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13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

So, you met an awesome guy who ticks all of your boxes, but sometimes he gives you mixed signals and now you’re wondering whether or not he’s being serious about you. The good news is you don’t have to spend endless nights thinking about that, you only have to recognize the signs he wants to date you exclusively.

Perhaps you thought that you ran out of luck with guys when finally came this one along who made you feel appreciated and loved again. But since you have trust issues, you can’t seem to figure out if he wants to be exclusive or play the field a bit before making his final decision.

I can say for a fact that there are two types of guys out there – those who are looking for a serious, committed relationship and those who only want to get you to the bedroom and leave you the next morning.

And it can be difficult to differentiate between the two since our judgment can be clouded by the emotions that we have for the other person.

Let’s say that he’s sending you cute text messages regularly, and giving you clues that he’s really into you. He spends most of his free time with you and surprisingly even includes you in his future plans.

Driven by past experiences, you’re trying to find a red flag, searching for things that may seem suspicious, because your experience tells you all men are cowards.

And you could be right. He’s either doing this because he wants to date you exclusively or he just wants to use you and quickly disappear as soon as he gets what he wanted.

Signs he wants to date you exclusively

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

Since you searched this term on all-knowing Google, you’re probably looking for a committed relationship but unsure of his intentions. Does he even want to make you his girlfriend?

Don’t think you’re the only woman spending her night thinking whether the guy is courageous enough to make the first move or not. There are thousands if not millions around the world who feel the same way and are confused about all of this.

The thing is, dating has drastically changed over the past few years and it’s quite easy to misinterpret some signs and draw the wrong conclusions.

Luckily for you, there are bulletproof signs he wants to date you exclusively and isn’t just a commitment-phobe who’ll immediately run away when things start becoming serious between you two.

All you have to do is pay attention to his body language, behavior, and actions. If you recognize any of the following clues, then you can be certain that his intentions are genuine and that he isn’t a player who wants to simultaneously date others as well.

1. He won’t hide anything from you

A man who wants to date you exclusively won’t try to hide anything from you. He’ll be completely honest and tell you everything there is about him. But a guy who’s only interested in a hookup will definitely go out of his way to remain mysterious at all costs as he knows many women fall for that.

A man who’s serious about you will be an open book. For instance, he won’t be afraid to use his phone around you and he may even show you all of his social media profiles.

Your dates will never seem boring as he’ll use the opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other better. He’ll tell you everything about his past couple of days, his routine, his childhood, and more.

You’ll know that he wants to date you exclusively when he keeps you updated on everything. He does this because you hold an important role in his life and he doesn’t want to destroy his chances of you being his girlfriend.

Truthfully, it’s quite rare for guys to be open about themselves as they tend to keep everything to themselves. They think the other person may hurt them, so they use their secrecy as a defense mechanism to prevent that from happening.

However, that all changes once a guy meets the girl of his dreams. His mental state suddenly turns upside down and he starts revealing more and more about himself as time passes.

2. He displays positive body language

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

Another major sign he wants to date you exclusively is when he displays positive body language signs whenever he gets the chance to spend time with you.

If you don’t know it yet, our body language is tied closely to our subconscious. That means we can’t control most of the things that we do with our arms, eyes, and rest of our body.

That’s why the next time you go on a date with him, notice how he looks at you. Does he stare deeply into your eyes? Or does his gaze wander around when you’re talking to him?

If he maintains eye contact, that could be a strong indicator that he’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level. It also means that he is actively listening to you and isn’t like the rest of the guys you’ve dated who don’t even remember a word you said.

A man whose intentions are pure isn’t afraid to look you straight into your eyes because he knows he has nothing to hide.

Also, if you see that he’s pointing his feet in your direction, that could also be interpreted as one of the signs he wants to date you exclusively. This is something that women tend to forget as it’s unusual to look at men’s feet while they’re talking to you.

But remember, you’re actively looking for clues he’s serious about you, so you need to use everything at your disposal to get to the truth. After all, decoding man’s behavior can be tough sometimes.

If his feet are pointing somewhere else, then he’s probably not really interested in your conversation – he finds you boring and would rather be somewhere else.

3. He wants to get to know you on a much deeper level

A man who only wants to use you and then dump you would never spend much time getting to know you better. He won’t be interested in learning things about you and will certainly not bother to create a bond with you.

Those players are only there to have fun – their primary goal is to satisfy their needs and then walk away. I know you’ve had your fair share of those guys, that’s why you’re hoping and praying that this man will be different.

And he is if he’s ready to get to know you on a much deeper level. Eventually, when he feels assured that you won’t hurt him, he will commit to you, but you need to be patient.

Ask yourself this: Does he ask you a ton of questions about your job or your hobbies? Is he interested in your childhood or why your favorite animal is a bunny? If so, then you can be sure that he’s really into you.

He’s not just some immature boy who’ll come and go from your life. He actually cares about you and your love life. He wants to know what drives you to achieve your goals and what your passion is.

Having a deep and meaningful connection is everything to him and he’s trying to have that with you. He knows that you’re an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime woman who inspires him to be better.

4. He invests a large amount of his free time in dating and planning

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

What most women forget is that any man is capable of approaching them and asking them to go out on a date with him. But not every man will make an effort to be in a romantic relationship with you.

It could be that he begs you to go out on a date with him only to find out that he wants a casual relationship with you.

Now, don’t be pessimistic that every man is like this because there are guys out there who’ll prove to you that not everyone’s the same.

The difference between a man who’s serious about you and one who only wants to hook up is the amount of effort he invests when it comes to planning your dates.

Is he making sure to always come to your date on time? Does he organize everything down to the tiniest detail and never miss the opportunity to surprise you with a simple gift? If this is something you can relate to, then you can take that as one of the signs he wants to date you exclusively.

A man like this will always choose a different place to keep it exciting. He’ll organize romantic date nights and propose exciting things instead of only sitting back and letting you do all the work for him.

He won’t be selfish but will always think about your needs and emotions first. But the most important thing is that he’ll treat you like a lady.

5. He wants to hear your advice and opinion on everything

Usually, men tend to believe that their opinion is the most important one and don’t include their partner when making any decisions. But a man who likes you genuinely will value your opinion above everything.

After all, you play a major role in his life, he’ll always come to you for advice regardless of the situation. He trusts your judgment and believes that you’ll always have his best interest at heart. Gaining your perspective on certain things also helps him to get to know you better.

But the thing that makes him stand out from the rest of the guys is that he makes sure to listen to your every word. He won’t be asking you this and that just for the sake of keeping the conversation going.

Instead, he’ll actively listen and have a deep and meaningful conversation with you. He doesn’t just stick to superficial conversations, but tries hard to see things from your perspective.

He holds high regard for your input on matters since he knows you’re an intelligent woman.

6. He wants to make a good impression when meeting your people

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

Tell me, how did he react when you told him you wanted to introduce him to your friends and family? Was he worried that he may screw things up? Did he show any signs that he’s anxious? Perhaps his hands went all clammy or you saw it was hard for him to catch his breath?

If that’s the case, then you can be certain he cares about you a lot and that’s one of the signs he wants to date you exclusively.

And when he finally got the chance to meet your parents, did he seem as if he was walking on eggshells? Maybe he took his time to choose his outfit or was super careful with his word choices? Or he tried to get to know every single one of your cousins even though he didn’t have to?

If yes, then consider yourself lucky – you hit the jackpot with this guy. He’s ready to start a committed relationship with you and from now on, it all depends on how you’ll handle the situation.

You see, it’s important for him what your close ones think about him. He knows that you listen to your friends and family, so that’s why he’s trying his hardest to make a good impression.

7. He plans his future around you

One of the major signs he wants to date you exclusively is when his major future plans include you.

Maybe he said that he’d like you to move in with him or he asked you whether you’re planning to move to another city in the near future. He wants to know everything about your plans, but he’s also eager to find out if your goals and dreams match.

That’s when you know he’s a keeper. Don’t overthink too much and instead, listen to your gut.

Trust me, he won’t bother including you in his plans or telling you any of it if he’s only interested in a hook-up and nothing more.

8. He always tries to include you in his hobbies

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

You know that he considers you girlfriend material when he always looks for ways to include you in his interests and hobbies.

For example, a guy who’s into hiking and who’s not interested in you will never ask you to accompany him – he’d much rather go alone or with others.

On the other hand, a man who wants to get to know you on a deeper level and try new things with you will definitely ask you to go with him as he knows your bond will only grow stronger through new experiences.

By sharing that part of his life with you, he’s telling you he’s eager to spend most of his time with you because he enjoys your company. Also, he’s proud that you don’t back away from new challenges.

He’s thrilled to have someone that special in his life who will make his hobbies and adventures even more exciting.

You see, many couples get comfortable around each other after a while and become somewhat boring. But when you have a person who isn’t afraid to do new things, your relationship will never become dull and you’ll never search for someone else to fill that void.

9. He’s stopped using dating apps

Another bulletproof sign he wants to date you exclusively is when he deletes all of his online dating profiles.

If he’s gotten rid of all of them, then it means he’s ready to take your dating to the next level and start a committed relationship with you.

You don’t need to be afraid that he’s a manipulator or narcissist in disguise, because they won’t do anything like this. They like to keep their options open so that’s why you can never believe that a narcissist will ever be faithful to you.

On the other hand, a man whose intentions are pure will devote his entire time and attention to you.

You won’t see him flirting with the waitress whenever you two are on a date, or worry that he’ll play the field when you’re not around. Especially, if he was a flirt before and now he’s drastically changed because he only has eyes for you.

10. He wants to introduce you to his family and friends

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

We all know that men are rather mysterious human beings and they won’t easily let anyone join their inner circle. They want to keep those who mean the most to them close to their side to protect them and take care of them.

But when a guy is really serious about you, he’ll want you to join his inner circle of friends and family. That’s a sign he’s mesmerized by you and it’s part of his human nature to introduce you to the rest of his crew.

He wants them to see how gorgeous, magnificent, and awesome you are. It’s important that they accept you just as he has.

So, if you’ve already met the people who are dearest to him, then don’t be afraid that he’ll leave you because he won’t. Instead, give him some time to prove himself and enjoy the ride because it’s just a matter of time before he asks you to be in a romantic relationship with him.

11. He texts and calls you regularly

When you’re trying to determine whether the man you’re dating is a commitment-phobe or a nice guy, you need to pay attention to how regular he texts and calls you.

If he sends you a message every once in a while when it’s convenient for him, or he stays up late at night talking to other people, then you know the only thing that’s in his mind is to get you to his bedroom.

But if he texts you consistently and on a daily basis, telling you everything that happened to him that day, or asking how you’re feeling or what you’ve been up to, then you know he misses you a lot. He wants to be a part of your life.

A surefire sign he wants to date you exclusively is when he invests a lot of time reaching out to you. The fact that he prioritizes you and you’re the main focus in his life speaks for itself.

12. He’s not afraid to admit he made a mistake

DONE! 13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

No one is perfect and every couple has its ups and downs. We are all humans and as such, we’re bound to make mistakes, especially when we’re dating someone we really like.

So, don’t expect him to be this perfect boyfriend who always says the right words and does the right things. A man like that doesn’t exist. After all, this shouldn’t be your measure of how serious this guy is about you.

We all make mistakes, but the difference is, some will never admit to them and say that they’re sorry.

So, pay attention to how your guy reacts after his mistake. Does he apologize immediately? Can you tell that his apology is from the heart? And does he make an effort to gain your trust again and make up for what he’s done?

If he does, then you know he wants to date you exclusively. Otherwise, he would pretend that it’s no big deal and manipulate you into thinking that you’re the one to blame. That’s exactly what a narcissist in disguise would do.

13. He’s always there when you need him

Guys who aren’t that serious about you will only come to you when it suits them. But a man who considers you girlfriend material will make sure that he’s there whenever and wherever you need him.

He’ll always be a phone call away if you need his help with something. A part of a man’s nature is to take care of those who are closest to him. He won’t make excuses as to why he can’t make it or say that he’s in the middle of something.

Instead, he’ll always be available for you no matter when you text or call him. That’s one of the biggest signs he wants to date you exclusively.

13 Bulletproof Signs He Wants To Date You Exclusively

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