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10 Signs That Helped Me Realize I’ve Met a Man Who Is My Soulmate

10 Signs That Helped Me Realize I’ve Met a Man Who Is My Soulmate

Who is my soulmate is the question I’ve been asking myself since I first put my foot on the dating scene. Was it someone from my past that I’ve let go? Was it someone I am about to meet? How will I know he is the one when I meet him?

And I am sure these are all questions a lot of you out there have been asking yourself. Trust me, when you meet this person, everything in your life will suddenly fall in place.

I should know because I’ve been through this. Therefore, here are 10 signs that helped me realize I’ve met a man who is my soulmate.

  1. I felt like I’ve known him forever

When I met my boyfriend, I had this strange feeling of familiarity. I can’t explain it, but somehow, I felt like our paths have crossed before. I just felt like I’ve met this person before. And not just that- I felt like we’ve known each other our entire lives. Something like this has never happened to me before- there was this guy I was seeing for the first time and I felt he was closer to me than most of the people I’ve spent my life with. We’ve only met, but I felt this strong bond and intimacy with him which I didn’t feel in any of my previous relationships, even after years spent together. You may call it love at first sight, but after this moment, I’ve never asked myself who is my soulmate.

  1. He is my best friend

If you ask yourself who is your soulmate and are hoping to find one, don’t just look for guys who are compatible with you when it comes to romantic relationships. When I met my boyfriend, we didn’t start our relationship right away. Instead, for a while, we were friends. And I think this was when we built the basis for a successful relationship we have today. And we stayed best friends even today. Yes, we are lovers, he is my boyfriend, but before everything else- this man is my best friend. And I think he would remain my best friend, even if it happens that we don’t stay together for the rest of our lives.

  1. We are compatible

Sometimes, it may happen that you and your partner share deep love, connection and passion but you are simply not compatible. But, what made me realize me and my boyfriend were true soulmate was the fact that we share the same lifegoals and worldviews. Of course, we are passionate and we love each other very much, but we are also compatible, which is of crucial importance. Without being compatible, we could never hope on having a successful future together, although we love each other. This means that we look on life pretty much the same. Of course, there are always some things in which we differ, but those are never some deal breakers.

  1. We are comfortable with each other

Another thing that made me realize that my boyfriend and I were soulmates was the fact I felt relaxed around him since day one. I was always someone who was reserved in front of new people, but since I’ve met him, I simply felt like I could relax in front of this person, even though we didn’t know each other for a long time. We simply understood each other and were comfortable with one another without holding anything back. This gave us both the opportunity to be completely honest with each other and that is something you can only feel around your soulmate.

  1. We accept each other

When I saw that this guy doesn’t have any intention of changing me, I never again wondered who is my soulmate, because I knew it was him. And the same was the other way around. We simply accepted each other for who we are, with all our flaws. I wasn’t madly in love with him to the point where I looked at him through pink sunglasses. I saw that he wasn’t perfect, but I loved him, not despite his imperfections, but for them- because I knew that all of them have made him the person he is today.

  1. We have productive fights

I am not going to lie to you- soulmates also confront and fight. But, the difference is that those fights and arguments are productive. When me and my boyfriend fight, it is not important who will be right- what is important is that we reach a joint conclusion that will suit us both. Although we are both stubborn by nature, we try to look at things from the other person’s perspective. And most importantly, we learn from our fights. All of this helps us not to revolve around the same things over and over again- we never finish an argument until we find a solution to a problem.

  1. We know how to compromise

One of the most important things that show you that you’ve found your soulmate is your ability to compromise. You may be the most stubborn and hot-tempered person alive, but they you meet the right one, you’ll learn how to meet them half way and how to control your selfishness. Both I and my partner have always had a strong will for our relationship to succeed, so we knew we need to meet each other half way if we want it to happen.

  1. We support each other

Another thing that made me stop asking myself who is my soulmate, because I knew I’ve found mine was the fact that I saw how supportive my boyfriend was for me. Many men in my life before him were intimidated by my independence and didn’t enjoy my successes. But, he was different. This was the guy who truly enjoyed everything I would achieve and accomplish. He believed in me when no one else did and I simply knew we were soulmates. And of course, everything was the same the other way around.

  1. We have good communication

When I’ve met a guy who is my soulmate, we understood each other from the start. A relationship cannot be healthy without healthy communication. And when you meet your soulmate, you simply feel the need to share everything with this person. My partner and I don’t just talk about everyday stuff, we really have meaningful and deep conversations. We are not afraid of completely opening up to each other and most importantly- we are not scared of tackling important issues concerning our relationship.

  1. I just felt it

People who still haven’t found their soulmates may not believe it, but the ones who did will understand me- when I’ve met a man who is my soulmate, I just knew it. At first, I thought I was imagining things or that I was just physically attracted to this guy and that this was my hormones talking, but I felt he was the one. You may think this is just a myth, but it was like I’ve finally found a part of me that was missing all along. I felt that our energies were the same and there we were simply meant to be, although nothing reasonable pointed to that- my gut and my intuition were telling me he was my soulmate.

10 Signs That Helped Me Realize I’ve Met a Man Who Is My Soulmate

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