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She Needs A Man Of Actions, Not A Man Of Words!

She Needs A Man Of Actions, Not A Man Of Words!

All I want is a lover and a best friend in the same person, is that too much to ask for? Sometimes it seems that it is, but isn’t that what love is about?

Can you imagine a person you’d feel secure and comfortable with enough to share your deepest and most intimate thoughts with? That’s what intimacy is, and you can get it from a lover who is your best friend at the same time.

Kissing someone doesn’t mean that they’re the person you can have this with. Intimacy isn’t just physical, and it has to be meaningful to be true.

It’s easy to find a boyfriend who only wants a casual relationship… if you’re ready to let him break your heart eventually.

Sadly, some men will just spend a little time with you and disappear from your life. But would a best friend ever do that?

A best friend is someone who sticks by your side no matter what, especially if he’s your lover too. It’s the person who’ll share everything with you – both the good and the bad.

DONE! I Just Want A Lover And A Best Friend In The Same Person

Flirting and sleeping next to someone is great, but it’s easy and anyone can do that. Even people who don’t want commitment often do.

They just want something new and exciting without any feelings that could complicate things…

Ironically, things always get complicated anyway because we can’t control our feelings.

I need more than a casual relationship and excitement…

I can feel the chemistry when I connect with someone on a physical level, but I need another type of connection too.

A lover can love you, but a best friend knows how you think. Your best friend isn’t attracted to your body, he’s attracted to your intellectual side.

I want that. Being able to share everything with someone is special, and I need a friend to be able to do that, not just a lover.

I want a person who’d wipe my tears and hug me when I cry and feel lost.

A real man who’d find me and make me feel like I’m home when he holds me in his arms.

He’d tell me that everything’s gonna be alright and I’d believe him because he’d want me to be happy.

DONE! I Just Want A Lover And A Best Friend In The Same Person

I want a man who’d kiss me every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up.

He’d greet me with a smile whenever we see each other and ask me about my day.

I just want a lover and a best friend wrapped up in one person.

Someone to tell me that I look cute when my hair is messy and kiss my forehead before leaving.

I want him to come back home from work and for my face to light up when I see him.

He’d make plans for our evening and remember my likes and dislikes.

I want him to make me laugh until my jaw hurts when we’re drinking beer and watching a football game.

We’d travel together or at least go on romantic getaways. I’d want to see the world with my lover and come back home together to create our own.

We’d always enjoy being together so it would be a priority for us.

I want a best friend who’d get me better than anyone and we’d have a connection no one could quite understand.

Not only do I just want a lover and a best friend in the same person, but I also want to be his lover and best friend too.

DONE! I Just Want A Lover And A Best Friend In The Same Person

He’d feel like I am his buddy he can talk with, laugh with, and go out with.

We’d have inside jokes and play games together, but he’d be incredibly attracted to me.

I want a relationship where we can be open with each other and talk about everything and anything we want…

At the same time, I want us to be perfectly content with simply snuggling and watching TV the entire weekend.

I want him to send me memes and funny texts to crack me up while I’m working.

He’d make me look forward to coming home because I’d know that he’d be there waiting for me.

These are just some of the things a real man does when he’s in a relationship.

I want him to miss me when we’re apart and eagerly wait for me to come back. To want to hear all about my day and talk until sunrise.

I just want a guy to be my lover and best friend. And I don’t think that I’m asking for too much.

Only a real man can love you like this because it’s not as easy as it sounds.

I want us to communicate with body language and know what each look we give each other actually means.

DONE! I Just Want A Lover And A Best Friend In The Same Person

We’d talk about everything but we not need to always use our words because we’d understand each other on a deeper level.

That’s how you’ll know that you’ve found a real man in a sea of boys.

Why would I settle for less than that? More importantly, why would any of us?

A partner is not just a lover or a best friend, he’s both.

He’s a person you can trust and count on, but also a person who’d throw a snowball at you when you’re not looking and laugh.

Being goofy like that is important in a relationship, regardless of how essential the serious stuff is.

Why would you want someone to throw a snowball at you? Well, because you could make snow angels and build a snowman together.

You’re never too old to be playful and enjoy things you used to love when you were younger.

DONE! I Just Want A Lover And A Best Friend In The Same Person

A lover will kiss you in the snow and disappear in the night.

Your best friend will gladly go and buy a carrot for the snowman in the middle of a snowstorm.

If you find both in the same person, you’ll build not only a snowman, but a relationship that will last forever.

She Needs A Man Of Actions, Not A Man Of Words!

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