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Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

There are articles whose entire focus lies on the telepathic connection between two lovers or twin flames. But are those articles really true? Are there any legitimate signs of telepathic communication? 

Well, to answer those questions, we have to dig deep into the mind of soulmates. You may have heard about soulmates communicating with each other without actually saying a word, but is that true? 

Can you really feel what the other person is feeling? Is that something that can happen to people or are we all just being a tad unrealistic? 

We all strive to find that one person who completely understands us. Someone who knows what we’re thinking and feeling without uttering a word to them. It’s a romantic notion that has been alive for ages and will never fade away. 

The romantic love bond between two people can be so strong to the point that they know what the other person is thinking and feeling just by looking at each other. 

Those psychic abilities aren’t anything new. There have been dozens of studies focused particularly on telepathic abilities between soulmates. 

Finally, we have compiled a list of signs of telepathic communication that truly show you whether or not you and your other half can communicate in such a unique way. 

These signs are everywhere around you, you might just not be aware of them. Perhaps you and your twin flame are experiencing the same thing, but you don’t know how to explain those weird moments where the two of you are completely aligned. 

Signs of telepathic communication 

You have to pay attention to see that the love you have for each other has enhanced the connection you two share. That’s when you know when your lover is thinking of you. 

But be aware that unlike what’s portrayed in the mainstream media, telepathic communication is more subtle in real life. 

If you recognize any of the following signs, then you can be sure you two have that twin flame relationship. Here are the telltale signs of telepathic communication you might not have been aware of. 

1. You can read each other like an open book 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

Have you ever had the feeling that you know what the other person is thinking? Like you know that your true love is thinking about kissing you right there and now? 

Perhaps you haven’t thought about it much, but that’s a sign of telepathic communication between you and your loved one. 

The synchronicity that you both have transcends everything and it’s like you know each other’s thoughts even before you two speak. 

You can sense when your partner needs a hug, so you act correspondingly without them telling you about it at all.

It doesn’t matter if that they didn’t express their wish to be embraced, you just did it because deep down you felt that they needed it at that moment. 

You’re highly sensitive to each other’s energy, which helps you to understand each other much better than some ordinary couple. 

The way you two behave seems otherworldly, but because of your spiritual connection, you know each other’s wishes and needs without having to say as much. 

2. You sense each other’s emotions easily 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 2

Has it ever happened to you that you know exactly what the other person is feeling just by looking at their face at any given moment? If so, then that’s a strong psychic sign you two share a deep and meaningful soul connection.

The two of you have telepathic powers that aren’t that easily found. That’s why you know exactly what the other person is going through in their life, their emotional and mental state. 

When they’re filled with negative energy, you sense it too. You don’t have to guess what they’re feeling about you either, because you can already tell just by looking at them. 

That’s exactly the reason why you two are each other’s guardian angels and biggest support in life. You never fail to help and comfort each other when needed.

The feeling is remarkable when you find your twin flame connection. Someone who completely understands you without having to say a thing. And if you’ve been wondering why you feel that way, then this is what your soul is telling you. 

You always go to them when something good or bad happens, because you feel that they’re your safe haven, someone you’re telepathically connected with. 

And who knows, perhaps you two were lovers in a past life as well. 

3. You have a highly sensitive and well-established spiritual connection 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

Does it happen to you that every time someone toxic is around you, you have a tingling feeling inside your stomach? As if your gut is telling you to back away from that person.

Truthfully, if you are highly sensitive to different vibes and energy around you, that’s a common sign of being both an empath and having a well-established spiritual connection. 

You definitely can sense if someone is plotting something against you or being deceptive. You immediately recognize if a person is a manipulator in disguise, so you can quickly save yourself the trouble of heartbreak. 

On the other hand, if the other person’s soul is pure and has positive vibes, you’re instantly drawn to them. 

The truth is, a strong spiritual connection works like a filter and a magnet. It can protect you from the negative vibes and attract the positive ones. Also, it helps you find your inner peace. 

4. You have expressive and vivid dreams 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 4

Some people have the psychic power of communicating with others when they’re dreaming.

Usually, this is known by the term clairvoyance. These types of people have expressive and recurring dreams, and they receive messages in visual form. 

Sometimes when you can’t explain your dreams, it’s because they’re part of this big mysterious world, but little do you know that they are caused by telepathy.

They hide all sorts of messages that can be very hard to decipher, since they can refer to our past, present, and future events. 

Therefore, if you have evocative and vivid dreams, know this: You have the gift of telepathic communication. It’s the most powerful type of communication there is out there.

5. You know what’s going through each other’s mind without asking 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

It doesn’t matter whether your partner is beside you or at work, you know what they’re going through every minute as if they told you. If you didn’t know it by now, this is one of the most obvious signs of telepathic communication. 

What does it mean to have a telepathic connection? It means that you and your partner are connected through a strong invisible cord and that your souls have become one. 

That’s something that most of us search for, as it takes a powerful connection and alignment of chakras for something like that to happen. 

It’s when you know the other person is thinking about you or when you feel like your partner is going through some hard times, so you send them a quick text message saying “Everything’s going to be alright. I’m here for you.” 

The other person might be surprised that you knew something’s not right, but after it happens a couple of times, you both will realize that it’s not a coincidence but a sign of telepathic communication. 

6. You’re able to change each other’s mood 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 6

At some stage or another, we all go through times where our emotions are all over the place and we can’t find the cause of it. 

Like everything is going well one second, you feel awesome and happy. Then the next, you get this weird feeling in your body that creeps up on you and starts overwhelming you? 

If you’re a woman, you may even just put it down to that time of the month, but it could well be a sign of telepathic communication. 

You see, when two souls are connected, they have the ability to alter each other’s mood telepathically. Those telepathic messages can be feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, or other complex emotions. 

Whatever the case, don’t forget about the unconditional love you have for your partner. It could be more than merely a mood swing – you may be feeling your lover’s emotions. 

7. You’re comfortable being completely silent together 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

Everyone has experienced that awkward moment when you and someone else sit there in total silence, just looking at each other and not knowing what to say. That’s called an awkward silence and we all try to avoid it. 

It happens because two people aren’t mentally aligned and there’s something that keeps them from connecting with each other. It could be because their chakras or emotions don’t vibrate at the same frequency. 

But a comfortable silence is the complete opposite. It’s filled with calmness and positives vibes. It’s like you’re talking without even saying a word and your souls are on another level, still communicating. 

That’s how you’re capable of sitting in comfortable silence. It’s a rare thing to have. 

And if you’re lucky enough to have found a person you can do that with, then you must be experiencing telepathy. 

8. Their presence makes you feel like you finally belong to someone 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 8

Tell me, how do you feel when your partner hugs and kisses you? Do you finally feel at ease and like you just arrived home? Do you believe that no one can protect you better than him when he wraps his arms around you? 

If so, then that’s a clear sign of telepathic communication.

We all seek our other half. Our souls keep wandering this earth looking for their other parts who’ll make them complete again. And when we finally find it, the twin flame union feels amazing and otherwordly. 

You know that you’ve finally found your home with them when your souls are telepathically connected. A house is not a home, but a home is where the heart is. And in this case, that’s true in every sense. 

It’s when all the stuff you’ve been worried about, all the negative emotions just disappear into thin air with one hug or kiss from your soulmate. 

People will come and go from your life, but your twin flame will make you feel like you finally belong to someone. 

You won’t have to worry about him not having your back because he’ll be there for you, come hell or high water. You should definitely keep this person close to your heart because you’ve found your guardian angel.

9. You grow spiritually 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

If your loved one has helped you become a better version of yourself, that’s another sign of telepathic communication.

​He pushes you to improve yourself every minute of every day and you do the same for him. It’s something that doesn’t happen by coincidence, but it’s rather an indication that you two share a deep spiritual connection. 

When you both grow spiritually as well as emotionally, that can only be described as true love and nothing else. You’re both determined and active in working on every aspect of your life together. 

No relationship can survive if only one is pulling the rope and the other isn’t doing anything. Your soul won’t have the capacity to reach a higher level and you’ll never feel satisfied spiritually. 

On the other hand, if your partner pushes you to work harder on yourself and to broaden your horizons every day, you feel better about yourself, and the connection you two share strengthens. 

Moving forward helps you connect in so many ways and helps you elevate your relationship to the next level. 

10. You’re able to non-verbally communicate with each other 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 10

Sometimes it’s difficult to spot a telepath. Why? Because telepathy is a complex language that doesn’t include typical communication methods using words, numbers, and gestures.

It’s more about what can’t be said with the mouth – non-verbal communication that includes the heart and mind acting as middlemen. 

That’s why sitting in easy silence with your loved one, not talking to each other and yet sharing all the things that are in your heart, is a powerful sign of telepathic communication. 

The explanation behind this is that the souls are doing most of the talking and your mouth is just an instrument of your soul and mind if needed. 

You might experience this with someone close to you. You may not exchange a single word but still, it feels as if you’ve been talking the entire time. It’s one of the most fulfilling experiences ever. 

11. You have a strong gut feeling 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

If you didn’t know it by now, both telepathic and psychic abilities originate from a strong sense of intuition. 

But what does it mean to have a strong gut feeling? Well, have you ever felt as if something is about to happen to someone who is close to your heart and it actually happens? 

That intuition or gut feeling is a telltale sign of telepathic communication. You simply know when something’s not right and there’s a little voice inside of you telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. 

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you have strong telepathy, then your intuition is your proof. 

Truthfully, many people don’t listen to their gut because they’re afraid it might mislead them. But it’s the best way to tell if something is right or wrong for you. 

Once you overcome that initial fear and learn to trust your intuition, then you’ll know that you’re on the right path and that your telepathic abilities are perfectly aligned. 

12. You experience strong soul alignment 

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 12

It could be that God wanted you to be heartbroken so you’d know how to pick up yourself from the ashes. You know what people say, everything happens for a reason. And that’s true.

Once your soul becomes aligned with every aspect of your life (this is especially true if you have met your soulmate), then you’ll experience strong soul synchronicity. 

It will be magical. You’ll experience something that’s never happened to you before and even start to wonder whether or not it’s real life.

Let me tell you, it is, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s happened because your souls were searching for each other and they kept working on bringing you closer together despite the obstacles. 

7 easy steps to send love through telepathy 

Perhaps you thought that sending love telepathically is impossible, but it’s actually easier than you think. It’s a wonderful experience and I urge everyone to try it out. 

It can help you stimulate your heart chakras and bring back your faith in love. 

So, if you’re wondering how to send a telepathic message to your crush or loved one, here’s how to do it. 

1. Find a comfy spot 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

In order to start the process of sending love through telepathy, you have to find a place where you feel comfortable and no one will bother you. 

It doesn’t mean that you have to lock yourself up in a room and sit there for hours on end. You don’t necessarily have to even sit, you can also lie down on a bed or the floor. 

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and secure.

2. Relax and focus on your breathing 

The next phase is to relax both your mind and body. Get rid of anything that brings you sadness and let go of negative emotions. 

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Meditation is a great way to loosen up your body and mind. 

Remember to inhale slowly and hold your breath for a couple of seconds. As you exhale, try to relax your whole body. And then repeat the process for a couple of minutes. 

The goal for you is to achieve a balanced state of mind and complete relaxation.

3. Focus on the person you want to send your message to

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 14

If you’re not familiar with the law of attraction by now, then you definitely should get acquainted with it. A simple explanation would be that you attract into your life whatever you focus on. 

So, you have to think of your mind as a tool and your thoughts as messages that are sent to the universe, which is the middleman. 

If your goal is to send love telepathically to your crush or the love of your life, then you have to focus on that person, the recipient of the message. 

Be creative when you’re trying to imagine the other person. Picture them sitting or standing in front of you. Imagine how they’ll look, what they’re wearing, as if they’re right there with you. 

4. Focus on your emotions

Whatever it is that you’re feeling toward this person, embrace those emotions and let them course through your entire body. 

Don’t hold anything back and absorb all of it with your mind, heart, and soul. 

5. Imagine an invisible string

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

Now that you’ve accepted your emotions, it’s time to imagine there’s a string between you and the other person you want to send love to. 

Picture holding on one end while the other person is holding the other. As you do that, you may feel warm sensations traveling through your body. 

The emotions that you have should travel from your heart to their third eye (also known as the mind’s eye). Envision holding onto this string with the other person and you’ll succeed in connecting with them. 

6. Let the energy travel along the string

Once you’ve envisioned the cord, allow the entire energy of your body to travel through it. 

If you experience any kind of blockages throughout the process, just go back to the second step and remember to relax your body and mind.

Finally, once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to send your love telepathically to the other person. 

7. Keep doing it for at least ten minutes  

DONE Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication 16

It takes a couple of minutes for the recipient to receive the message. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so be patient and keep doing it until you reach your goal. 

Don’t worry, you won’t miss the cues that you connected to the other person. You’ll simply feel it with your heart, mind, and soul. 

Love Telepathy And 12 Powerful Signs Of Telepathic Communication

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