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She’s Not Complaining, She’s Just Trying To Make It Work

She’s Not Complaining, She’s Just Trying To Make It Work

I don’t understand why complaining has such a bad connotation. It’s like people don’t like to be called out for their wrongdoings.

And there you are, getting upset at her!

So many men see a woman’s need to voice her opinion or her need to communicate her needs as a complaint. If it is a complaint, then let it be just that but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with it.

Have you ever asked yourself why she’s ‘complaining’ so much? Have you taken a step back and tried to see things from her perspective?

Do you understand what you’re doing to her? Obviously not.

At the beginning of the relationship, things seemed to settle easily. You were kind and caring toward her to the point where she never once opened her mouth to correct you on your behavior.

That’s when you loved her the most and she seemed like the perfect woman for you. You would spend hours in her presence, you would always text her, and there wasn’t a moment in time when you didn’t want to be around her.

To you, it was normal that you stopped feeling that need after a while. You thought that was the way things had to be but you didn’t take into consideration what you did before and how this change may impact her.

She fell in love with the man you were at the beginning. She fell for the guy who did everything in his power to show her just how special she was to him.

DONE! She's Not Complaining, She's Just Trying To Make It Work

Why would she want to stay with the man you are right now if there are no similarities to whom you were before?

But you know what? Everyone changes.

You’re right, I’m sorry. No one stays the same throughout a relationship.

There’s another problem though. It’s the fact that you don’t see how you stopped treating her right and how you expect her to be okay with it.

But the truth is that she shouldn’t be okay with any of it.

She shouldn’t stop complaining about the fact that you don’t text her anymore. You should be the one to stop telling her that she’s overly clingy for simply asking you how your day was or where you’re at.

She wants to know to feel safe and not worry. Do you know how scary it is to be concerned about someone you love when you don’t know where they are?

DONE! She's Not Complaining, She's Just Trying To Make It Work

I guess you wouldn’t know because you never cared that much about anyone but yourself.

She’s trying. She’s trying so hard to show you that caring about her isn’t that hard.

You’re just not listening to what she has to say to you. You don’t hear how much she’s pleading with you to take her words into consideration.

What did she say? Did you even hear her?

She said that she wants you to talk to her more. Is that too much to ask for?

She wants the man she loves so much to spend a moment or two talking to her about his day and give her a chance to tell him about hers.

That’s you. You’re the man she loves so much.

When she’s ‘complaining‘ about how you always avoid spending time with her because you’re with your friends, it’s not because she’s overbearing. It’s because you’re in a relationship with this woman and she needs to see you.

DONE! She's Not Complaining, She's Just Trying To Make It Work

She could just as easily be alone, single, and happy. But while you’re there, why don’t you make an effort to stay by her side?

Because if you truly believe that she’s complaining just because she’s stating her opinion, or moaning at you, then you’re weak. You’re not ready for a relationship.

Too many men these days see this as nagging. A man will see the woman he’s with as a source of annoyance.

You’re probably not a stranger to the phenomenon of a man getting riled up just because his girlfriend or wife told him to take the trash out.

It’s so fascinating to see you get frustrated over such things. And when you refuse to meet her basic needs, you say that she’s complaining?

No, honey, what she’s actually doing is that she’s trying to make things work. She’s trying to see whether you can work through things and whether you can change for the better.

DONE! She's Not Complaining, She's Just Trying To Make It Work

She’s already doing everything in her power to change her ways. At this point, she even watches the tone she uses when she’s talking to you.

You should be happy that she’s complaining. One day, you won’t hear that anymore.

The only thing that’ll exist will be a deafening silence because she’ll leave you and you’ll never get her back. She knows how horrendous it is to try to talk to you.

If you want to stop listening to her complaints then make sure that you’re always on your best behavior and that you’re doing the best you can to make the relationship flourish. Show her that you can change and she won’t complain about anything anymore.

But as long as you show her that you’re not willing to lift a finger to help her out with anything or change the way you treat her, she’ll continue to complain. And then she’ll be gone.

One day she’ll realize that she doesn’t have to lose every single one of her brain cells trying to explain to you what’s wrong with the way you act. She’ll let you act the way you want but without her present.

She’ll let you become another woman’s problem.

If you don’t want that, then understand that she’s trying to help your relationship. The least you could do is put the same amount of effort into it.

She's Not Complaining, She's Just Trying To Make It Work

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