she is tired of your demands. She probably doesn’t feel like she is the only one in your life that matters. She could be tired of you not trusting her and being negative all the time. If you have nothing in common, there are even more reasons to worry.

Maybe you are just too childish for her, or she is simply tired of giving. She is not sure about what you want, but it is certain that you don’t share plans for the future.

Whatever might be the case in your relationship, it’s time to fight for your marriage if you don’t want to lose her, so try talking to her and see if you can find a way to fix things.

20 Warning Signs Your Wife Wants To Leave You