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She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

You can’t hurt someone that much and expect them to forget what you did or said to them. Your words and actions can affect someone in more ways than you could epossibly imagine.

Maybe you’ve intentionally hurt someone. Perhaps you just said things that you didn’t mean because you were angry or in pain.

Those words don’t disappear just because you feel sorry you’ve said them or want to take them back.

Words can create deep scars that never properly heal. Just when you think that it’s over, the weather changes and your scar starts to hurt again.

The saddest part of it is that only the people we truly care about have the actual power to cause us pain… And when a person you love the most hurts you, it leaves a scar that remains forever.

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

Even when you start thinking that you’ve recovered, the past comes to haunt you… and remind you to never let your guard down again.

What you said and did to this girl who only wanted to show you love, the way you mistreated her – it caused permanent damage. She’ll forever wonder why she wasn’t good enough because of you.

The scars you left her with will always remind her to question her worth. Let me be the one to remind you of what exactly you did to her.

You kept comparing her to other women and wanting to change her.

When you fell in love with her, she thought that you loved her for who she is. Maybe you even did at first, but then you wanted more.

You clearly wanted something different. But instead of letting her be and finding someone else, you wanted to change her.

Shell Forever Wonder Why She Wasnt Good Enough Because Of You 2

This girl was already amazing, but you kept comparing her to other women and making her feel bad about herself.

“Why don’t you wear your hair like that girl?”

“Abby has a cute laugh, why couldn’t you laugh the same way she does?”

“You should dress more like her!”

Do you remember all these remarks you’d make? You can’t even imagine how much it all hurt her.

You made her feel like everyone was better than her, and you never bothered to give her any credit for the things she did. She put up with your bad behavior – something that no other girl would.

You always put everything else ahead of her.

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

When a woman becomes your girlfriend, she should also become a priority to you. You’re supposed to put her first, before anything and anyone else.

Instead, you would always choose everything and everyone else over her.

Somebody or something else was always more important to you than she was. Whenever she needed you to be there for her, you had other things you needed to do.

You’d always keep her waiting. You’d even cancel on her at the last minute.

She always had time for you and gave you every free minute of her time, but you couldn’t do the same for her. She definitely didn’t deserve to be at the bottom of your priority list.

You kept bringing up her flaws and disregarding her good qualities.

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

Naturally, this girl wasn’t perfect, but no one is, and, more importantly, you’re not perfect either.

She was actually amazing because she always tried being the best possible version of herself – especially around you. The love this woman had for you made her want to be perfect for you, and she really tried to be.

Instead of appreciating that, you would always bring up her flaws and dismiss her good qualities.

You highlighted everything that wasn’t perfect about her – so much so that she stopped seeing her good attributes.

Are you even aware of how much that can damage a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and sense of self-worth?

She needs to love herself, and you made her think that there’s nothing to love about her. Instead of loving herself, she gave all of her love to you, even though it was slowly destroying her.

You kept feeding her insecurities, when all she just wanted was to make you happy.

Shell Forever Wonder Why She Wasnt Good Enough Because Of You 6

This girl gave you her heart and promised to be only yours from the start. She showed you her love in everything she did and said.

She’d even reassure you that you’re the only man for her, and she never even looked at another man.

She was entirely committed to you. You didn’t need to worry that you’d ever be lonely. Even when everyone else would turn their back on you, she’d stick by your side.

She gave you anything you wanted and everything she could, but you gave her nothing in return. Nothing but constant reminders of not being good enough for you.

Whenever you’d feel angry, you’d just take it out on her, even though she just wanted to make you happy.

You left a scar on her that will never completely heal.

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

Instead of treasuring the gentle heart she gave to you, you wounded it deeply and left it to bleed.

By constantly reminding her of her flaws and shortcomings, you made her believe that there’s something wrong with her.

Now, even if another man tries to convince her that she’s amazing and beautiful, she struggles to believe it. You’ve changed the way she sees herself because you never saw her for the wonderful girl she is.

She’s going to recover from the consequences of you mistreating her and your toxic love. She’ll surely move because she’ll realize that she deserves more.

But she’ll forever wonder why she wasn’t good enough for you.

Even though she’ll trust someone with her heart again, the scar you left on it will still be there. It will always make her scared that she won’t be good enough, no matter how much love another man shows her.

Some scars don’t ever fade, they just remind us of the pain we’ve been through. No matter how hard we try to fight it, that scar makes us afraid that we’ll experience the same pain again.

She’ll Forever Wonder Why She Wasn’t Good Enough Because Of You

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