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7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Maybe you are married for a long time, or it’s been just a few years, but no matter how long it lasted till now, something has changed in your marriage, and you are starting to say to yourself, “I see the sings my husband hates me.”

This is a serious matter since the relationship in question is your marriage and not some short-term romance.

It could be that the love that you had has disappeared, but sometimes love can even turn to hate.

Even though you can’t control how your husband feels, you can control how you are going to react to it when you notice signs your husband hates you.

If you have been wondering, “does my husband hate me” it’s time to read about the unfortunate signs your husband hates you.

If I were to notice signs my husband hates me, I would definitely want to know what to do next, so I will suggest what you should do after we go through the signs your husband hates you to make sure that this is the unfortunate truth.

But firstly, I would have the same questions on my mind as you probably do, so I will try to answer them in the following text.

Why does my husband hate me?

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Whether the wife had something to do with the reason or not, there are plenty of reasons why a husband could start hating his wife.

But the truth is that he doesn’t hate all of you but only parts of you that he got sick of overtime.

Maybe he feels like he can never do anything right, or you talk down to him like he was stupid.

One of the reasons could be that you are acting like his mother and talk to him the same way you talk to your kids.

If you can’t just let things go and keep mentioning things he did years ago, he could have started to hate that.

How Does Someone Go From Love to Hate?

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

The truth is he still cares for you since you have such a long history together, and you have been through a lot side by side, or you are the mother of his children.

But romantically and personally, he might be feeling very different.

Women know when their husbands are no longer happy in marriage, but hate is a whole new thing to consider.

You might think that it is all of a sudden, but in fact, hatred boils inside of a man for a long time and eventually builds up to the point where he can no longer control it.

Love turns to hate over time, while he is silently taking the things he can not stand and resents you for it.

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You

How to tell if your husband hates you?

1. He has started to forget about the important dates

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Let’s be honest; most man will forget about the important dates, so ignore this sign if it is the only one.

But if he would always remember a birthday or an anniversary and has suddenly started to forget about them, it could be time to start worrying.

What you need to look for is changes in his behavior. Has he started to be late for important events with you?

Did he seem to not care when you pointed out to him that he has forgotten about an important date?

When a man is no longer invested in a relationship, he will stop paying attention to the little things.

If he never cared about the important dates, then this sign should not worry you, but if it started recently for no apparent reason, it could be a dreadful sign.

2. He doesn’t show you affection anymore

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Some guys aren’t really affectionate, but by know, you know your husband very well, and if he suddenly started to avoid physical contact or has stopped giving you a kiss before you sleep or before he goes to work, it could be time to start worrying.

Intimacy is essential in a healthy relationship, as well as physical contact, and body language experts can even tell when a couple is going to divorce just by noticing that they are no longer sitting close to each other or exchanging subtle touches.

So lack of intimacy could be one of the signs your husband hates you.

3. He is always criticizing you

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

The meaning of marriage is to have someone who will support you and be the wind beneath your wings, and you will always find a way to solve problems together even though you might not always agree on things.

But if your marriage has changed and he has started to criticize you all the time about even the smallest things like the way you washed your dishes, this is something that happens when your husband hates you.

When we care deeply about someone, we tend to avoid criticizing them and be their support instead, or at least try not to hurt them in the process.

So if he is acting like he is making a list of all the things he hates about you, it’s something that happens when your husband hates you.

4. He no longer wants to spend time with you

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

For any relationship to work and grow, you need to be around each other to make it happen, especially when that relationship is marriage.

You might assume that your husband is cheating on you if he is away from home a lot, but the truth is that he might be just trying to avoid you.

If there are justified reasons why he is not home, then there’s nothing to worry about, but if it seems like he is deliberately avoiding you, you have a problem.

If the only time you spend time together is when there is nothing to talk about, he is probably purposely avoiding communicating with you.

This doesn’t mean he necessarily hates you, but it is a sign of trouble.

5. He has become violent

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

If he has started to be violent, leave right away, and find a safe place to live in.

Even if he stops, you know now what he is capable of, and you don’t have to take the chance of it happening again.

Nothing you did got you to deserve someone being violent to you, so you should put a stop to this right away.

You don’t want to become his victim, and if he is capable of hurting you physically, you are not safe around him.

6. He is abusing you emotionally

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Whether it’s calling you names or making sly comments that damage your ego and put you down, you need to know that you don’t have to take this.

Being emotionally abusive is one of the signs your husband hates you, and you need to leave and make sure you’re safe.

Any type of abuse is simply unacceptable for whatever reason it’s happening.

7. He doesn’t communicate with you

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

Even though you might have been great at communicating and had a lot of topics to talk about, now he is simply not interested in communicating with you.

A person who loves you will want to know about your day and your plans and will care about what is happening in your life.

If he doesn’t want to talk to you anymore than there is definitely a problem in your marriage.

What to do when your husband hates you?

The sad truth is that no matter how long you have been someone, they can still change completely. If your husband does hate you, you need to know that it might not be your fault at all.

Maybe you have just changed and grown apart over time, so you have become less compatible.

So what to do now?

7 Signs Your Husband Hates You And What Should You Do

If your husband doesn’t really hate you but is just not invested in the relationship anymore, you must address the problem, start spending more time together, and learning how to constructively argue and talk about how to salvage your marriage.

A good idea is to visit a marriage counselor and try to work on your marriage.

But if you are certain that he, in fact, does hate you, maybe it’s time to consider separation.

But try counseling first to make sure this situation is not only because of some stress.

Still, if he hates you because he wants to get out of the marriage but is afraid to do it, you might have to separate.

The sooner you figure out what to do, the better because if you don’t do something about it, things are only going to get worse.

I have to say here again that if your husband is abusive, whether it’s physically or emotionally, you have to leave right now.

You deserve to have a happy and safe life, and no one has the right to take that away from you.

Don’t stay in an unsafe environment, and let him work on things by himself while you find a place to live and rebuild your life.

7 signs your husband hates you and what should you do