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She Isn’t Tough To Love, You Just Don’t Know How To Love Her Right

She Isn’t Tough To Love, You Just Don’t Know How To Love Her Right

Sometimes a guy is afraid to start a relationship with a girl because he isn’t quite sure whether or not he can fulfill her expectations. It confuses him as to what she really wants and needs so he’d rather back off and try to find someone else.

I’ve heard many men saying that women can be quite challenging and difficult to understand, as if their needs and wishes change from time to time. That’s not true at all.

Others will say that women can be pretty indecisive, complicated, and sometimes even too mysterious for their taste. But those are just words that don’t hold much weight.

All women want the same thing and that is to feel loved, appreciated, respected, and wanted. It’s not that they’re complicated, it’s just that a man doesn’t usually pay much attention to what his woman says.

Most of the time, women will openly express what they want or need. This is because they are excellent at verbalizing their emotions.

Men, on the other hand, aren’t like that.

It’s wrong to think that you have to have a manual or guide that’ll help you better understand what a woman wants and needs from you.

You don’t have to dig dip to know what her strongest desires are.

DONE! It's Never Too Late To Leave

Just prove to her that your intentions are pure and honest. Show her that she can trust you and you won’t fail if you make her feel wanted and loved.

It’s not that hard to find the key to her heart, you just have to put in the effort to find it.

One of the things that often confuses men is this, which is rather simple…

You have to make her your one and only choice .

In this chaotic world, it’s fairly easy to lose yourself and lose track of what’s important to you. As you grow older, your priorities change and the thing about women is that they’ll never ask you to make them your only one.

However, they have to be at the top of your priority list because they deserve to have that spot.

A real woman won’t settle for being anyone’s second choice. She’ll want to be your only choice and that’s it.

She wants to feel wanted and she wants to be your one and only. There’s no doubt that many a man fails to prioritize his woman, which is why you’ll see her walking away from such a guy.

So how do you love her right?

Listen to her 

DONE! It's Never Too Late To Leave

Are you having trouble understanding what a woman really needs? Or do you have everything figured out already?

Well, an important thing you have to know about women is that they want you to listen. By that, I mean that you don’t just look at her pretty face but you actually hear what she has to say to you.

And once you do that, that’s when you’ll find out that women aren’t mysterious at all.

For them, good communication is the key to everything. If you want to have a healthy relationship, actively listening to your partner is a must.

As I said at the beginning of this article, women are verbal human beings, so they’re great at articulating their feelings and needs. If your woman wants something from you, then she’ll most probably tell you about it (or she already did but you didn’t listen to her).

Be her best friend, not just her lover 

DONE! It's Never Too Late To Leave

The purest and strongest relationships are the ones between best friends. And women know that.

That’s why sometimes they’ll trust their best friend more than they trust you.

Being more than a lover to her means that the foundations of your romantic relationship are very strong. It means that your woman feels safe with you and that she can openly talk to you about anything she wants.

She won’t be afraid of you judging or betraying her. A real woman wants a man who’s going to be her best friend and then her lover and this should go both ways.

If you make her feel secure, she’ll be your best buddy. Someone with whom you can watch sports on a Sunday evening with a bag of popcorn and nothing more.

She’ll always have your back and she won’t betray your trust no matter what.

Make her feel comfortable so she can open up to you 

DONE! It's Never Too Late To Leave

Trusting your partner is everything to a real woman. She has to be sure that she can talk to you about anything, whether that’s about some co-worker who made her lose her mind or a friend who went behind her back.

It really doesn’t matter what it’s about. What’s important is that you listen to her, give her the support she needs, and work together on solving any problems.

When times are tough and she needs a shoulder to cry on, be there for her. Don’t judge her and she’ll do the same for you when you need it.

If she trusts you, she’ll confide in you. You’ll be the keeper of her darkest secrets but she’ll know that you won’t tell anyone else because she trusts you.

She has to feel loved by you 

DONE! It's Never Too Late To Leave

Above all, all women want to love and be loved by their partner. They want someone who’ll reciprocate their feelings.

She wants to feel the same amount of love that she gives you. That’s why your duty is to make her feel special and one of a kind.

Why? Because that’s exactly what she is.

Always choose her above everything else and she’ll be forever yours.

She Isn't Tough To Love, You Just Don't Know How To Love Her Right

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