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14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Are you imagining all these signs your male friend has feelings for you?

Here you are searching for the smallest confirmation, but nothing seems solid enough.

You’re probably thinking you’re going delusional, but I’m here to confirm your suspicions.

There are many secret signs that your male friend has feelings for you, even if you have ignored them until now.

But after reading this article, it’ll all be clear as day.

Everyone’s been there. The line between friendship and something more is very blurred.

You have someone next to you who listens to you and also gives the most comforting hugs.

How are you not supposed to believe that he wants something more when he’s so nice to you?

Let’s be honest, girls aren’t used to men being that nice and respectful to them.

That’s exactly why we fall for our male best friend most of the time. There is no one who knows and understands you better.

Nonetheless, the thought of crossing that blurred line into something more is scary.

What if you’re reading the signs wrong? What if you confess to him and he walks away from your life completely?

You can’t really go up to him and ask if he’s feeling the same thing in return if you aren’t sure.

Of course, you can absolutely abandon these feelings – or you can fall much deeper into them if you’re not careful.

You don’t want to sound desperate if you do confess to him either.

That’s why, before you even consider talking to him about it, let’s make sure that all the signs are there.

Signs your male friend has feelings for you

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Does he really want to be with you? Are you interpreting the signs wrong?

This male friend of yours knows all of your secrets and you have many mutual friends.

If you’re interpreting the signs wrong, this could turn out to be detrimental to your social life.

What you can’t deny though is the fact that you really do feel a spark whenever he’s near.

You want to know if there are signs your male friend has feelings for you because you, yourself, are developing feelings for him.

If this isn’t the case and you just want to know the signs so that you can let him down easy, that’s a shame.

Marrying your best friend is said to eliminate the risk of divorce by a whopping 70%.

Sounds too good to be true, right? But it really is the case.

When you marry your best friend, it’s more likely that you’ll stay together for a lifetime.

That’s beside the point obviously. I’m talking about marriage before we even know if you’ve read the signs correctly.

Let’s just keep an open mind.

If you’re indeed seeing signs your male friend has feelings for you, then the realization will be enough to make you acknowledge your own feelings.

These signs might be subtle or very straightforward, but either way, they’re there.

So watch out and don’t miss any!

1. It’s all in the way he looks at you

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

How does he look at you? Is he keeping eye contact or do his eyes search the room? Does he look at you adoringly?

You know what I mean when I say that he looks at you adoringly.

His face seems to soften whenever he keeps looking at you for a longer period of time.

His eyes are hooded and he’s probably grinning at you a little.

And if you’re telling him something bad that happened to you, you can see the anger sparking his face.

Men are very easy to read when you think about it. The way he looks at you is one of the best signs that your male friend has feelings for you.

There is no mistaking his feelings when you see the way his eyes don’t leave your face when you’re talking.

There also might be a slight chance that his eyes land on your lips more times than is deemed appropriate for two friends.

Also, I don’t think that I have to elaborate when I say that he may look at you like you’re a snack. The way a hunter looks at its prey.

He could have looked at you in all of these ways, but you just never thought much of it.

Well, now make sure to keep an eye out for them and know what he means when he looks at you like that.

2. You had a very questionable moment

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

You don’t have to kiss to have a moment.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re at a party with him, or even just hanging out with friends, and your body seems to be pulled toward his?

It’s that weird moment when your hands brush or when you’re sitting and your thighs touch ever so slightly.

Every time he stands a little bit too close to you, you can feel your entire body on fire.

Believe me when I tell you that he knows what he’s doing. He’s calculating every single one of his moves.

And even if he isn’t doing it on purpose, he wants to be near to you. A little bit too close for friendship.

He is always in your personal space. When you talk with him, he leans in close. The excuse he uses is probably that he can’t hear you clearly.

You can sense the attraction in the air like little sparks of electricity. You can feel your skin throb with the desire to touch him or be touched by him.

It’s one of the definitive signs your male friend has feelings for you.

3. He’s protective over you

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

It’s adorable when someone gets protective over you. You feel cherished and taken care of.

That’s why one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you is when he’s protective of you.

There are probably other men in your life who are protective, but this guy takes it to a whole new level.

For example, whenever you’re going out with someone new he always tells you to call him when you’ve made it home.

He wants you to call him whenever you need something and he doesn’t want you to hide things from him that could endanger you.

This man is truly one of a kind. Men are typically protective over women, but most of the time it’s someone they’re into.

He probably thinks of you as more than a friend and that’s exactly why he’s trying so hard to impress you.

You mean a lot to him and whenever you’re hurting, he can feel your pain.

It probably hurts him even more to see you in any type of emotional or physical pain or danger, especially when he wasn’t able to be there to protect you.

4. You two never talk about his love life

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

He’s extremely secretive about his love life. Even if you insist on talking about how his date went, he’ll just tell you a few minor details and that’s it.

You feel bad about pushing him to talk about this topic, but you’re rightfully curious.

He’s the one who seems to change the subject whenever the conversation drifts to this topic. It’s quite frustrating.

Another possibility is that he doesn’t even have a love life.

He might go out with girls just for the fun of it, but he still comes back home afterwards to talk to you.

He doesn’t want to mention them in front of you because it makes him uncomfortable.

Who wants to talk about other girls with the girl they like?

Even if we don’t want to believe that, but there are actually men out there who are very single-minded when it comes to love.

He has fallen for one girl and one girl only. He doesn’t need anyone else.

This is one of the very clear signs your male friend has feelings for you.

5. He’s interested in you

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

While he might not talk much about himself, he asks questions about you. A lot of questions!

He wants to know every single detail about you and you can see that he’s actually listening to you.

When you have trouble with your family, he knows how to get you to talk to feel better.

When you have troubles in your love life, he’s the first one to ask you questions only a therapist would.

Even when you first met, he was intrigued by you and he asked you many questions to get to know you better.

That right there isn’t even a secret sign your male friend has feelings for you.

He wants to know what makes you tick – what makes you mad and sad. He wants to know everything there is to know about you.

What makes you feel appreciated and loved? What is it that causes you to despise another person?

Is there a specific snack that you enjoy more than others?

The funny thing about it is that he actually remembers all of these things and you best believe that he’ll bring you that snack the next time you two meet.

That man is truly falling for you if he does this.

6. He’s always free for you

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

It doesn’t matter what he was doing prior to you calling him, but he put it all down to talk to you.

When you want to hang out, he’ll cancel plans just to be beside you.

Let’s not even start on when you’re not feeling alright and you need him to be there for you.

He’ll be knocking at your door before your first tear slips down your cheek.

This isn’t something people do to show how much your friendship means to them – to show you that they’re good friends. No.

This is one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you. He is basically treating you as his girlfriend. You are the biggest priority in his world.

Of course, friends do this too. You would expect such behavior from someone you consider to be a close friend.

However, what he does is intense. He will let go of every and any obligation if it means spending more time with you.

Girl, this man has been falling for a very long time.

7. He posts a lot about you on his social media

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Of course, you’re going to post stuff about your friends on your social media platforms!

Everyone needs to know what an amazing friend group you have.

That’s fine and all, but have you considered that he is posting you more often than anyone else?

You are a constant on his feed and stories. He celebrates every single success of yours as if it’s his own.

This man loves to flex about how you’re his friend.

If this is accurate for your current situation, then it’s one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

At this point, he’s not even trying to hide it anymore. He loves taking photos with you and of you, so he’s always posting them to show off.

Also, when you go to his accounts, are you the only woman on his photos?

If it seems he never bonds with another woman besides you, then you have the answer to your question right there.

This man has developed very obvious feelings for you.

8. You’ve met his family and friends

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

I must admit that something like this is quite common for close friends.

However, you and I both know that only the very special male-female friendships get to this level.

Maybe he had friends that didn’t know you, but insisted on introducing you to them.

Or even if it happened spontaneously, they still seemed to know about you.

He probably told them of you a couple of times and they’re not even trying to hide their amusement.

This can also be the case with his family. He probably insisted you come over for dinner one night and that’s how you got yourself in that situation.

They probably said that your male friend talks a lot about you and it’s like they know you already.

Even if it’s a little bit uncomfortable for you, it’s still one of the signs your male friend has feelings for you.

No one brings a girl around to meet their parents if they haven’t developed some kind of feelings for her.

9. He compliments you a lot

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

A simple “Oh my God, that looks so good on you” is completely fine. We always ask for the opinions of our friends.

We ask them to validate us and show us that they like what we’re doing, what we’re wearing, and so on.

But what about this particular male friend of yours?

One of the signs your male friend has feelings for you is if he excessively compliments you.

He’s going out of his way to tell you how good you are at something or what a great job you’ve done.

He really likes complimenting you and it makes you feel appreciated.

This is why you’re so close to him – he knows how to appreciate your attributes and hard work!

He may also be complimenting you in other ways. The next time you ask him what he thinks of the outfit you’re wearing, look at his eyes.

Is he scanning your body from top to bottom? Does he look like a hunter who caught sight of his prey? How’s his body language?

Also, if he’s complimenting your work ethic or how good of a friend you are, pay attention if he gets shy or perhaps even blushes.

10. He invites you to hang out without the rest of the group

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

This is only a sign if you are not used to going out with him one-on-one.

If you are someone who loves to go out with her friends and enjoys a group setting, then it’s weird that this male friend wants to hang out just with you.

What does he want? Is there something you two should talk about that the others shouldn’t know about?

This is actually one of the first signs your male friend has feelings for you.

He’s trying to get to know you better and wants to know who you are without all the noise and distractions.

This is also a little sign of his own selfishness. He wants you all to himself.

It’s fun when you go out together with the rest of your friends, but everyone else has your attention, too.

This way he’s making sure that all of your attention is on him.

You two can open up to each other when no one else is there to listen to you. He feels more comfortable like this.

11. Others have also caught on to it

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

You’re probably blind to signs your male friend has feelings for you. That’s why you should trust your other friends if they point it out to you.

Especially if it’s more than just one friend who comes up to you and tells you that he’s starting to like you as more than just a friend.

If they don’t say it out loud, you can still catch their glances. You know how kids used to tease us back in school when we were talking to our crush?

It was always so embarrassingly obvious when they did it back then.

They will tease him just like that! You will catch their glances and hear their giggles.

If you try to ask them about it, they’ll play coy, like there’s nothing wrong.

12. He texts you more often than others

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Whenever you hear a notification go off on your phone, you just know that it’s him.

Somehow, he always finds a reason to text you. It might be a random meme he found or some gossip he heard. He’s always there to deliver the news.

This is one of the telltale signs your male friend has feelings for you.

He asks you for suggestions on what to watch, he sends you random pics he took during the day, and so on.

This man isn’t even trying to be subtle at this point!

Of course, you’re texting with your other friends.

What you need to look out for is if you’re texting with your other friends just as much as you’re texting him.

You also might want to ask your friends if they text with him as much. Just to make sure if you’re actually special to him.

13. He gets jealous

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Men get very territorial when they like someone. It’s like every other man is a potential threat.

He doesn’t want anyone else to touch you at all or to look at you the way he does.

When you try to talk with him about your love life, that date you went on last night, or the man you matched with on a dating app, he just seems to change the subject.

Even if he doesn’t, there is still a lingering unease about his behavior that you don’t know how to pinpoint. He seems off.

That’s because he got jealous.

It’s another one of the obvious signs your male friend has feelings for you. He doesn’t want to listen to you talk about another man.

What happens if someone comes up to talk to you when you’re out with him?

You better start reassuring him that everything’s fine, before this man goes feral.

14. He gets extremely affectionate when he’s drunk

DONE! 14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

Yes, there are people out there who get extremely cute and touchy when they’re drunk. But where do we draw the line?

You know that there is a very blurry line between you two already. So how is he acting when you’re around when he’s drunk?

He probably gets extremely affectionate and touchy. He loves to hug you and kiss you wherever you’ll let him.

Pay close attention to the things he says when he’s drunk. The words will slip past his lips before you even get a chance to catch them.

Listen closely and you won’t have to look for signs your male friend has feelings for you. He’ll tell you himself.

14 Subtle Signs Your Male Friend Has Feelings For You

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