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She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

Do you think about her now and remember all the times she fought for your relationship?

She was ready to do anything for you, but you did nothing. This girl always tried to take care of you and keep you safe, but you wouldn’t ever give her the support she needed.

She loved you a lot more than anyone else in the world, including herself.

This girl, who was always there for you no matter what, did everything she could to help you and make your life easier.

Sadly, she was the girl you never truly cared for, at least not enough.

She was never able to rely on you and you always betrayed her trust. It was like you thought that she wouldn’t ever leave, no matter how badly you treated her.

You were so convinced that it wouldn’t ever happen.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

You made her give up and she finally walked away.

After all this time, she has finally seen clearly how selfish you are and that she made all those sacrifices for nothing.

She finally realized that there’s no point in trying and that you’ll never be the man she deserves to be with.

It’s not like she didn’t try to make you become a better man, but it was finally clear to her that all her efforts had been in vain.

Everyone else knew long ago what would happen. They couldn’t understand why she would even put up with your bad behavior for as long as she did.

It was clear to everyone that she’d get tired of putting so much effort in and never being appreciated.

Everyone knew it, but you didn’t.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

You had it in your head that you were a gift from God and that she’d never be able to give up on you.

Despite all the bad things you did to her, you were sure that she’d stay by your side.

You thought that she’d keep loving you, no matter what you made her go through.

After causing her so much harm, you were still surprised when she was ready to leave.

Now you have realized that you were wrong and that she knows when enough is enough.

She had enough of fighting for the relationship you never wanted to fight for.

Wasn’t she the only one who was trying?

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

Didn’t you treat her like an option while she made you a priority? She gave you so much love, but you couldn’t reciprocate her feelings.

So, she had enough of it all and realized that she was fighting a battle she had already lost.

This girl finally had enough of not being appreciated and had enough of you.

The saddest part is that she wanted to love you forever. She was ready to stay beside you through thick and thin and build a relationship that would last for a lifetime.

All she asked from you was to stay beside her too and have her back while she fought for love.

You just needed to be a part of it so she wouldn’t be fighting alone.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

She wanted the two of you to be a team, as she knows that a successful relationship requires mutual effort.

You still couldn’t lift a finger for her and even that was too much to ask for.

The truth is, you never really cared about making sure that your relationship had a future.

You never tried to solve the problems you were facing or put effort into working things out.

I bet you didn’t even care whether the relationship would continue or not.

You simply destroyed everything she tried to build and made her see that it was pointless to keep trying.

She didn’t want to leave you, but you pushed her away and let her go.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

It took so much time for her to finally give up, but she was suddenly aware of some painful facts.

The fact was that you weren’t fighting for your relationship like she did. Instead, you fought against it.

She used to believe that she was fighting for love, but she was in fact begging for it.

No one should ever be forced to beg for love and attention, and she finally realized that.

She was so hopeful that one day you’d love her as much as she loved you but your relationship was hopeless.

While she was putting so much effort into keeping you together, you were putting effort into destroying what you had.

It’s like you wanted her to leave you.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

You did everything you could to make that happen, while she fought so hard to make things work.

Did you want her to leave you? Maybe you simply got your wish, but I don’t think it’s what you wanted.

You are full of regret now, aren’t you? When you think about her and how much she loved you, you want her love back.

You want her to take care of you the way she did before, because now, you realize what you have lost.

When you had it, you couldn’t appreciate it, but now you miss having it.

You feel her absence and it’s making you see that you should have fought for her and begged her to stay.

Maybe you’re thinking about finding someone else, but you know that another woman won’t love you as much as she did.

No one will.

DONE! She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

That kind of unconditional love doesn’t happen every day. If you ever find it again, at least you’ll know that you have to cherish it and fight for it.

It’s too late to chase her now and she won’t come back, so you have to accept that.

Sadly, the time when you could have fought for her has passed, and she doesn’t want you anymore.

All you can do now is learn from this experience. Don’t ever again take a woman who loves you for granted.

There will always be someone else who will treat her right if you aren’t able to.

She will find love again, and this time, she won’t stick around as long as she did with you, if she sees that she’s not appreciated.

As for you, don’t make the same mistake again and cherish a woman who fights for you.

She Fought So Hard For Your Relationship But You Didn’t

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