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She Isn’t Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

She Isn’t Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

Being needy and being madly in love with a guy have different meanings. As a whole, women are labeled as human beings who are needy and clingy.

Men are better at showing what they are feeling because a girl can tell a lot by their actions.

Sometimes, a woman tends to be shy about it and waits for the man to show his feelings first.

True love cannot be seen with our eyes. It’s something that is intangible, it can only be felt.

Let me tell you something. She needs time to express her feelings because she doesn’t want to be hurt by another man. And trust me, she has been hurt before.

Picture this. You have been together with her for a while.

DONE! She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

You have the idea of how easily she attaches herself to people, especially you. She spends most of her time with you.

She is the kind of girl whose soul was a fragile dove, which she finally put back together after the last time someone broke her.

Everyone around her tells her that she needs to back up a little bit if she wants to have you in her life.

She hugs you, a lot, and wants to spend every second with you. She tells you her secrets.

However, she has been taught not to be needy, because it will drive a man away.

She laid her emotions out in front of you, like a deck of cards, and it’s up to you how delicate you will be with them.

Despite being told that sometimes she is needy, she doesn’t see it that way. She doesn’t want to apologize to you and she doesn’t ask for forgiveness.

This time, she feels different and she accepts that fact and doesn’t want to apologize for it.

She wants you to know she loves you

DONE! She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

Saying, “I love you,” can mean different things. Maybe she loves the way you dress, or how you talk, or how you act in a certain situation.

If a girl genuinely loves you, saying, “I love you,” is not something that should come as a surprise to you.

She isn’t needy but she is madly in love with you if she says those words on an everyday basis.

You should know if you hear those words over and over again, then her feelings are very vulnerable.

You should not play with them. They are not a toy. Those words convey a powerful meaning when they are said to the right person.

Be that person. Cherish her and her feelings.

She wants you to know that you are the one in charge of protecting her. Her emotions are described by those three words.

If you have the same feelings for her, then reciprocate.

Don’t be the guy who thinks that saying, “I love you,” to his girlfriend will make him look like a coward.

She goes all in no matter what the cost

DONE! She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

A woman who loves deeply will bet everything on you.

She wants you to be her protector, she wants to feel secure and she wants you to wrap her up in your arms tightly so nothing and no one can divide you.

She doesn’t want any lies to suffocate her. Also, she doesn’t want to be deceived. She has had enough of that.

She wants a man who is ready to tackle the problems at hand and give his all.

Love is a fragile thing. You must be careful with love. While being careful and delicate, you must hold it firmly so it doesn’t break.

She isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on her mind because that’s what she wants and she knows that you can satisfy her needs and emotions.

You are her priority, no matter what other people think about her.

She wants to try new things with you

DONE! She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

When you are in a relationship, not everything that you like or dislike will match with your partner.

As you grow older, it is harder to say yes, and you don’t want to have a girlfriend who says yes to everything just because she wants to please you.

A girl who is madly in love with you will not have any problem with experiencing new things.

She wants to learn more about you and your personality. She will take part in new activities and she won’t be dull.

Doing something together is a great way to bond with your partner and you might find something about her that you didn’t know previously.

Another huge plus is that you get to spend your time together instead of being apart.

You need to value her time and effort.

She puts your needs in front of hers. Even though she has other things to do, or wants to do other things, she wants to spend time with you.

If she does this, she is not needy, she is madly in love with you.

She changes her habits for you

DONE! She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

We have heard it a thousand times: ‘You cannot teach an old dog new tricks’. Right? Well, if she is madly in love with you, you can actually.

You should not expect her to change her habits completely, because some of those habits are just parts of her personality.

A relationship requires both people to be who they are no matter what, while at the same time thriving on each other and trying to be the best versions of themselves as they could.

Let’s say you have a ritual watching the game with your friends every Wednesday. However, that’s the day she also has her friends over for dinner.

She changes her habits because she is madly in love with you and she knows that she can reschedule her dinner, so she puts your needs first.

She is not needy, she is madly in love with you.

She Isn't Needy, She Is Just Madly In Love With You

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