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Read This When You’re Tired Of Fighting For Love

Read This When You’re Tired Of Fighting For Love

Everyone says that people are made to love each other. We’re told that it’ll come naturally, but we still have to fight for it.

You have probably heard people say that you have to move past issues, work hard on a relationship, and fight for the love you believe you deserve.

We put on our armor and go into battle. This isn’t really how we should approach love, right?

Loving someone, caring for someone, and having a soft spot for them is a huge liability. You’re made to believe that they’ll break you any moment because that’s the only thing you know.

You know that love shouldn’t be this hard, but you try to make it work. Relationship after relationship, you’re left holding it by the strings and pretending as if everything’s fine. You put on that beautiful smile and show the world that fighting for love isn’t such a bad thing after all.

But you’ve built walls around yourself. After so many fights, you’ve learned to always be ready for the worst. Although you want to believe that love still exists for you somewhere in this world, you’re still confused.

DONE! Read This When You're Tired Of Fighting For Love

Why would you want to fight for love?

People say that they grow a thicker skin, not to keep themselves from loving, but to keep other people out. Those are the same people who say that love is hard.

How are you supposed to see love as anything more than pain and misery when you’re not ready to let anyone in?

Yes, there’s a possibility that they might turn on you, break your heart and then discard it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s your fault.

You’ve seen romances in movies and it looks so easy. It looks so easy to fall in love and even easier to stay in love with someone. They tell you that there’s someone special for everyone in this world, so where is your special someone?

Where is that person who’ll make love look like the best thing that happened to you? Where’s that special someone who will choose you each day and make you their everything?

Does someone like that even exist or is it nothing more than a pipe dream? Do you believe that you’ll meet your perfect prince charming? Or will you have to fight to deserve his love?

When we fight for someone’s love, we learn that unless we have bruises – visible and invisible ones alike – we must not love them enough. You believe that these marks all over you are witnesses of your love.

DONE! Read This When You're Tired Of Fighting For Love

The soreness of your throat only proves it. You screamed last night, you threw around insults, and then fell asleep next to each other. You believe the fact that you can forgive each other easily is the highest sign of love there is.

That’s exactly why you’re so tired. You’re tired of the love you think you deserve. You’re tired of pretending as if you enjoy love in this exact form.

But whatever the world might tell you, you don’t need to fight for love.

Fighting for love is a concept that we have to forget about completely. You can’t just move on with your life believing that love should be painful.

Let’s start with the fact that we mistake anxiety and panic for love. We mistake nausea for butterflies and shaking for excitement. These things aren’t normal and shouldn’t be considered signs of love.

Love isn’t that aggressive. It’s not something that brings you pain or makes you question your entire life.

Love is what moves all of us. It’s soft, gentle, tender, and sweet. Of course, love isn’t the absence of pain, but it makes even the hardest moment worth it.

Sometimes, you will have to fight with the man you love, but the next moment you’ll cry because you both got scared of losing each other.

But those little fights and disagreements will never make you tired. They’ll only make you more excited because you’re able to work things through.

You’re tired of fighting for love because you were always fighting to love the wrong person.

But believe me, once the right person comes around, none of this will matter anymore. He’ll show you that love isn’t a performance, but rather something you’re in for the rest of your life.

DONE! Read This When You're Tired Of Fighting For Love

Falling in love with that person and staying in love with them will feel like the most natural thing ever. You will love them from the bottom of your heart and it’ll never feel like it’s hard.

So when you’re tired of love or loving, just remember that with the right person it’ll never feel like that. Once you meet the love of your life, it won’t feel like a battlefield but rather like a field of flowers that you’re running through together.

You’ll be happy and content. You’ll be ready to take on whatever challenge comes your way with love and compassion, not with fights and brute force.

Because that’s exactly what love will feel like.

So please don’t stop believing in love. Please don’t stop looking for love. It’s out there and when you meet it, you’ll understand that every fight before that moment was just there to prepare you.

You’ll find your peace in the arms of another soon enough.

Read This When You're Tired Of Fighting For Love

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