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8 Signs Of A Strong Emotional Connection Between Partners

Don’t we all wish we could have a deep emotional connection with another person, especially there person we’re in a relationship with?

Emotional intimacy and an emotional connection are what separates successful and healthy relationships from those that are not.

But how can you know if you and your partner share a strong emotional connection?

Check out these signs that show that the two of you really share a true emotional connection.

1. You completely understand and really see each other

Have you ever been in a relationship where there was no emotional connection?

The thing you remember about it is probably that you weren’t felt seen by that partner.

When there’s a strong emotional connection between partners, both of them feel seen and understood by the person they’re with.

Their personality is not a secret to you because you completely understand them… just like they understand and see every little part of you.

It seems like they understand everything about who you are and why… like they get the essence of you.

They feel equally understood by you, and that is what makes your relationship healthy.

You feel that your partner sees every little part of you, and you understand them just the same.

2. Both of you feel heard

When was the last time you felt like someone really listened to what you were saying?

I’m talking about feeling really heard, even at times when you don’t say anything.

Partners who share a deep emotional connection really listen to each other… so well that they even hear the things that aren’t said.

They pay attention to every little detail that’s been said because they are genuinely interested in what the other person has to say.

It’s amazing to be with someone who listens to you when you talk and understands the things you don’t even say.

That’s the magic of being with someone with whom you share an amazing emotional connection.

3. You are able to resolve arguments on a healthy, calm level

Did you think that couples who have a deep emotional connection never argue?

Well, that’s not true, because they have issues too; it’s just the way they resolve them that makes all the difference.

Every couple has disagreements and misunderstandings in their relationship that cause issues but an emotional connection lets you find the silver lining.

You are able to understand your partner and see where they’re coming from so you resolve your issues calmly, which is what makes the relationship healthy.

It’s actually proof that the relationship is mature, and everything’s much easier.

4. Both of you feel like you’re in a safe place

Couples who share an emotional connection don’t judge each other.

They aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with each other, and they know they won’t get hurt.

Neither partner is one of those people who just waits for the other to make a mistake.

Those who do that just want to prove their partner wrong, and that’s not healthy.

You feel like you’re in a safe place with your partner, and they feel just the same with you.

5. You’re both empathetic

Are you able to put yourself in your partner’s shoes?

Couples who share an emotional connection appreciate each other and the things they do for the relationship and they understand each other’s issues.

It’s pretty much like everything that happens to one of them, happens to the other one as well. 

When your partner is sad, you’re sad too.

The same goes the other way around; when you’re happy, they’re happy too.

You share everything, the good and the bad, as if it’s happening to both of you.

6. You help each other get what you need

Of course, it’s impossible to fulfill your partner’s every need, but you’re as close to it as it gets.

The two of you really try to help each other get whatever it is that you need.

You’re there to help them with every aspect of their life, and they help you just the same.

For example, you might not be outdoorsy while your partner is, so you take a walk in nature with them, just so they can get what they need.

There are a lot of other things you do for each other too, even when you don’t feel like it… and that’s why your relationship works.

7. You share your deepest thoughts and desires with each other

You know very well what your partner’s dreams are, and they know yours and this is because you have talked about them with each other many times.

You share everything with each other, and this includes your deepest thoughts and desires.

The two of you even get excited about making those dreams come true.

When it comes to each other’s wishes, you respect them when planning the future.

Your partner’s dreams are a life goal for both of you, and the same goes for yours.

The easiest way to achieve your dreams is to work on them together, so you have plenty to look forward to.

8. You talk openly about everything

Your partner would never judge you, so you aren’t afraid to tell them everything.

Both of you share your thoughts and opinions with each other.

Even when you’re aware that your partner will not agree with something you say, you still share it with them.

Both of you are careful enough not to hurt each other with words, but there’s nothing you can’t talk about. 

Whatever’s on your mind, you know that you can tell your partner about it.

This is because both of you care about each other’s everyday thoughts so you don’t only talk about very important things.

When you have a dream that seems weird, you tell your partner about it, and they help you analyze it.

Any random thing you think about, you share with your partner, and they do the same with you.

From what they had for breakfast to what they want to achieve in life, you want to hear about it so the two of you talk about everything, and that’s the beauty of a shared emotional connection.

8 Signs Of A Strong Emotional Connection Between Partners
8 Signs Of A Strong Emotional Connection Between Partners 2

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