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13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

There are always signs he has feelings for another woman if those feelings are actually developing into something more serious.

You’ve probably been seeing some strange behavior from him that’s making you question his loyalty.

If he’s developing feelings for another woman, it doesn’t mean that he’s already physically cheated on you. It’s more likely that he’s been getting emotionally attached to her.

However, emotions can make a man cheat on you physically as well. At one point he won’t be able to control his emotions anymore and he’ll act on them.

You might think that your relationship is very stable, loving, and caring, but there’s sadly still a chance for him to develop feelings for another woman.

The signs are very obvious if you know what to look for. At the end of the day, you’ve spent so much time with him that you’re able to tell when he does or doesn’t act like his normal self.

The first thing you need to establish is whether you have a suspect. Do you know a woman who’s been a little bit more friendly towards him? Is there someone he’s mentioned to you these past few days?

If there is a woman you already have in mind, then continue reading and find out if he’s in love with someone else.

13 signs he has feelings for another woman

When the person you love falls in love with someone else, things start to become extremely scary. You don’t want to lose him, but you also don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t love you anymore.

What’s there to do? Are you ready to leave him if he has feelings for another woman? Are you going to confront him about this?

Whatever you decide, you need to realize that there might be a possibility that he has developed feelings for someone else. If he has, it’ll be abundantly clear once you start seeing the following signs.

1. He isn’t as interested in you anymore

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

If your man has feelings for another woman, the first telltale sign is that he won’t give you as much attention anymore.

He’ll get very dismissive and respond to you with short answers.

When a man is in love with you, the only person he has eyes for is you. But these past few days he’s been avoiding you.

He only asks you basic questions about your day and doesn’t go further than that. So at the end of the day, you’re left to wonder if there’s something wrong.

This sign will be particularly obvious if he used to be very caring and affectionate toward you and now has stopped showing you affection. He might not even realize that he’s doing it.

The issue is that he doesn’t feel as comfortable around you as he did before. He knows that he doesn’t feel the same about you anymore and because of that, he’s overly cautious when speaking in case he accidentally says something he shouldn’t.

He feels guilty and at this point probably doesn’t understand these things himself.

2. Small gestures aren’t a thing anymore

DONE 13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman 2

Small gestures are a sign that someone is in love with you and not another woman. When he stops doing these small things, he’s probably stopped loving you as well.

For example, he used to buy you flowers, right? Every once in a while he’d remember to buy you flowers.

Or when he wakes up in the morning, he’d make coffee for the both of you and right now he barely remembers that you exist in his life, let alone to make you coffee.

These small gestures simply showed you that he loves you more than anything. You loved it when he would slice up some fruit and bring it to your room when you were working on something.

It meant a lot to you because it showed how much he cares about you. But right now you can’t remember the last time he did something for you.

Those small gestures aren’t there anymore and you’re actually wondering if this is even the relationship you want to be in anymore.

This is one of the more subtle signs that he has feelings for another woman. Those feelings are clouding his mind to the point where he completely forgets to take care of you.

3. He spends a lot of time on his phone

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

Looking for another telltale sign he has feelings for another woman? Just look at how much he uses his phone. Everything you need to know will be answered if you pay more attention to this.

He’s using his phone to stay in touch with the other woman. You see, if he actually went out to see her constantly, it would be way too risky – you or one of your mutual friends may see them.

He’s developed feelings for her, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s already been with her physically. He could have gotten to know her online and now they’re simply texting back and forth.

In this day and age, it’s quite a common occurrence to fall for someone you meet online.

You’ll see the way he smiles at his phone and because you believe in his loyalty, you probably don’t think much of it. But you’ve every right to be concerned.

To confirm, ask him who’s he texting or what they said that made him smile like that. If he doesn’t want to reply to you, he’s obviously hiding something from you, which is a huge red flag.

4. He’s suddenly more active on social media

DONE 13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman 4

Another one of the signs he has feelings for another woman is if he’s much more active on social media lately.

He’s posting more pictures on Instagram and his Snapchat score is going through the roof. You can see that he’s getting much more attention online, but you can’t really understand why.

The worst thing about it is that he stopped including you in photos that he posts. They’re mostly just of him.

I’d love to tell you that this isn’t such a big issue, but it certainly shows how his feelings have changed. He wants to hide your relationship for some reason, as well as show himself off.

He wants a special lady to see his photos and like them. She’s probably going to comment under them or even send him a few DMs. They’re constantly communicating and that’s why he’s been so active on social media recently.

Of course, if he’s always been like this then you have nothing to worry about. Many people nowadays spend hours on social media, just scrolling and posting pictures. It’s not that alarming.

But if he was the type of guy who was absolutely repelled by social media and now uses it religiously, you should really ask yourself why he’s been so into it lately.

He wouldn’t have started posting and scrolling so much if he didn’t have a certain motivation behind it.

5. He’s been mentioning her a lot

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

You probably have someone in mind already. You have your own suspicions about who this mysterious other woman might be and that’s why you need to pay close attention to how often he talks about her.

Does he mention her casually? Does he talk about her to your mutual friends as well? Or is it just when he’s telling you about the funny photos and memes she’s been sending him?

He can’t help mentioning her a lot because he’s constantly thinking of her. It’s one of the most obvious signs that he’s developed feelings for another woman.

He wouldn’t be talking about her so much if he didn’t have some sort of feelings for her. Sometimes he might not even realize that he’s doing it, other times he does it on purpose to remind you of her existence.

For example, he’ll talk about the last time they had coffee together and all of those amazing things that she told him. He’ll tell you the things he’ll want you to know because he needs to tell someone.

6. He compares you to her

DONE 13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman 6

At first, you were his whole world. You were the most important and beautiful woman in this world to him.

Now things seem to be very different. Another one of the signs he has feelings for another woman is when he doesn’t think twice about comparing you to her.

It might be indirectly, like saying that he likes the way she talks and that it’s so different from yours. Or it’ll be in moments when you’re fighting and he’ll, for instance, accuse you of not being as considerate as her.

This is quite an obvious way for you to realize that his feelings for this woman aren’t merely platonic anymore. It’s actually quite serious at this point.

When he starts comparing you to her, he’s actually weighing his options – essentially choosing whether he’s going to act on his feelings or not.

He’s finding all the reasons he thinks she’s a better option for him than you are, and in his mind, that’s justification for his emotional infidelity.

This also means that he’s been comparing you two in his head for quite a while already. At this point, he feels like you can’t measure up to her.

7. He starts to avoid you

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

There was a time at the very beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t get enough of each other. Of course, over the years, you’ve started to spend time apart as well.

However, nowadays, you’re only together occasionally. It feels like he’s been avoiding you, but you don’t know for sure.

He always says that he has more work than usual and that he needs to stay out late. And even when he’s at home, he doesn’t talk to you as much as before.

Right now, he’s only been telling you the basics about his days and then he probably disappears on you again. He avoids you by going into a different room and so on.

He doesn’t even spend time with you casually. It’s not only been bad because you’re not having date nights anymore, but also because you’ve stopped spending time together at home as well.

Either he’s completely ignoring your existence, he’s replying with one-word answers, or he’s out late to the point where you fall asleep before he even comes home.

And then when you do catch him and want to talk with him, he dismisses you. He says something about being too tired and that he needs his rest. Being the good partner you are, you let him have his time alone.

8. He’s been putting a lot of effort into his physical appearance

DONE 13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman 8

He’s always been someone who takes care of the way he looks. He doesn’t really neglect his need to look presentable.

You can remember the time when you met and the first few months of you two dating. He would always look his best for you. Of course, throughout the years he’s been putting less and less effort into his appearance.

But you figured that it was alright because he was obviously getting more comfortable with you. That actually made you a little happy.

However, these past few weeks or months, he’s suddenly been dressing all nice again. You can’t really ask him about it because you don’t want to insult him, but it’s genuinely caught your attention.

You see, he’s dressing up again, but not to impress you. Most times, men will start dressing nice when they want to impress a woman they’re into.

So if he’s already in a relationship with you, why would he have to dress nicely all of sudden?

Well, he may very well be doing this because he’s seeing someone new. He has feelings for another woman and the signs are all there in front of you.

One important thing to remember, though, is that he might just be wanting to restructure his life or taking some self-improvement steps, so don’t automatically jump to conclusions.

But if that was the case, he’d probably have talked about it openly with you. However, when you ask him about it, he probably brushes you off completely or just gives you a curt answer before changing the subject.

9. He gets defensive when you ask him questions

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

“Who are you texting constantly?”

“Is that shirt new? When did you get that? Are you trying to impress someone?”

“Can I use your phone for a moment? Why not?”

When you’re in a healthy relationship, these questions are routine. They are seen as little jokes that you make here and there to make each other smile.

But when that relationship is falling apart without your knowledge, you’ll see him getting extremely defensive about these topics.

You can’t even ask him about who he’s going to the bar tonight with because he’ll make a big scene about it. He’ll call you controlling and tell you that you don’t need to know everything that’s going on in his life.

You want to trust him and ignore the signs he has feelings for another woman. All you want to see is a man who’s giving his best to show you that he’s loyal and caring.

But when he’s being overly defensive like this, then you don’t have any other choice but to doubt his intentions.

This also shows how much (or little) he cares about you. A man who genuinely cares about your feelings is someone who’ll do his best to make you feel loved and appreciated.

Even if he does feel like he’s starting to develop feelings for someone else, he’ll want to talk to you about it.

Keeping these things from you only makes matter worse and your heart breaks a little more each day.

10. He’s been lying to you

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

When one of your friends lies to you, it takes a lot to trust them again after that. The reason isn’t important most of the time. But it’s definitely a factor that helps to determine if you’ll continue being friends with them.

Needless to say, when you catch your romantic partner in a lie, it’s like a tsunami rocking the boat of your relationship.

Have you caught him in a lie? For example, he told you that he’d go out with his friends, but you saw a picture his friends took and posted on social media without him in sight.

He isn’t on that photo and when you ask them where he was, they probably don’t even have an answer for you.

There’s a huge chance that he’s spending time with her. This is one of the bigger signs he’s not only begun developing feelings for another woman, but started physically cheating on you.

He’ll hide things from you constantly and you’ll catch him lying about where he’s been or with whom.

It might be hard to pinpoint whether something is or isn’t true, because he’ll probably get his friends to back up his lies. So instead of helping you, they’ll help him.

11. There’s no PDA anymore

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

When a man is showing signs that he has feelings for another woman, he’ll more often than not stop being affectionate to the one he’s cheating on.

That’s what’s happening to you right now as well.

PDA is there to show everyone around you that you’re a couple. It also happens because you’re not able to hold yourself back. You simply love your partner and with their permission you can show them affection in public.

But those hugs and kisses aren’t are now few and far between. He’s less affectionate in the house as well as in public.

He either doesn’t want a certain someone to see the two of you being affectionate, or he simply has redirected his romantic interest elsewhere.

When he has feelings for another woman, he’ll try to convince you that you shouldn’t touch in public. He’ll say that it makes him feel uncomfortable even though he never had this issue before.

This will mostly happen when the other woman is somewhere in sight. He’ll feel uncomfortable just holding your hand. It’ll make him feel nervous because you two might run into the woman he’s developed feelings for.

If that happens, he’ll feel like he could lose any chance to show her that he’s interested in her. You’re heartbroken, but he obviously couldn’t care less.

12. He acts differently around a specific woman

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman
13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman 15

You probably have your suspicions already. There are a few women who he’s close with and one of them just makes you think that he could have feelings for her.

The most obvious signs of them all that simply scream your man has feelings for another woman is when he’s uncomfortable in situations when she’s around.

You’re both there and he feels like he’s torn in two. He wants to play his little game and act as if there’s no one there, and he wants to convince you that he still loves you, but at the same time his heart is telling him to go to the other side.

You can see it in his nervous glances in her direction, the way he shifts his weight from one foot to another and in the way he makes sure to avoid your gaze.

He can’t look at you for any length of time because you might read what’s going on. Or, his guilt might show in his eyes. Who knows?

Another sign you might catch on to is if she comes up to you two. She’ll probably try to hug him or kiss his cheek.

They’ll start a conversation that you obviously know nothing about and that’s when things only get worse for both of you.

You’ll see the way his eyes sparkle when he looks at her and the way they lose their shine and only show distress when he looks back to you.

That’s your cue.

13. You feel it in your gut

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

Sometimes you don’t have to look far for signs he has feelings for another woman. Sometimes, you’ll only have to look within yourself to find the answer.

How long have you two been together? In that time, you’ve gotten to know him really well.

There’s probably no one out there who knows and understands him better than you do at this point. Your gut will tell you the very moment there’s a change in his behavior.

You won’t understand what’s going on the first time it hits you, but you’ll realize once you ask yourself the right questions.

Your gut will lead you to see things that’ll make things all too clear. All that’s left to do is to confirm he’s started developing emotions for another woman.

13 Worrying Signs He Has Feelings For Another Woman

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