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15 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You

15 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You

If a man wants you as his girlfriend, you’ll see signs that he’s serious about you.

When a man wants a woman, it shows in the way he acts toward her.

It can be hard to tell whether he’s really interested in getting into a relationship with you or just wants something casual but when a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll make his intentions clear. 

You won’t have to guess how he feels about you if he’s really interested. All you need to do is notice the signs that he’s serious about you.

I’ll tell you all about them, but let’s first see what the things are that a man wants in a serious relationship. 

You probably already know what you want out of this relationship, but what about him? What does he want?

A man wants to feel safe in a relationship, so he wants to know how much you care about him, just like you do.

He also needs you to respect him, not just love him. When it comes to loving him, he needs you to love him for everything he is, including his flaws.

He wants to be accepted and appreciated in the relationship and for you to always encourage him.

Men like strong women, so he wants a woman who can take care of herself and be just as successful as he is.

Most importantly, he wants you to be his friend, with whom he’ll be able to communicate and to connect on a deeper level.

Those are the things a man wants in a serious relationship, and aren’t they much like what you want too?

When a man wants you to be his girlfriend, if his intentions are serious, he’ll want these things from you.

Are you ready to be the girlfriend he has been dreaming of? We first need to see the signs that he’s serious about you.

Does he want to be in a serious relationship with you, or is he just playing with your heart?

These signs that he’s serious about you will help you figure it out:

1. He is honest

If a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll be transparent with you.

He will express himself freely and talk about the future with you and those plans will almost always include you as a part of it.

He will tell you about his feelings for you and let you know just how much you really mean to him.

Does he talk to you openly and honestly? If he doesn’t, he probably doesn’t care about you as much as you would like him to and he might not be ready for a serious relationship with you.

Maybe he just has his guard up so pay attention to other signs as well to figure out the truth.

However, if he’s completely transparent, you can be sure that he’s crazy about you and he wants a serious relationship.

Honesty might be the most important thing you need to look for in a partner so if you have found an honest man, hold on to him, because his intentions are serious.

2. He wants to know all there is about you

Can he talk to you for hours about anything? When a man wants a woman, he wants to know everything about her.

Everything she says is interesting to him because it helps him learn more about who she really is.

Does your man always ask a lot of questions? If so, this is because he wants to keep finding out new things about you because he likes you so much.

More importantly, he will listen carefully to everything you have to say and he’ll also remember the little details you tell him.

Those details about you matter to him because he wants to know all about your likes and dislikes…

All the facts that are important about you are important to him too.

He’s curious about you… Discovering everything about you has become his favorite hobby.

Do you recognize him in that description? If so, you’re a lucky girl because you have found a man who’s genuinely interested in you.

If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t pay so much attention to everything you say.

Remembering things you tell him about yourself is a clear sign he wants you to be his girlfriend.

3. You know where you stand with him

Right from the start, he has made it clear that he wants to be exclusive.

You don’t have to guess what his intentions are because he has made it clear that he wants to be serious.

He doesn’t feed you those, “We don’t need to put a label on what we have,” lies, and you know exactly what your ‘label’ is.

You’re boyfriend and girlfriend, and there’s no doubt about it.

Even if you’re not yet officially together, you have agreed not to see other people. He made it clear that he just wants you and no one else.

Things aren’t open to interpretation because he doesn’t want to lose you to some other man so even if you don’t call each other boyfriend and girlfriend yet, if he has made it clear that he wants to be exclusive, it’s a good sign.

He doesn’t want to risk things and let some other guy steal you away from him and he’s also not interested in any other girl because he wants only you.

4. He sticks to his word

When he makes a promise, he keeps it. If he says he’ll take you out, he’ll not only do it but show up on time as well.

Don’t let anyone do otherwise, because if a man wants you to be his girlfriend, he’ll keep his promises.

Empty promises aren’t his thing, at least not when it comes to you and that’s because he would never let himself disappoint you.

He will become more invested, and therefore, you’ll become even more important to him.

He’ll do all that it takes to never see you disappointed in him.

Even if it happens that he does disappoint you, he will get upset and do whatever is needed to make things up to you.

He needs you to know that he’ll always do what he says he’ll do; after all, isn’t that the only way for you to truly trust him?

He sticks to his word because his word needs to count for something, and he would never let you down.

Is it obvious to you that you’re a priority to him? He never leaves you hanging because his intentions with you are serious.

5. He makes you a priority

If you feel like you come first to him most of the time, it’s a great sign.

Of course, it’s impossible for you to come first every time, but you’re clearly a priority to him.

Even when he can’t put you first, he still lets you know how important you are to him.

However, don’t think that being a priority to him means that he should forget about every other aspect of his life to spend time with you. 

Not all of his time should be spent on you anyway. Such a relationship would be too codependent, unhealthy, or even toxic.

What I’m talking about when I say he makes you a priority is that you matter a lot to him.

Your wants and needs are what matter the most to him, and you’re an important part of his life.

He won’t do anything at the last minute, whether it’s making or canceling plans, unless, of course, there’s an emergency.

He would never leave you hanging, and he doesn’t want you to have to wait for him.

You don’t need to fight for some space in his life, because he always makes some space for you.

When a man makes you a priority, you don’t have to question or wonder how he feels because you simply know.

6. He shows you with his actions, not just with his words

Isn’t it so easy to simply say you care about someone? That is exactly why it doesn’t mean much unless actions prove it too.

When you want to know where you stand with a man, just pay attention to his actions.

If he’s serious about you, it will be obvious by the way he treats you and looks at you. 

Don’t forget to look at what he does, as well. If he wants to be exclusive, he’ll delete his profiles on dating sites and stop all contact with his exes.

You’ll be the only woman in his life he’s interested in, so he won’t talk to some other girls he was thinking about dating.

To know if a man loves you, you need to check if his words match his actions.

Don’t be satisfied with just hearing he loves you, because he needs to show you, not just say it.

7. He is ready to settle down

It’s important that your man is settled when it comes to his life.

What I’m talking about is that he has a good job, owns a car, and has a savings account.

Maybe he’s considering buying a house, and he already has dishes in the kitchen and even cooks.

Do you think these things aren’t important? Well, think twice, because timing is everything for men.

If he’s not settled in his life, he probably still wishes to live the lifestyle of a young man… a man who isn’t ready to settle down yet.

Does he want a committed relationship with everything that comes with it? That’s a sure way to know if he’s ready for something serious.

So, what comes with a committed relationship?

Besides commitment and attentiveness, it’s creating a future and a life together… and perhaps even a family one day.

If that’s what both of you want, your relationship is going to be successful.

However, if he says that he’s not looking for anything serious and doesn’t want a relationship, you need to believe him.

If a man isn’t ready to settle down, he’ll never be serious about you, and you can’t wait for him to be ready.

8. He values your input

Does he take your advice and opinions into consideration when he has a problem? He doesn’t just ask for your opinion, but actually listens to it as well.

Your feelings and thoughts matter to him, so he respects the things you say.

What happens when you tell him about your opinions? It’s important that he really considers them and not just makes you feel dumb.

When a man values your input, you can be sure that you mean a lot to him.

He doesn’t have to take your advice, but it’s important that he listens to it and takes it into consideration.

When making an important decision, who does he turn to for advice? If it’s you, you’re a lucky girl because you obviously mean a lot to him.

It also shows that he respects you, and respect is equally important as love.

9. You have met each other’s friends and family

It’s not just that you’ve met his friends and family, you actually spend time with them.

How tight you are with his inner circle shows how serious a guy is about you.

If his intentions are serious, he’ll introduce you to everyone who matters to him. He will want his family and friends to like you, and for you to like them.

When it comes to your family and friends, he’ll respect them and want them to like him.

Don’t be surprised if he gets nervous before he meets them and after he does, he’ll probably ask you if they like him because it means a lot to him to make a good impression on your loved ones.

However, if he isn’t serious about you, he won’t care.

Another tip is to pay attention to how much his family and friends know about you when you first meet them.

If he cares a lot about you, he’ll talk to them about you even before he introduces you to them.

So, if they already seem to know a lot about you and somehow already like you, they know how much you mean to him… even if you don’t yet.

10. He talks about the future with you in it

He loves making plans for all the things the two of you are going to do in the future and that’s because he plans on having a future with you, which proves that he’s serious about you.

I’m not talking about just some unrealistic, abstract plans such as quitting your jobs and traveling the world together.

The concrete terms are what really matter.

Have you talked about moving in together? Perhaps you even talked about the specific date when that should happen?

Maybe you even started looking for a place…

If he has clear deadlines and goals with you, it’s one of the signs he’s serious about you.

This is the clearest sign, because if he’s planning a future with you, you don’t have to wonder about his intentions.

My now-husband and I used to plan living together and getting married when we first started dating.

We would stay up late imagining what things were going to be like once we started living together and what our place would look like.

Not only was it fun, and we enjoyed it, but it prepared us for it and made us sure that everything would work out between us.

It’s great when you have that, but don’t be so worried if it hasn’t happened yet.

Stay calm because he might just need a little more time to really picture a future with you.

11. He’s happy when you’re happy

To know if he wants to be with you, just check if he does everything he can in order to make you happy.

If he tries to make you happy, this is because he’s happy when you’re happy. 

Does he pay attention to your needs and wants and try to give you everything you need? That proves that your happiness is what makes him happy. 

Know that as long as he puts effort into making you happy, it’s a great sign.

However, you need to remember that your happiness is your responsibility, not his.

It’s not his job to keep you happy even if he makes it seem that way.

He also does whatever he can to put a smile on your face.

The thing is, he does things you tell him will make you happy because he listens to you and your requests.

He tries to accommodate all of your wishes, and he’s happy to do so because his goal is to see you happy.

12. He stays in touch with you and loves to spend time with you

In case something comes up, he makes sure to let you know about it, which means that he’ll surely tell you even if he’ll be just a few minutes late.

He would never disappear on you and act like it wasn’t a big deal when he would reappear… without even answering where he’s been.

Instead, he always keeps in touch, so the two of you regularly contact each other.

In case he’ll be tied up or busy, he tells you about it. Your feelings matter to him, so he wouldn’t ever make you feel like he has lost interest in you.

Even if it happens that one day he doesn’t reach out, you can be sure that there’s a good reason; after all, it always turns out that way, and he tells you that reason.

Not only does he always keep in touch, but he loves to spend time with you!

This is a huge sign that he likes you; after all, whether a guy will commit to a girl or not depends on how good he feels to be around her.

If it feels good for him to be with you, he’ll want to be serious about you so if it seems like he can’t ever get enough of you, he likes you a lot.

13. He respects you and your boundaries

He respects you and the pace you have set, so he doesn’t move faster than you’d want him to and your needs are also respected.

Respect is equally important as love in a relationship. The truth is, love fades with time, but respect stays.

Maybe you only want love now, but when you’re older, respect will mean much more to you.

It’s good to have a man who respects you because you’ll feel much better in that relationship. Some even say that there’s no love without respect.

14. He shares his passions with you

A guy who likes a girl will want her to like his favorite things, and that’s why he shares them with her.

He wants her to really understand his world and become a part of it so he’ll show her his favorite books, movies, hobbies, and activities.

He will want to share his passions with you… even though he doesn’t expect you to love those things as much as he loves them.

He’s actually sharing information about himself with you because he wants you to know more about him.

This is one of the signs he’s serious about you.

15. Everything’s easy with him, and it’s obvious he’s into you

Your relationship with him is practically effortless. Everything’s easy, so you can simply relax and be yourself around him.

There’s no need for you to watch how you behave or what you say to him.

When you’re writing him a text, you don’t delete things and start over repeatedly; you simply write what’s on your mind and press send without hesitating.

There’s no need to stress over it, or over anything regarding your relationship. You are simply there to enjoy the time you spend together.

What’s more, you feel it in your gut that he wants you to be his girlfriend and other people have noticed it too. 

He has maybe even told you himself that he wants to be with you.

He already acts like the two of you are a couple and treats you with nothing but care and respect.

You feel secure and safe around him, and you know he’s not going anywhere.

15 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You
15 Signs A Man Wants To Be With You 2

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