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24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

If you’re looking for signs you will never find love, you might see them. What you see doesn’t mean that you’ll be alone forever though.

All of us occasionally have some problems that make it hard for us to find love. And these problems will be signs you will never find love if you don’t work on fixing them.

Maybe someone recently broke up with you or you’ve been single for ages. Whatever the case may be, the good news is there’s something you can do.

You don’t have to be alone forever if you take action. Do something about the things that are stopping love from entering your life.

Sometimes, we even sabotage ourselves without being aware of it and we keep chasing after the wrong person. Other times, we simply don’t put ourselves out there and don’t get into a situation to meet someone new.

Whatever your situation may be, keep reading because there are more signs you will never find love that you need to know about.

24 signs you will never find love

1. You keep chasing after the wrong person

DONE 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

When we fall in love with someone, we tend to get a little crazy with persistence and determination to make them ours forever.

If you, for whatever reason, try to force things with someone who’s wrong for you, the right one can’t come along.

A person can’t simply decide that they love someone or be forced to love. That’s not how love works.

2. You rush things

Maybe you instead don’t let relationships develop the way they should. You rush into things, whether it’s getting into a relationship or taking it to the next level.

The same goes for rushing into physical intimacy.

Relationships develop over time and there’s a reason why they shouldn’t be rushed. You need to let the person grow to love you naturally, at their own pace.

3. Love is not a priority to you

 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

Maybe you’re simply not into relationships. You prefer being alone, you throw yourself in your work, or you simply don’t think much about love.

If you’re doing something meaningful with your life, whether by focusing on what you love or improving yourself, that’s great!

But if you simply don’t make love a priority and prefer being alone, it could stop you from ever finding love.

4. You don’t have time for love

This is one of the signs you will never find love that’s similar to the previous one, yet different. It’s not that you don’t make love a priority, it’s that you can’t.

You are really that busy with family, work, hobbies, and friends, so you have no time to search for love. If this becomes an ongoing thing, you might not have time in your busy schedule to go on a date with your soulmate.

5. You don’t get out of your room

DONE 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It 3

Seriously, maybe you spend all your free time at home, watching Netflix, Googling things, and playing video games. You literally don’t see another human being unless the delivery guy brings your order.

Now, during the pandemic, everyone has found themselves in this situation, but is it your regular thing? If you can’t socialize outside, why not talk to someone online and try some dating sites?

Use Skype to see your friends and keep in touch with them on social media.

6. You’re not expanding your horizons

Maybe you keep searching for that one special person in an area, situation, or demographic where there aren’t many potential partners.

Either there’s not many of those you’d be attracted to, or there aren’t many single people to begin with.

Maybe you also meet people who don’t share your interests and values, or simply look for different things. One of the signs you will never find love is if you’re not expanding your horizons.

Ever considered moving or meeting people from different places, even online? Start now.

7. You have unrealistic expectations

24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

Perhaps the reason you’re single is that you expect your partner to be perfect.

You want someone intelligent, funny, attractive, compassionate, considerate, kind, wealthy, sensitive, strong… The list goes on so long that no person on earth could qualify as your partner.

Even those who we think are perfect, aren’t. No one is.

You have to get rid of your unrealistic expectations regarding relationships and people in general if you want to find love. Having standards is great, but having impossible ones won’t get you anywhere.

8. You don’t follow today’s single people

Are you aware of how many people are using dating apps and dating sites these days? Okay, maybe it’s not your thing, but at least try it.

After all, you can go there to simply meet new people and chat without getting involved with anyone. If you do get involved, on the other hand, welcome to the digital era and enjoy its benefits!

9. You seem intimidating to potential partners

DONE 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It 5

The truth is, you might be giving off a vibe that says you’re unfriendly and unapproachable. How?

Well, maybe you always look sad or angry. Your facial expression and body language drive people away.

The same goes for if you’re extremely good-looking and full of yourself.

These things intimidate others and they’ll stay away from you instead of trying to get to know you better.

10. You don’t want to accept that soulmates are rare

When we get lonely, our imagination starts running wild and we just focus on finding “the one.” So, when we go on dates, we imagine every person potentially being “the one,” only to get disappointed.

I believe in soulmates, but do you know how rare real matches are? If you’re expecting the love of your life to show up every time you’re about to meet someone new, you’ll feel let down.

Try to be more realistic and wait for the person to prove that they’re the right person for you. Get to know them better instead of imagining them as the most amazing person ever.

Even if they are great, they’ll never live up to your expectations and you’ll be disappointed every time.

11. You’re searching too hard

24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

While you should search for love, there is such a thing as going on too many dates and putting yourself out there too much.

What I mean by this is that you might have decided to meet the love of your life and started acting like you’re auditioning people.

You constantly spend time on dating sites and in bars, and you go on way too many dates. After so many dates, you are left with no real results and it leaves you cynical.

You get exhausted from dating so much, so you don’t even really date anymore. Yes, you go on a date and talk with the person, but you just wait for it to be over with.

12. You have unreachable standards regarding physical appearance

As I already mentioned, having standards is great, but how do you expect your soulmate to look? One of the signs you will never find love is if you’re searching for someone who looks like a movie star.

When you go on a date, you check out your potential partner and notice something bad about their appearance. Because of it, you give up on them altogether, believing that they’re not the right person for you.

Maybe their eyes are beautiful but their ears aren’t symmetrical, or they have incredible legs but their arms aren’t as toned as you’d like them to be. Whatever it is, it’s not a big deal, but you expect your date to look perfect.

Even if you think that they do, and get involved with them, you soon start noticing their flaws. So you leave them and proceed with your search for the Greek god or Victoria’s Secret model.

You need to stop doing this and realize that no one is perfect. Plus, when you grow to love someone, they become more beautiful.

You definitely shouldn’t choose your partner based on physical appearance. Of course, you need to find them attractive but stop focusing on small flaws that they can’t change.

There are other unreasonable expectations about relationships that easily ruin love, so make sure to be realistic.

13. You’re all in or not interested

DONE 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It 7

An all-or-nothing attitude when it comes to love is a bad idea, and another sign you won’t find love.

I’m talking about those “now or never” and “make or break” moments when you either go all in or give up on the whole thing.

This is a bad attitude to take regarding love because you never know what might happen if you give it time. Love is surely worth waiting for, and it takes time to really grow and be what it’s supposed to be.

Give it time and you might realize that your soulmate is someone you gave up on for no reason.

14. What happened in other relationships made you fear love

Maybe you come from a broken home and seeing how it looks when things go wrong in love made you fear it.

Those around you didn’t have any luck with love, so why should you? This kind of thinking could get you to avoid falling in love just because you’re afraid that things might go wrong.

The truth is, things might go wrong, but love’s worth risking it. Because if you do, you have a partner for life.

15. You’re still haunted by your bad past love experiences

24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

You had a bad experience with love, so your attitude towards it changed. To keep yourself safe from getting hurt again, you built walls around yourself.

You think that you’ve let it go, but in reality, little things trigger you because of your past trauma.

For instance, if your ex cheated on you, even seeing your partner talking to someone of the opposite gender could bother you.

You need to understand that the saying “all men/women are the same” is not true. Not everyone is like your ex, and I’m sorry you had to go through that, but you must let it go.

Read this if you have difficulties finding closure for old wounds.

16. No one is good enough for you

Maybe you think that you don’t want to settle for less than what you deserve, but how long have you been “not settling”?

It’s important to respect yourself enough to choose to be alone instead of settling, but is that what you’re doing?

Maybe you’re instead using this as an excuse to avoid love. Your “I’m not settling” thing has become a permanent approach to love and by default, no one is good enough for you.

People see that you’d rather be alone, so they leave you alone. No one wants to be considered “less than what you deserve” or be the person you’ll settle for.

17. You don’t meet people who share your interests

DONE! 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

Clearly, not being around those who have something in common with you is one of the signs you will never find love.

For instance, if you spend most of your time at the gym, you’re going to meet fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition enthusiasts.

If you instead spend a lot of time chatting with people online, you’ll meet people who do the same.

The good news is that you can always choose where and how you’ll spend your time. Therefore, you can choose what kind of people you’re going to meet.

If you’re into cooking, join a cooking class. Maybe you love music, so make sure to go to concerts of the bands you like.

The point is, you should try to meet more people who have something in common with you. If you have similar interests, it’s more likely that you’ll be a match.

Even if you don’t click right away, you’ll have something to talk about until you see whether you could be more than friends.

18. You don’t learn from your mistakes

One sure sign you will never find love is if you keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

You need to learn from your mistakes and work on improving yourself.

Maybe you always try to shape your relationship into what you want it to be. When it doesn’t work out, you become depressed and give up on everything.

So, you break up with your partner or spend some time apart just to get back together again. Since you haven’t changed your patterns, the same thing happens all over again.

Don’t forget that mistakes are there so that you can learn from them and avoid making the same ones again. That’s how you grow and improve yourself and your relationships.

19. You are too dependent on the other person

DONE! 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

Be honest, are you too clingy and needy? Trust me, I can relate, but it’s what makes us dependent on the other person.

We cling to something we imagine is love and imagine our partner as our savior. As a result, we become addicted to them and expect them to take care of us.

We want to be constantly around them and let them make our decisions for us.

This is very unhealthy. Being clingy isn’t the same as being affectionate, it’s more like being dependent.

20. You are too close with your friends

Of course, your partner should be fine with you having friends and spending time with them. How much of your time and energy do you put into those friendships though?

Close friendships could scare off your potential partners. When they see that you have deep feelings for someone else, even if just platonic feelings, they may feel uncomfortable or not want to intrude.

In addition, your potential partners might not like your friends. Who you spend a lot of time with says a lot about you, and your potential partners might see your friends as a red flag.

Don’t become too close with your friends that you start treating them like they’re your lifelong partners. Your lifelong partner is someone who’s yet to come and probably won’t like competing for your attention.

They won’t want to share you with anyone, and they won’t be thrilled about your friends of the opposite gender. If you’re even friends with your ex, that could also be a deal-breaker to your potential partner.

21. You are too passive

DONE! 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

You have surely already heard that love will find you when you least expect it to. A lot of people misunderstand this though.

It doesn’t mean that love will find you when you don’t care about it and don’t even want it. Instead, it means that love will find you when you’re not dependent on external validation and affection.

You’re instead focused on improving yourself and being the best you that you can be. That’s when love finds you, not when you’re sitting around doing nothing about it.

You can’t be sure that love will come into your life if you just keep the doors open and wait around for it. People who think that way often end up alone and bitter.

You can search for love without making it your main goal in life and seeming needy. Just don’t sit with your arms crossed and waiting for the right person to fall into your lap.

22. You don’t know what you want

It’s great to be spontaneous and “just wing it,” but flying blind isn’t a good idea, especially when it comes to love.

If you don’t know what you want, you won’t ever find it. You don’t need to have a specific list of things you want in a potential partner, but you should know what you’re looking for to find it.

Think about the relationship you’d like to have and be honest with yourself about what kind of partner you need.

For instance, people often say that they’re not looking for anything serious while they’ve simply given up on serious relationships. They have given up on love and have no hope of ever finding it.

Don’t lie to yourself. Admit that you need love in your life. Think about what kind of person could give you that love and what you’d want your relationship to look like.

Don’t set unrealistic expectations, but feel free to imagine your ideal relationship.

23. You’ve given up on love

DONE! 24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

Well, it makes sense that you won’t find love if you’ve given up on it altogether.

Sadly, a lot of people simply give up on the search for true love and settle for being alone or with the wrong person.

When you give up on love, you become a different person and invariably hurt others. You don’t like those who still believe in love and you try to make them feel how you feel.

You’ve lost all hope and you might even think that love is a lie or that it’s just not meant for you. With an attitude like that, you’ll surely succeed in proving yourself right.

You’re wrong though. You can find love and love is real, you probably just got hurt a lot and don’t want to experience that pain again.

Don’t give up on love because of your past, because love is worth the trouble and so is your future.

24. You don’t put yourself out there

Sometimes, two strangers lock eyes across a crowded room and end up spending their lives together… Do you know how rarely that happens though?

Yes, true love technically can just come into your life out of nowhere, but you can’t rely on that. You have to put yourself out there and jump into the dating pool.

Get out of the house, hang out with people who share your interests, go out with friends, and use dating apps. Have you even told your friends that you’re looking to settle down?

Maybe they have someone they could introduce you to, they just didn’t know you’d be interested.

Don’t rush to find “the one” right away, but make sure that they can see you if they happen to be around. Ultimately, know that God won’t send you your soulmate until you’re prepared to meet them.

Work on yourself, fix the things in your life that you’re not happy with, and get out there and meet new people.

Good luck!

24 Signs You Will Never Find Love And What You Can Do About It

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