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She Doesn’t Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

She Doesn’t Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

Those three magical words, “I love you,” are very powerful, and sometimes, they convey everything you feel about a person. However, not every man is capable of saying them.

It’s always nice to hear them from your man, but it’s even nicer when he proves them to you with his actions.

When you think about it, him saying, “I love you,” doesn’t mean anything if you feel alone, worthless, or unloved. They don’t cut it if your man is going to be half present, uninterested, cold, or distant.

The truth is that actions speak louder than words. You can say whatever it is that’s in your soul, but if you can’t back it up with your actions, those spoken words are meaningless.

She deserves a man who can prove himself to her with his actions. A man who’ll take the initiative and show her what true love really means.

She doesn’t want any empty promises or half-truths and she doesn’t deserve them either. She needs a man who can put in the effort and finally prove to her that there’s a real man out there in a sea of boys.

DONE! She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

Her wish is to have a man who’s going to utter those three sweet, sweet words and back them up with his actions.

He has to be honest when he says them because she’ll walk away if he doesn’t prove himself to her.

When you think about it, this girl isn’t asking for that much.

She only needs a man who won’t tell her fairy tales and how he’ll be her Prince Charming or something like that. She demands a man who’ll make her part of his life and his dreams.

It’s not enough to her that you tell her that she’s your world and nothing else.

Don’t be a fool to think that she’ll easily believe you when you say that you couldn’t imagine a life without her.

Instead, you should back up your words with actions!

DONE! She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

Show her that you can’t live without her, that she really is the love of your life, and that you don’t need anyone else except her.

Introduce her to your family and friends and put the effort into your relationship so that she feels loved and welcomed everywhere she goes with you.

She isn’t the naive little girl she used to be.

She knows that love is tough and she won’t believe that you’re serious about her unless you prove with your actions that you love her.

Words are meaningless unless you make an effort to make them come to life.

She doesn’t want a man who’ll just confess his feelings for her and then walk away; she wants a man who’s going to stick to them.

If you say to her that her feelings are important and then do nothing to prove that to her, she’ll leave you soon enough.

You need to listen and pay attention to what she has to say to you. It’s the only way you can show her that you’re serious about her.

DONE! She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

It’s really easy to say to someone that you know how they feel and that you have their back no matter what.

However, it’s rather tough making the time to listen to her if she’s having a difficult time and paying attention to what she has to say because you do care about her.

She needs a man who’ll hear her words and remember them. She doesn’t want you to listen with one ear while drifting off at the same time.

Put all of your focus on her, stop doing anything you were doing at that moment, and pay attention to your girlfriend!

She isn’t needy or clingy if she demands that because that’s what she’s been doing for you this entire time.

If you can’t do the same for her, then she’ll find someone who can.

She doesn’t want to hopelessly wait for you to reply to her, but instead, you’ll actually text or call her as soon as you’re off work.

DONE! She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

If you have some other stuff to do while she waits for you to reply, tell her you’re busy at that time.

And when you do have some free time, call her back as soon as you can.

That’s how you’ll show her that she’s important to you.

Don’t make any excuses not to call or text because if you do that, you’re going to be without your girl really soon.

Always have your priorities in check because your girlfriend won’t wait for you for too long.

This girl prioritizes you and she expects you to do the same for her.

She wants a man who’ll prove to her that shes his favorite person in the world.

She doesn’t need to hear that, but you have to prove that to her with your actions.

DONE! She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

She’s tired of empty promises and all that sweet talk from immature guys.

If you genuinely love her, you’ll make time to be with her, no matter what.

Everyone has their own job, hobbies, and passions, but what differentiates a real man from a boy is that a real man will make time for his lady, while a boy won’t.

It’s possible to find some free time for her in all that mess!

And anything less than that is just a poor excuse to get out of a relationship you’re really not interested in.

Be there for her! Go to her work and surprise her with some flowers and lunch or plan a romantic weekend for the two of you.

Be invested and she’ll reciprocate – believe me.

If you care for her, show her. She needs a man of actions and not a man of words!

She Doesn't Need A Man Of Words, She Needs A Man Of Actions!

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