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Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Dating can really drain your energy, especially if you’ve been heartbroken more than once. I’ve heard many people say that they’ll never find true love and they won’t ever be happy again.

And I feel for them, as I know how tough it is to feel as if you’ve been robbed of the chance to love and be loved.

Like the only thing you learned from love is how to manage your internal pain and how to deal with constant disappointments.

I know you’ve had enough of feeling like you’re the only one who always tries her best to please her partner and yet receives nothing in return.

You’re certain that your number one priority should be to satisfy your partner’s needs and you never think about yourself.

I know you’ve been burned more than once and now you’ve lost all hope in love.

It seems to you as if every breath is harder than the last and with every step forward, you’re pushed two steps back.

However, remember how far you’ve come.
DONE! Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Obviously, there will be a lot of days where you’ll question every decision that you previously made.

Your self-esteem will decrease and you’ll find yourself second-guessing everything you’ve done.

It’s true that no one can prepare you for those moments of sorrow and despair, but those times also give you moments of clarity.

You’ve lost sight of who you are, but during days like this, remember how far you’ve come and how you never thought you were going to pick yourself up after the last heartbreak.

But you did! You’ve overcome your greatest fear to get where you are today.

In your process of finding love, you’ll go through several different obstacles that’ll try to steer you away from reaching your ultimate goal.
DONE! Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

At certain times, you’ll end up on the wrong path and sometimes you’ll lose all hope, but remember, you made your way out of that in the past.

Why would it be any different now?

Just remember that every person you meet can teach you something valuable. Not everyone will stay, but nevertheless, everything happens for a reason.

Even if a date or two doesn’t go well, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t deserve to find true love.

You can even learn something from the person you just met.

It doesn’t have to be something life-altering, it can be something small too.

Maybe you’ve discovered a new place or you’ve learned to look at things differently.

Clearly, you shouldn’t give up on love, but you shouldn’t chase after it either, because love will come naturally. 

If you try to chase it, that can prove to be counterproductive and it can bring you more harm than good.

DONE! Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

You might think that you’re difficult to love and maybe you’ve come to the conclusion that you should stop looking for it altogether.

However, the more you run after it, the more you’ll feel like it’s slipping away from you.

It’s a simple psychology trick that most of us learn the hard way. It seems as if you can’t get the things you’re most desperate for and that’s often true.

Remember, everyone has their own soulmate, you just have to be patient and believe that God will send you the right person at the right time.

If you feel like love is slipping through your fingers, then the chances are you’re not ready for it.

Love will happen when you least expect it.
DONE! Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

If you’re too focused on love, then you’ll miss all the beautiful flowers and sights along the way. 

You should never be too focused on the destination, as the journey is what’s important.

And when you think about it, love doesn’t have a final destination.

Yes, you meet the love of your life and you start your life together, but it doesn’t end there.

There will be new challenges and things that come up on your journey.

There’s always something to work on, whether on yourself or on your relationship.

Those things really don’t stop once you’re in a committed relationship.

Being in a relationship should never be your end goal, but being happy and having someone whom you can trust should be your dream.

Love will come naturally and you’re allowed to be afraid to love again. 

Getting back on track after being heartbroken a couple of times can truly feel like an impossible task sometimes.

It’s scary to give yourself to another person ever again, once you’ve felt that tremendous pain.

I get you, you’re afraid that that might happen to you all over again once you find a man you like but let me tell you a little secret; it’s completely normal to be scared!

It doesn’t mean you’re weak just because you have a fear of falling in love again. It also doesn’t mean that you should completely give up on love and build walls around you that no one can climb.
DONE! Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

Everything that you’re feeling right now will become a thing of the past. You have the strength to rise from the ashes and you will do that.

You can liberate yourself from this fear and you’ll finally understand that you aren’t weak, as you were strong enough to survive it.

Fall in love with your single life. 

Why? Because there are more single women and men out there than you might think.

Even if you’re single, it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of loving someone.

It just means that right now, you’re not ready to have a partner, and only you have the power to change that.

Instead of being focused on finding the right guy for yourself, maybe you should put all of your energy into enjoying your single life.

Try to focus on yourself for a change and try to become the best version you can. Embrace your single life.

Grab the bull by its horns and do whatever makes your soul happy and satisfied.

Forget about your previous toxic relationships and remove all the negativity that you have from your life.

Remember to keep your focus on the journey and not on the destination! Love will come naturally and when you least expect it.

Read This When You Feel Like Giving Up On Love

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