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14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

Your relationship with your spouse has been going through some hard times. So, lately, all you’ve been asking yourself is whether you’re seeing signs your marriage is over for your man.

When you look back at your marriage, you see how much things have changed. Your once-upon-a-time healthy relationship has turned into a mere convenience. 

You feel it in your gut that things aren’t the same as they used to be, but you have no idea how to admit the truth to yourself.

You probably keep convincing yourself that every marriage has its problems and that it’s something normal. But deep down, you know that you and your husband have been facing some serious problems that are hard to fix. 

He used to be the only person who made you happy by simply being next to you. Now, it’s a completely different story.

At this point, spending time together only makes you sad as you know that the connection that you used to share is now long gone.

The main question is whether you can resolve the situation and have things go back to the way they were before or if you have hit the point of no return. Is there a way to save your marriage or is it too damaged to fix?

Signs your marriage is over for your man!

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

If you keep seeing any of the following signs, you need to be ready to admit one thing – for him, it’s over, as he’s already come to terms with the fact that there’s nothing he can do to save your failing marriage.

Even though every married couple goes through ups and downs, your husband already decided that for the two of you, there’s no going back.

He’s probably aware that both of you have been in an unhappy marriage for quite some time and he decided to give up on it.

So, you’re not wrong. All this time, you’ve been seeing different red flags and clear signs your marriage is over for your man.

No matter how hard it is to face the truth, you have to admit the reality of the situation. This way, you’re doing your well-being a favor and you’re helping yourself get through this difficult situation with your head held high.

Being in an unhappy marriage is extremely dangerous for your self-esteem, but once you realize that it all happens for a reason, it’ll be easier for you to go through a break-up.

Now, let’s see the common signs your marriage is over for your man and that you should give up trying to fix things.

1. He no longer pays attention to you

One of the signs your marriage is over for your man is if you notice that the attention and care he had for you is completely gone.

In the beginning, he used to shower you with hugs and kisses every day of the week. You were never left alone in the moments you needed his help and instead, he was always there for you.

Now, it’s a different story. He doesn’t show you his love at all because it seems it’s already evaporated into thin air.

He rarely listens to you and ignores your presence overall. When you ask him to do something for you, he usually forgets.

It seems that your words don’t ever get through to him as he doesn’t pay any attention to you. These are all warning signs that suggest that he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore.

You used to be the one he knew everything about. He was familiar with every one of your facial expressions and he knew how to make you feel better.

But now, he doesn’t even realize what’s going on with you. It feels like you’re a complete stranger to him, someone he isn’t supposed to pay attention to.

That’s the exact way he’s treating you right now.

2. He gets annoyed by everything you do

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

How do you know he doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore? What are the signs your marriage is over for your man?

Simply pay attention to the way he responds to the things you do. Is he easily annoyed by every action you take?

If so, there’s your answer. When a man starts losing his feelings for you and when he realizes that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with you, his behavior changes.

All of the little things you used to do around him which he found to be funny or weird in a special way have become actions that annoy or upset him.

He always found it funny how you don’t eat the bread crust but now you notice the annoyance in his eyes when he sees you throw it away. Or he always used to compliment you on how you dress nicely but now he looks at you with despise every time you look stunning.

Over time, this resentment has grown and you can see in his eyes that his feelings for you have changed. No matter what you do, he always finds something he doesn’t like and gives you such harsh looks that you sometimes wish you’d never met him.

It’s all starting to bother you because you want him to be happy but no matter how hard you try to please him, there’s always something that irritates him now.

Your self-esteem has been hurt and you keep blaming yourself for annoying him but you need to know that it’s not your fault. He’s given up on you and for him, your marriage is already over.

So, no matter what you do to please him, he’ll never change his current feelings for you.

3. He can’t stand being in the same room with you

You don’t need a more obvious sign that your marriage is over than the fact that your husband can’t stand sharing the same space as you. The moment you walk into a room, he walks out as he can’t stand being there with you.

It’s become so obvious to the point where you don’t even want to sit next to him because you know that his instant reaction will be to leave. And you can’t stand seeing that your own husband doesn’t want to be around you.

The two of you have to do something about this or your marriage will become an example of a toxic relationship and everything it can do to harm a couple.

If things keep going this way, it’ll all get to a point where you won’t be able to tolerate it anymore.

4. His values have started to differ from yours

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

We all change and grow, both as individuals and as couples. But once you realize that his views on life and all of the values you used to share are now completely different from yours, you know that something fishy’s going on.

And you’re right. When your man changes his ideas and everything you’ve been building your marriage on, it can be seen as one of the signs that for him, your marriage is over.

He’ll soon start showing you that he doesn’t agree with you and you’ll feel sad that your married life got to the point where you have no idea what to do next.

As time goes on, the distance between the two of you will grow. It’ll slowly kill all of the love you used to share.

By that point, you’ll stop playing on the same team and you’ll become one another’s biggest opponents. In the meantime, you’ll grow apart more and more, and soon, divorce will be the only suitable option.

5. He doesn’t respect you anymore

One of the signs your marriage is over for your man is if you notice a lack of respect coming from his side.

Before, he used to be a caring and respectful husband who always made sure to pay attention to your feelings. He never raised his voice and never asked you to stop talking.

He knew that kind of behavior was disrespectful and that he should never treat his wife like that. Now, the tables have turned and he doesn’t seem to care about respecting you.

There have been numerous occasions when he told you to shut up and ignored your feelings completely.

It’s clear that he no longer feels the same way about you. To be honest, he probably daydreams about living the single life, without you.

While we’re on the topic, I want to warn you about something. 

If at any point, you realize that his disrespectful behavior is turning into emotional or physical abuse, know that you have to do something about it.

An unhappy marriage can easily turn into a fertile ground for domestic violence and that’s something you should never tolerate. Your only option is to leave and never turn back!

6. He doesn’t bother to argue any longer

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

One of the obvious signs your marriage is over for your man is if you realize that he doesn’t want to lead any kind of conversation with you. He even avoids disagreements.

When you confront him and try to solve the issues that have been hanging in the air for quite some time, he chooses to stonewall you as the only answer to any of your questions.

He doesn’t want to be an active participant in your fights, so keeps quiet all the time. He doesn’t even respond to you by defending himself because he lacks the energy and will to solve any disagreements with you.

It looks like he’s given up on your marriage completely and doesn’t want to fix things at all. In his head, there’s no point in fixing something that’s already broken, as you can only cut yourself up on all those sharp edges that surround you.

7. He’s physically close but his mind is distant

In those rare moments when you’re sharing the same air and sitting in the same room, the only thing you feel is that he’s physically close. Every other aspect of closeness is far gone and you can’t sense it at all.

This is also one of the signs your marriage is over for your man and he doesn’t want to fight for your love anymore.

While you’re watching TV, you may start a conversation, hoping that he’ll be willing to participate in it. You ask him about his day, expecting him to engage with you.

But instead of his words, the only thing you hear is silence.

You start a different topic, something he always has something to say about, but again, nothing. There’s no response.

He’s sitting there silently, not willing to talk to you or lead any kind of conversation.

It all drains you because you’ve been the one who’s tried to save the relationship. You’ve given your last atoms of energy to make up with him and get your marriage back on track.

But it seems that he doesn’t care about your attempts because he’s clearly not willing to talk to you.

8. He doesn’t make an effort anymore

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

Effort should be present in every relationship, even when it’s a long-term one. And when a man stops showing effort, it’s a clear sign that something’s changed.

You don’t need to be a relationship expert to know that a lack of effort is one of the signs your marriage is over for your man.

He used to make you a coffee every morning because he’s the one who wakes up earlier, but he stopped doing that completely even though he still gets up before you. Friday was always your date night and he always made sure not to skip it but now he no longer initiates it at all.

Right now, you seem to be the only partner who’s making an effort, while your husband clearly avoids it. He doesn’t care about you anymore and it goes to show that his feelings for you have changed.

No matter how many times you tell him that he’s been acting differently, he won’t bother to make a difference and improve the way he treats you.

He’s likely already made the decision that will result in the two of you starting new lives, far away from each other. He just needs some time to tell you.

9. He doesn’t care about your needs

Throughout your whole relationship and from the very beginning of your marriage, he was a guy you could count on. He always cared about you and showed you that you came first in his life.

Your needs were his priority and he always made sure to give you anything you wanted. He always showered you with love and attention because he knew how much those little things meant to you.

Now, it’s a whole other story. He no longer cares about anything that involves you.

It’s clear that his priorities have changed and right now, you’re far down at the very bottom of the list. He only cares about himself.

When you combine that with his lack of respect for you and ignoring everything you say, it’s clear that you’re facing signs your marriage is over for your man.

No matter how much time you give him, hoping that it will save your marriage, the chances are that nothing will be able to change him. 

His feelings are different and it looks like he doesn’t love you the way he used to any longer. Everything is different, even though you don’t want to admit the truth.

10. He ignores your messages

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

He still hasn’t got home from work and you’re worried that something’s happened to him. You text him and get no reply.

You’re freaking out, calling his number, but he’s not picking up his phone. When he finally gets home and you ask him why he’s been ignoring you, he just looks at you and walks away.

Or you hit him up with a, “How was your day?” message and the only thing you get is silence. He doesn’t care about answering you or starting any type of conversation with you.

Once you realize that he’s been acting this way for some time, it’ll occur to you that he probably doesn’t feel the same way about you.

Maybe even your family members have noticed the change but you’re still living in hope that one day, everything will be the way it was and you’ll be able to successfully work on your issues. 

11. He doesn’t want to go to marriage counseling

Your husband’s behavior has gotten to the point where you can’t take it anymore. You’re sick of being stuck in an unhappy marriage where it’s obvious that time won’t fix anything.

So, you approach him and suggest going to couples therapy. You think that a marriage counselor is the only person in the world who can save your marriage from falling apart.

However, he ignores your suggestions and keeps on behaving this way. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to seek help because he thinks that there’s nothing to be fixed.

This is one of the telltale signs your marriage is over for your man. When he ignores your proposal to go to counseling as a final resort, it only goes to show that he doesn’t want to work on your relationship at all.

12. He avoids spending time with you

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

Spending time alone is good for your mental health. It helps you regain your energy and teaches you to learn more about yourself.

So, when he wants to have some alone time, it could be seen as a good sign, as a healthy step he wants to take for his own well-being.

But once you realize that your husband keeps making excuses just so he can spend his free time on his own, without having you by his side, then you know that things aren’t exactly going the right way.

One of the signs your marriage is over for your man is when he spends all his free time without you. It all gets to the point where you barely even see him because the two of you are never together.

When you ask him why he’s avoiding you, he probably just walks away or gives you an excuse. But that’s all you’re going to get from him.

13. He keeps secrets from you

On those rare occasions when you hang out together with a group of friends, you often find out about different things your husband keeps secret from you.

His friend asked him in front of you whether he already sold his car while you had no idea that he was actually selling it. Or he asks him about his new job, while you had no clue that your husband quit his previous one.

At some point, you may even find out that he’s been secretly talking to his ex. All of these things have been a secret to you and you feel like you have no idea what’s going on in your man’s life.

This is also one of the clear signs your marriage is over for your husband. He no longer treats you as his partner and keeps secrets from you but not others. 

Sooner or later, your marriage will fall apart and it looks like there’s nothing you can do about it.

14. He mentions divorce a lot

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man

When you’re in a happy marriage, the word divorce doesn’t come to your mind. You never think about it as it’s not something you want to experience.

But lately, your husband has been mentioning it a lot. On those rare occasions when he’s having a conversation with you, it’s usually about getting a divorce.

Sometimes, he threatens that he’ll divorce you. Other times, it’s more like a statement that he randomly says just to fill the silence.

The truth is that for him, your marriage is over and he probably thinks that the best thing to do would be to get a divorce. You can keep faking your happiness, trying to fix up the damaged parts, but it’s clear that your husband has already given up on it.

And sometimes, it’s better to walk away from everything that’s making you unhappy than to stick around just because you think that you’re supposed to.

14 Telltale Signs Your Marriage Is Over For Your Man


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