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She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

If you really think about modern dating, you will realize that it has taught us some things.

It taught us that all signs of emotions mean that we lack emotional strength.

We learned that we need to act indifferent, even when we don’t feel that way.

Modern dating has made us believe that we can win the dating game just by acting indifferent.

Only by doing so will we be able to prevent being heartbroken… or so modern dating teaches us.

It taught us that only a loser shows that he cares and that we will only get hurt if we care.

We learned that it’s okay to be in a loveless relationship and that those who want a deep connection are weak.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

Wanting a deep connection means that you can’t succeed on your own, doesn’t it?

It means that you don’t feel complete when you don’t have a partner.

Is that really true? The truth is, all these things that modern dating has taught us are lies.

There isn’t anything wrong with needing love, and there isn’t anything wrong with expressing it.

We are taught to believe that this is a weakness, but it actually shows a lot of strength.

When someone is capable of facing their deepest emotions, it means that they are strong.

Repressing those feelings and running away from them is the real weakness.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

She doesn’t do that, and that is why she is strong.

This girl isn’t afraid of being alone… she just doesn’t want to stop being single for someone who is not willing to love her the way she deserves.

It’s true that she wants devotion and commitment, but it’s not the same as being clingy.

This girl is not a fool just because she still believes in love after all the things that happened to her.

She is not only a hopeless romantic just because she dreams of a happy ending.

This girl wants a deeper level of intimacy, and that doesn’t make her desperate.

She won’t chase someone simply because she doesn’t want to settle for a man who gives her only half of his heart.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

This girl needs to feel loved, and there is no shame in that.

Others get a lot of devotion and love from her and all she wants is to get the same amount in return.

Others should put as much effort into things as she does, and she expects that.

These things don’t make this girl needy.

She simply doesn’t want to be with someone who isn’t capable of loving her… someone who won’t put as much effort into the relationship as she does.

Why would she even want to be with someone who would only waste her time or someone who just plays games?

She doesn’t want a man who just wants something casual or temporary.

No one needs a man who will try to convince you that the crumbs of his love and attention should be enough.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

She doesn’t need someone who will think that she should be ashamed of feeling unwanted, unloved, or neglected.

Why would she want someone who won’t care about the connection they will have? Someone who will act emotionally unavailable isn’t right for her.

She doesn’t need someone who won’t be able to love her because she knows how she deserves and needs to be loved.

This girl needs a man who is prepared to give all of himself to the relationship. Someone who won’t hold anything back.

A man who follows his heart no matter what and who doesn’t want to pretend that he is a tough guy who can’t show emotions.

She needs someone who isn’t scared of being emotional and who is prepared to be vulnerable in front of her.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

A man who won’t ever act emotionless and who will make his feelings clear instead of sending mixed signals.

She needs someone who’ll be happy to send her a text every day and call just to hear her voice.

A man who’s not afraid of being romantic and who would never forget her birthday or their anniversary.

She needs someone who will proudly introduce her to everyone he knows as his girlfriend…

Someone who will always hold her hand when they are in public. A man who will always put her first and won’t ever stop choosing her.

She wants a real man who truly loves her the way she deserves and shows it every day with everything that he does.

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A real man will never even think that she is needy… and he will give her everything she needs without her having to ask for it.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

That man will never make her feel ashamed of expressing her emotions. She will always know how he feels as well.

A real man will always make time for her and make sure that she feels loved and cared for.

She will never have to doubt his intentions because he will prove his love for her.

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A real man won’t be scared of commitment. He will never run away from problems.

She needs someone who will be there for her when things get tough.

A real man will always be honest with her. He will never let her wonder what’s going on inside his mind.

She will finally be happy, and everything she’s been through will have been worth it. This is because she will finally feel at home in his arms.

DONE! She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

So, if you’re not that man, just walk away from her before it’s too late. Walk away, before she gets hurt again.

She is not going to waste her time trying to turn you into a better man.

If a man doesn’t want to change on his own, no woman can change him, and she knows that.

She knows what she deserves, wants, and needs, and she doesn’t mind being alone until she finally finds it.

You have a right to think whatever you want. You may think that she is needy, old-fashioned, or desperate for love.

However, you are mistaken and you would be lucky to have a girl like this to love you.

She Isn’t Needy, She Just Needs Love

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