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15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

You’ve been in a relationship for some time now and you got tired of avoiding the questions about getting married. Do you want to know which are some of the revealing signs he bought an engagement ring?

When you’re in a long-term relationship everybody expects you to get married. Some couples do not believe in the whole institution of marriage, while others are taking it too seriously. So, have you talked with your partner about the wedding?

Your boyfriend is probably also sick of that topic, but I’m not saying you should ask him out of the blue. Take some time to analyze the situation and find the most convenient moment.

Are you one of those girls who already know what everything has to look like, or are you letting life surprise you? Do you want him to propose in private, or do you want it to be in some fancy restaurant?

Maybe you’d like your whole family to be there, or maybe a surprise engagement party is something you’d love. In the end, it’s not so relevant, right?

If I’m being honest with you, I never actually thought about the whole situation, nor the perfect engagement ring. I was never a girl who’s daydreaming about her Prince Charming and expecting him to look this way, or behave that way.

But I knew one thing for sure – I’ll know when the right guy comes. I will recognize my significant other because every cell of my being will crave him.

There comes a time in every relationship when you either move one step closer or drift apart. You may be at this turning point right now and that’s why you’re reading this article.

So, let me help you discover all those telltale signs he bought an engagement ring, and prove that you’ll hear the famous “Will you marry me?” question sometime soon.

Can you hear the wedding bells? 15 signs he bought an engagement ring

1. He’s talking about the future

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

You’re chilling, watching a movie together and he suddenly starts talking about your future. He asks you random questions like “Would you like to live in another city?” or “Where do you want to be in 5 years?

If you pay a bit more attention to it, these questions are not so random. He’s subtly trying to figure out whether you see your future with him or not.

No matter how long and healthy the relationship is, there is always a small need for reassurance. So if your guy is asking you similar questions, don’t complain that he’s not fully paying attention to the movie.

Whenever he mentions his plans for the future, he never forgets to include you as well. Instead of saying “I”, he’ll start using “we” more often. He may even mention that you’d be a great mum, or how he can’t imagine his future without you.

If you ask me, these are giveaway signs that he wants you by his side for the long run, and that he’s not afraid to conquer the world with you.

2. He’s super nervous around you

Did he start behaving oddly in your presence? Is he avoiding answering some questions? Do his palms get sweaty when somebody mentions engagements or even marriage?

When you do activities you’d otherwise enjoy together, he seems a bit distant. Every girl knows her partner’s behavior and finds it easy to determine if his mood changed or not. He may even jump up from his bed if you enter the room uninvited, or quickly lock his laptop screen.

Apparently, he’s not feeling comfortable anymore? This could be fishy, but take a deep breath and don’t get too suspicious. How would you feel if you’d have to stay quiet about something that’s so thrilling for you, but you can’t share it with the one you love?

Don’t deny it, you’d be nervous and secretive as well.

He knows you can read him like an open book, so he may avoid eye contact or seem anxious around you. All of these are pretty good signs that he may be getting ready to pop that question.

3. He’s introducing you as his girlfriend

DONE 15 Telltale Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring 2

Whenever you come across someone he knows (but you don’t) he’s introducing you as his girlfriend. He’s not just saying your name and adds “my friend” or “my date”. Rather, he wants people to know you’re the one he chose.

If you’re at this stage, it is a great sign that he wants to take it to the next level. He’s not afraid to admit you’re the one he loves and he’s super proud of that.

He’s making room for you in his life and trying to get all of his closest friends to know about you. He may even plan some outings where he’ll be able to tell his friends how your story started.

It feels like he’d show you to the world, so everybody is aware that he’s committed only to you. You can feel genuine happiness from his side and hear the excitement in his voice when he says “my girlfriend”.

4. He’s eager to meet your friends and family

Is he trying a bit harder to meet all your family members? Does he try to convince you to organize some activities so you two can spend more time with them?

He became close with your sister recently, your mum is dazzled by his charm, and your dad started calling him “son”? Hmm, not suspicious at all. Yeah, right.

If he started asking about your best friend’s marriage proposal, or what kind of ring your dad got for your mum, I’d stop for a second. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be interested in his in-laws, he’s dating their daughter for God’s sake. But wanting to know details about their proposal is a sure sign he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

When a guy puts some effort to meet all the people who are important in his significant other’s life, you can be sure he’s really in love. If your boyfriend does this, it can easily be one of the signs he bought an engagement ring or is thinking about buying one soon.

5. He invites you to spend more time with his family

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

Previously he would only tell you all those family stories and you know almost every member of his extended family over photos. He always told you about how they gather and spend holidays in his hometown.

But this time it’s different. He invites you to spend some time with them. Maybe some holiday is approaching and he proposed to celebrate it with his family. He may be aware that you’re a bit anxious about that, but he prepared you for it.

You already know them and their story, now it is your turn to present yourself. Chances are he also spoke about you a lot because sometimes he’d say they’re sending greetings.

If your partner is getting ready for a surprise proposal, he may suggest for both of your parents to meet. He’ll insist and even help you to find a restaurant where the music is not too loud and the food is delicious.

They need to spend some time together and that way it will be easier for them to get along at your wedding, right?

6. He recalls memories you made together

Is he mentioning your first date lately? Did he recall how he felt when he saw you for the first time because you wore that same red dress last night for a date night?

When a guy is going down memory lane and tries to involve you as well, it is one of the subtle signs he’s preparing something big. He probably bought an engagement ring for you and is preparing something romantic to ask you that meaningful question.

Of course, he’s focused on your future, but he’s going to be all mushy and sentimental about those beautiful memories you guys shared. He may even go the extra mile and find all of those cute notes and letters you wrote him back in the day, just so he can read them one more time.

He’ll also make sure you are on the same page regarding important things in life, like how many kids you want, or if you’d like to live in a suburb or city. He’s going to double-check if you want to spend the rest of your life with him even if you proved it so many times before.

7. He’s hiding his cell phone

DONE 15 Telltale Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring 4

First of all, yes, this can be a red flag as well. If your guy is hiding his phone away from you, he may be texting another girl. However, if other signs from this list are visible in his behavior, don’t go down the rabbit hole.

Maybe you took his phone to order food for your say-in date, but he snatched it from your hands and told you to use yours. Is he constantly checking who’s sending him messages and tilting the phone away from you?

Take a deep breath, because in this case, he’s probably texting with your best friend, sister, or his mum, whoever is helping him choose a perfect engagement ring for you.

Guys are a bit clumsy and indecisive when it comes to picking up a perfect gift for their girlfriends. So you can only imagine what kind of pressure the poor guy feels in the moments before buying that ring.

8. He started saving money and paying more attention to his finances

Have you noticed how he reduced his expenses recently? He told you he wants to save some money for something really important? Well girl, maintain that healthy manicure, because he may ask you those four words sometime soon!

He may get confused when you ask him what is he saving for, and try to avoid both the answer to your question and the eye contact. Also, he may casually mention the importance of savings when cooking dinner or doing some daily activity.

He’s aware that he’ll have to save some extra cash for that bling, but he doesn’t care to tighten his budget on things like eating out or bowling.

When a guy wants to build a life together with you, he’ll be completely honest about his finances and may even ask you for advice. But don’t count on his honesty if he’s saving money to buy you the engagement ring because there is a secret to keep.

9. He shows sudden interest in jewelry

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

While you’re walking around the mall, does he accidentally stop next to the jewelry store? Is he asking you a bunch of questions so he can be sure of your taste? If you could choose, would you get yourself a silver or gold ring?

He started showing a sudden interest in jewelry and you still think it’s not a big deal? Did you catch him rooting through your jewelry box and trying on your rings? Did he mention how somebody’s engagement ring is not so beautiful and how you need something classy?

Girl, be ready; because the chances that he already visited the jeweler are high, and he just needs your ring size so he can finally buy the right one for you. Rest assured, he is planning to ask you to marry him very soon!

10. He started talking about marriage

He was never a fan of weddings before and talking about open bars or floral arrangements made him sick? Did he say how his perfect wedding day would be in October?

Your guy was clearly not happy when you’d mention that one of your friends is getting married, or he’d roll his eyes while complaining about the bachelor party he has to organize for one of his friends. Recently, that has changed.

The time when those four words don’t sound so scary for him finally came, and he’s always up for someone’s wedding party. He started talking about the honeymoon, cakes, and which color he’d like his suit to be. Isn’t it weird a bit?

It’s normal that you get suspicious of his changed attitude, but don’t worry too much. I hope you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with this guy because this is one of the clear signs he bought an engagement ring for you.

Probably he had the moment of realization and made a decision to make you his wife. That’s why he’s now constantly talking about weddings and stuff.

11. His behavior changed

DONE 15 Telltale Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring 6

I’m sure you know how “Why are you still single?” is the worst question you can ask someone who’s not in a relationship. There is also something as horrible to ask a couple in a committed relationship and that is “When are you getting married?”

As time was passing by, you got used to people asking this and both of you would act normally. However, recently he started twitching every time someone asks this question and he seems to get extra nervous.

Why do you think this is happening? Your partner is actually preparing something and it’s becoming so obvious!

Did he do some things recently that are very out of character for him? Have you started questioning his motives for being so caring in one moment and then quickly changing it into a cranky mood? Don’t get too worried, his changed behavior is actually one of the signs he bought an engagement ring for you.

12. He makes everything about you lately

Friday nights were always reserved for boys, but he started throwing away his bachelor-like habits so he could spend more time with you. This may be a bit weird at the beginning, but with time you’ll get used to it.

He’d rather cuddle up next to you and talk about how stars can be dead and why airplanes are the safest transportation. If he’s paying more attention to your needs and wants to spend more time with you, it’s undeniable he cares a lot.

It seems like he just can’t get enough of you. You know he loves you for who you are and he’s grateful for having you in his life. He told you that many times before, but lately he’s showing it more often. Even his eyes start shining while he’s looking at you.

He’s going to do anything just for you to feel happy and satisfied in his company. Honestly, this is one of the clear-cut signs he bought an engagement ring and is preparing you for that big moment.

He’s going to get you in the romantic mood and try to relax you with a bunch of kisses and hugs that come out of nowhere. He’ll give you a hand with chores and even cook for you.

13. An important date is approaching

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

It’s again that time of the year between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s day when a lot of couples get married. Is he excited about it to the point where it freaks you out?

Pay special attention to his behavior if one of the important dates in your life is approaching. Even if it’s your birthday, anniversary, or some holiday like New Year’s Eve, Christmas, or even his birthday.

Guys tend to propose on these days, most probably because it will be easier for them to remember it later. To tell you the truth, you’ll have to be the one reminding him either way, but that’s not the point.

If one of these dates is approaching and you’ve noticed some of these signs, it’s possible that he bought an engagement ring for you and is ready to go down the aisle.

14. He’s planning THE trip

Did you agree to a trip to New York because visiting there was your childhood dream? You already bought the tickets and now is the time to take some extra care about the little details. Did he say he’ll do it on his own?

You may feel relieved at the beginning, but once he gets all confused about which hotel to book, or if you should stay at Manhattan or Upper East Side, you’ll get anxious. It’s not his first time traveling and making plans, but you’d like to have things under control.

Lay back and relax, and let your guy do the work.

This may be one of the signs he bought an engagement ring and wanted to propose during this trip. Psst, don’t tell him I shared his secret!

When a guy tries harder to organize something, it means that he really cares about it being perfect. Is he going to ask you to marry him on the top of the Empire State building, or is he kneeling down on Times Square? We’ll see.

15. Your gut is telling you he’s about to pop the big question

DONE 15 Telltale Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring 8

This is one of the clearest signs that he bought you an engagement ring because if your gut is telling you that, you’re probably right – a girl just knows.

I really don’t know how, but it seems like girls have that sixth sent when it comes to relationships. Not only once did I hear from my friends that they actually knew exactly when the guy is going to propose or break up.

I guess that’s also the reason why we detect fake feelings as well. But let’s get back to the topic. I’m sure you’ll notice the slightest signs and his changed behavior even if he’s not aware of it.

He’ll constantly remind you how much he loves you and he’ll go above and beyond just to see you smile. He’s truly grateful to have you by his side and never misses a chance to emphasize how much his life got better with you in it.

He’s showering you with gifts, both small and big, and he indeed pays attention to the little things. He makes sure that every part of your being feels appreciated and adored. And you probably can’t stop smiling while reading this?

Congratulations girl, you’re about to say the most confident yes in your life!

15 Jolly Signs He Bought An Engagement Ring And Is Ready To Propose

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