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She’s The Caring Girl You’ll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

She’s The Caring Girl You’ll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

She’s the tenderhearted girl you’ll regret losing for the rest of your days.

One day you’ll wake up and realize what you’ve lost and you’ll never get rid of that feeling. You’ll be disappointed in yourself for even allowing something like that to happen.

For the rest of your life, you’ll wonder what you could’ve done differently. You’ll want her back, only you won’t be able to get her.

She’s gone. She realized that she needs to care about herself more than she cares about everyone else around her.

Instead of running after you while also withering away, she’s finally over you. But you’ll never get over your own stupidity and the things you did that led you to this point in life.

She’s the girl who never cared about your flaws.

DONE! She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

More than once you were stuck in a dark place, contemplating everything that you thought was wrong with you.

She didn’t let you dwell on your flaws too long. She held you and kissed your insecurities away.

Whenever you thought that you weren’t good enough, she would rush to your side to show you otherwise.

A woman like her had many other things to do, but she chose to spend her time comforting you.

No one has ever done that for you afterward, right? No one’s understood what it means to be insecure about life.

They want to solve the issues right away, without hearing you out for one moment.

Even though she had her own issues, she would always find time for you.

She’s the girl who tried her best not to care too much.

DONE! She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

She learned the hard way that people aren’t always the nicest.

People showed her that she couldn’t trust them and that caring for them would only leave her heartbroken.

She cares about others. That’s who she’s always been.

When she cared for someone, there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for them. And that’s why she also cared for you that much.

She was reluctant to let you in out of fear that once she’d start to care for you, she’d get hurt.

You spent days, weeks, convincing her that that’s not how things would end.

Do you think that she will care for someone after what you did to her?

Even if she does, she’ll have to spend double the time figuring out if they’re worthy of her trust.

She let you in and you deceived her.

But I trust that she’s going to care for someone one day again when she realizes that you weren’t worthy of her time and attention.

She’ll realize soon enough that it wasn’t her fault for trusting you, but your fault for hurting her.

You’ll remember this woman for the rest of your life because no one will be able to put this much effort into a relationship.

She was truly one in a million, so good luck finding someone remotely as beautiful.

She’s the woman who never betrayed you.

DONE! She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

Cheating on someone is the greatest betrayal in a relationship. She knows that too well.

So why would she ever want to cheat on you? She’s probably been cheated on in the past and she knows the pain it brings.

When you care for your partner, you want them to be happy with you.

You don’t just go around finding someone to spend the night with and then go back to your heartbroken partner.

No. That’s not how things work and she’s more than aware of that.

She respects herself enough to not want to have anything to do with that.

She respects herself and you enough to never put this burden on your shoulders.

A woman like this is quite rare in today’s modern dating scene.

No one cares about morals anymore, but she did and that was one of the reasons why you were so drawn to her.

Now you’re left to wonder if you’ll ever see her again. You regret ever losing her and you don’t know if you’ll ever get over her.

But it kind of serves you right.

She’s the woman who accepted your apologies.

DONE! She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

We’re all human. Everyone makes mistakes and she knows that. A caring woman knows that better than anyone.

She cared for you in a way that would make her fight for the things she believed in, while at the same time trying to help you improve.

She would tell you what she didn’t like about the relationship.

When you’d find a way to make things better again, she’d wholeheartedly accept your apology.

There are too many people in this world who hold grudges, but she’s definitely not one of them.

She accepted your apologies and waited for you to make good on your word.

The fact that she cared about you that much has taught you to be forgiving.

You learned about true forgiveness from her. She accepted every apology and forgave you very easily.

That was until the last straw and the last time you spoke to her. You saw it even then in her eyes, she wouldn’t forgive you this time.

She’s the woman who doesn’t give second chances.

DONE! She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

It doesn’t matter how sweet and caring she is, she won’t give you another chance now.

Every time you apologized, she’d listen and forgive. Every time you messed up, she’d find a way to work things through.

But when you left, she finally realized that you never wanted to put as much effort into the relationship as she did.

You didn’t want to work as hard as she did.

You didn’t want to love her anymore and you chose to walk away instead of loving her.

Even when she was crying and you watched her panic at the thought of losing you, you still packed your things.

You’ll regret that decision until you draw your very last breath. A woman like that is unique and you had your shot.

You missed your opportunity to be loved by a woman as amazing as her. So don’t bother trying to go back and demanding that the two of you try again.

She deserves so much better than you.

Learn from your mistakes. You regret everything you did to make her sad, so make sure to never allow another woman to feel like that again.

She's The Caring Girl You'll Regret Losing For The Rest Of Your Life

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