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Should You Text A Girl Every Day? The Truth Revealed

Should You Text A Girl Every Day? The Truth Revealed

Should you text a girl every day? Is it actually normal or does it make you a weirdo?

Love usually knocks on your door unexpectedly. Maybe you had a tough day and saw her at Starbucks. She was looking flawless and she was doing it so effortlessly. Your eyes met and you just couldn’t resist asking for her number.

Congrats, it was your lucky day! Now that you have her number, you also have a number of questions that won’t go away. You’re overthinking every single detail and are in desperate need of help.

Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Should you text a girl every day? When is it normal?

Well, we have some tea to spill. Stick around to find out when it’s okay to text her.

1. Text her if you just got her number

Should You Text A Girl Every Day The Truth Revealed

Okay, it’s all crystal clear now. You have her number, but you’re still unsure whether you should text her now or wait for some time.

The best answer I can give you is this: Text her ASAP. Don’t keep her waiting.

If she gave you her number, it’s obvious that she’s into you. However, if you don’t text her soon, there’s a big possibility that she’ll lose interest. The more time you take, the less chance you have of shooting your shot.

She might think that it was just a dare given to you by your friends, or that you just wanted to see if she finds you good-looking. Women have to deal with a lot of stuff these days, so don’t ask for her number if you’re not planning on texting her.

If you decide to send a message, but you don’t know what to write, just send her a short text under the pretext of sharing your number. That’s the first step you can take.

If you’re still unsure of how to phrase it, here are some examples:

“Hey, it’s Luke from the store, here’s my number.

“Hey, it was nice meeting you today. Hope you missed the traffic jam.”

“Hi, how was the rest of your day?”

“Hi, it’s me, here’s my number too.”

2. Yes, text her when you get back from a date

Unlocking your front door while endlessly smiling and thinking about the time you spent with her. Smelling her perfume on you, and never wanting to wash your shirt again.

If this sounds like you, then she might be the one. Don’t lose your chances by not texting her when you get back from a date.

Don’t feel pressured to do it right away; take your time. Feel free to take a refreshing shower, do a happy dance, or whatever it is you do when you’re over the moon.

Then, when you find time to sit down and recap all the details from the date, start thinking about what you want to tell her.

She is probably also thinking about you while anxiously waiting for your message. She wants to know if you feel the same way about her and if you had as much fun as she did.

Now’s your time to shine. Text her and tell her that you had an amazing time with her. Let her know that you’re besotted with her smile and how honored you felt when she shared details of her life with you.

Don’t be afraid, everything will be okay. Just take a deep breath and go for it.

3. It’s okay to text her if you’re thinking about her

You’ve already been texting each other for some time. She’s the one who brightens your days and keeps you motivated. The one who gives you butterflies and the will to get up in the morning.

In this case, there’s no need to keep questioning yourself if you should text this girl every day. The chances are that she’s already waiting for your message!

Don’t be afraid to tell her that something reminded you of her. She will appreciate it and you will make her happy for sure. But do it only if it has a deeper meaning, don’t write something just for the purpose of reminding her of your existence.

Try being different and I’m sure you’ll keep her interested. Here’s a little idea that can help you: “Hey, I just grabbed a coffee from that place you really love. We should go together next time.”

Don’t confuse it with something that might come across as insulting just for the purpose of sending her a message. There have been cases of guys sending some cringey messages. Take a look:

“Hey, I heard a girl with a funny accent like yours, it immediately reminded me of you.”

“I saw that you and my mom have the same shirt, I love it haha.

You should DEFINITELY NOT write anything like that to her. I guess they were trying to point out that they were thinking about her, but I would say that their mission failed – big time.

So, a little piece of advice is to think about your texts and how they can be interpreted. Once you’re sure that you won’t be misunderstood, click that send button and let the magic happen.

5 common mistakes a guy makes when texting a girl

I know, texting can be a little bit tricky. Why? Well, we all agree that understanding emotions is easier when it’s done in person, right? So, when it comes to texting a girl, there are some common mistakes that a guy can make.

1. Giving up too easily

Should You Text A Girl Every Day The Truth Revealed

There’s one mistake that guys seem so keen on repeating. And that’s giving up too easily.

Texting a girl, and not getting a quick or a long response doesn’t always mean that she is not interested anymore.

A girl’s mind is usually hard to read, especially when it comes to new friendships and love interests. If she doesn’t respond immediately, there are a lot of possible reasons for it, not just losing interest.

I don’t want to keep you waiting any longer so here are some of the possible explanations for her mysterious silence:

She’s busy. She is working, studying, or helping around the house. There are a lot of things that might be needing her immediate attention.

She’s in a bad mood. Something unpleasant happened and she just doesn’t feel like texting at the moment. She doesn’t want to be a negative Nancy, so she’s just waiting for her mood to improve.

She’s unsure of how she wants to reply to you. She’s still interested, so she wants to write the best answer possible to continue having a great conversation. But right now, she can’t think of the right words so she would rather wait than type something stupid.

2. Over-texting

I get you! Texting her is your new favorite activity and something you want to do all the time, but should you text a girl every day? Well, it all depends on the execution.

So our biggest advice is: don’t overdo it!

It’s great that you want to keep the conversation alive, but constantly asking about what she is doing at the moment is not going to work. Instead, it will do the opposite!

Text her enough for her to see that you like her and only if you know that the text has a purpose. Understandably, you want to keep talking to her 24/7, but in order to do that, you need to make some effort.

Here’s a little tip to find out if you’ve been spamming her with your texts:

– She gives you short and boring answers

You constantly get one-word replies like “haha,” “yeah,” and “cool”

She stops responding

She used emojis before, but now she stopped using them

You’re the one who initiates the conversation every time

She’s been online multiple times, but still hasn’t responded for hours

She’s always busy – at least that’s what she tells you

3. Disappearing and coming back

Red flag! That’s what she’ll see in you if you disappear and come back after some time.

Have you been texting a girl every day? You were both interested, and the conversation was going really well, but then at one point you just got bored and stopped responding.

Maybe you just got busy playing your new PS5 game or watching your favorite club. Whatever the case, the fact is that you made a mistake. She also didn’t text you because her message was the last one. A few days passed, and you actually felt bad for not talking to her, so you decided to text her again.

Surprise, surprise, she wasn’t interested anymore.

If you really like her and want to get to know her, don’t do that. Stick around and go step by step. Then you’ll know if it’s worth it or not.

If you’re talking to multiple girls at the same time, then you have a problem! She’ll eventually find out and she won’t like it. Be honest, who would like to be only an option?

Be careful about constant texting, then ghosting and coming back. She’ll wish you’d never even texted her.

4. Having a monotonous conversation

Girls have a lot of experience with boys texting them, and the patterns are so similar. Therefore the question of whether you should text a girl every day might have multiple answers. If your texts will bore her, then you probably shouldn’t keep them coming.

If you want to stand out, don’t let yourself lead a monotonous, boring conversation with her. “What’s up?” “You up?” and “Wyd?” are definitely not going to make her wait for your next text.

Maybe you’ve been texting a girl every day, she’s been replying, but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s possible that you’re constantly forcing the same topics.

Talking about your university, job, or the sport you love is not enough to keep a person interested. Focusing on the same topics can become tiring. It shows that there’s a lack of imagination and will to keep the conversation alive.

In a world full of possibilities, take advantage of them and use them to lead a conversation that’s different from the ones she’s had before. Make her remember you by asking her questions that no one ever did.

Include some interesting and unexpected topics and questions that will make her think, and not just ones that lead to simple, short answers.

5. Using the wrong emojis

Should You Text A Girl Every Day The Truth Revealed

The 21st century brought us something we use on daily basis and those are emojis. They’re here to help us express our feelings non-verbally. And when it comes to texting your crush, we can add an emoji or two to spice things up.

However, pick them carefully. You don’t want to send numerous emojis and come across as childish, but you also don’t want your texts to look too serious and dry. Give them some color!

They can be a lovely addition to your texts if you use them the right way. For example, if you’re sending a flirty message that can have multiple meanings, send a winky face emoji. Lead her to the real meaning of your text.

If you’re sending a good night message, choose a meaningful emoji like a moon, or a sleepy face emoji. Or if you’re texting a girl every day, use one emoji repeatedly, so it reminds her of you.

The common mistake that is made when sending emojis is sending them without any text. Only do that if you want to end the conversation, but if you want to keep it going, then you better avoid this!

It’s better to wait until you’ve found a good reply than to end the conversation with a random emoji and just reappear with a text a few hours later.

How to win a girl’s heart by texting her every day

Now that we’ve mastered the common mistakes, it’s time to provide you with some special tips on how to win her heart by texting her every day.

P.S. It’s not that hard, I promise!

1. Ask about her day

Here’s one piece of information that might help you. Most girls fall for the guys who give them attention. But girls know if it’s real or fake, so don’t do it if you’re not actually interested. Show honest interest and it will be appreciated.

We are so focused on ourselves that we often forget to ask our close ones how they are doing, or how their day went. When in fact, it is such a nice thing to have someone care about your life.

So use that and be different.

Text a girl every day with a short message asking about her day. Ask if there is something that made her happy or maybe upset. Show that you really care and let her confide in you.

Believe me, your question will put a smile on her face.

2. Compliment her

Attention and compliments go hand in hand. Your girl is amazing and I’m sure you have so many things to say about her when you’re describing her to someone.

So why not tell her that too? There’s no need to be shy about these things. Love brings out the best in you, so feel free to share your feelings with her.

Tell her how pretty she looked today, or how you liked the way she styled her hair today. Maybe you even noticed some small detail that no one ever pointed out except for you. Shower her with compliments and you’ll be on the right track.

However, don’t limit it to physical compliments only. Those are just the most common. When texting a girl every day, try complimenting different things as often as possible.

Here are some examples:

“You have an awesome sense of humor.”

I’m glad to have smart people like you in my life.”

Just when I think I know you, you surprise me.”

Your smile lights up every room.”

3. Keep the vibe positive

Should You Text A Girl Every Day The Truth Revealed

Should you text a girl every day? Well, yes, if you know what you’re doing.

I’m sure you’ll agree when I say that there’s so much negativity in this world. However, now you have each other and you can make the world a better place.

It’s possible that one of you had a really boring day at work, but don’t focus on that too much. Instead, talk about how good it feels to have someone like her to talk to after a tough day.

I suggest you try referring to the conversations that you’ve already had or even the jokes that you’ve already made together. It’s a great idea to start an inside joke. That way you already made something that is only yours, something that will always make you smile, and you’ve managed to keep the positive vibes.

If you really have something bad happening in your life, rather leave those conversations for the times you’re able to talk in person.

4. Don’t be shy; flirt with her

It can be difficult to push yourself to flirt, but there’s no need to be shy. Just be honest – it won’t sound embarrassing or cringey.

Never overdo it in the sense that it becomes inappropriate. But cute little messages about how you can’t wait to hug her or hold her hand might bring some butterflies to her belly.

Keep it light and allude to what you would like to do when you see each other the next time. You’re still in the honeymoon phase and we all know how chirpy you’re feeling right now.

Try using popular movie scenes like kissing in the rain from Dear John. Trust me, women love that movie. Or even dancing and singing in the bar, like a scene from 27 Dresses, if she’s into that stuff.

Be honest, tell her that you are attracted to her, and when you finally see her, show her that. That’s how you’re going to win her.

5. Connect through the things you both love

There are so many things that people can like in this world, that you two are bound to have plenty of mutual interests. Talk about your favorite food, movies, TV shows, songs, books, places, activities, or anything else that comes to your mind.

When people really like something, they can talk about it for hours, so use that. Ask her about all the stuff she likes. She’ll talk and you’ll get to know her.

It’s a win-win situation!

Then do the same for her. Share your interests with her, because she wants to get to know you better too. These conversations lead to finding common interests which are very important in maintaining a healthy relationship full of activities that you both love.

Maybe you both love quizzes so you can change your texting habits by playing an online quiz together, or you both love and know foreign languages. Teach one another some cool words and use them as one more inside joke of yours.

6. Suggest a date

Should you text a girl every day? Well, if you’ve been messaging each other for a while, then it means you might be ready for the next step. Use your chat to plan your future dates.

Now that you know what she likes and doesn’t like, you can think about your date. Try finding something that will be interesting for both of you.

If you both adore food, try some international meal, or make a romantic picnic. If you are movie lovers, watch something together, or if you love the same singers or bands, go to a concert. What might be an interesting idea for those who love adventures is going to an escape room or a short road trip.

And if you’re both sports fans, you can watch or practice some sports together and be a real power couple. Whatever you decide to do, it’s important that both sides are happy.

When you’ve thought of some cute date idea, suggest it to her with a little text like “Hey, I’d love to see this new Marvel movie with you. Are you free to do that this Saturday afternoon?”

It’s perfectly fine to use texting as a way of getting to know her better. But at one point, you gotta make the next move. Messaging her daily without ever taking her out isn’t going to work.

So, if you want something serious, then get ready to plan the date and show her how amazing you are.

Let’s wrap things up: Should you text a girl every day?

Should You Text A Girl Every Day The Truth Revealed

The truth is that it depends on the stage of your relationship and your motives. You had a chance to see the common mistakes that guys usually make while texting girls. If you found yourself doing more than one, it would be good to try and change that.

The tips provided should do the trick! Read them once again and decide which you should be applying.

There’s always something interesting you can do while texting, so don’t give up easily! Keep in mind all that you’ve read and start working towards reaching your final goal.

If she’s the one for you, she won’t be mad to receive your texts on a daily basis. But, step up your game and show her through your actions that you don’t plan on letting her go.

Good luck!

Should You Text A Girl Every Day? The Truth Revealed