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Read This If You’re Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

Read This If You’re Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

To the girl who’s always the bridesmaid, but never the bride.

It gets so frustrating at times.

You’re happy for your friends, I know you are. You see how excited they are to finally settle down and remind the world that love is real. You love to be there for your friends and watch them walk down the aisle, with joy-filled tears in their eyes.

And what’s more thrilling than to see the groom shed a tear because he just realized that he’s the luckiest man alive? The way he looks at her reminds you of all the fairy tale stories you read as a little child.

You always have to stop yourself from daydreaming about your own wedding, because this is your friend’s special day. She’d throw a fit if she saw you spacing out!

DONE! Read This If You're Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

Or maybe she wouldn’t even look your way, because her eyes are so fixed on the man she calls the love of her life.

Weddings are beautiful. It’s not just the flower arrangements or the people filling the dance floor. It’s about the love that is celebrated. Two people who have promised their hearts to each other make them so stunning.

When are you going to find the love of your life?

You’re sure that one day you won’t be just the bridesmaid anymore. You know that at a certain time in the future, you’ll be the one with the veil on her head and bouquet in her hands. You’ll kiss the man of your dreams in front of all the other people you love and you’ll swear to love him forever.

But it’s so exhausting to wait.

When you’re always the bridesmaid, it feels like the pain gets even worse. You watch the people who are so happy with one another and the way they choose to spend their time together. Their families are cheering for them and you’re standing on the sidelines cheering a little quieter.

That’s why you want to meet the one. You’re not really following some type of time limit nor do you actually need a man. You’re strong and independent. You can take care of yourself!

DONE! Read This If You're Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

But, wouldn’t it be nice?

To come home to someone after work and in the mornings kiss them while the sun is coming up? You can almost taste the bitter morning coffee on his lips when you close your eyes tightly.

That’s also why you can’t help but ask yourself if there’s something wrong with you.

You’re wondering if you’re too demanding, too stubborn, too straightforward. You see yourself as gentle and kind, but people usually tell you that you come off as too strong or not strong enough. How is that even possible? You hear them say that you’ll never find a man unless you lower your standards.

But let me tell you one thing: Never once consider actually doing that.

People who are miserable and scared of being by themselves are the same people who will lower their standards just to make themselves fit into society. They’ll marry someone who’s convenient, instead of the person they’re truly in love with.

How does that even work? Are you genuinely supposed to spend the rest of your life knowing that you don’t love your husband but his involvement in your life has actually been a product of convenience?

DONE! Read This If You're Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

You don’t deserve that. Some poor, random guy doesn’t deserve that.

I know that it sounds weird and cheesy at this point, but believe me when I tell you, that it’s okay to stay single until you find the right guy for yourself.

You’ll not only have time to see many other weddings and make your own special day perfect, but you’ll make sure that you’re not just settling in order to be a bride.

When you take your time, the vows that you say on that special day will hold the world of meaning. It’ll remind you that you’re the luckiest girl in the whole, wide world to have snatched such an amazing man.

Your marriage will mean so much more. This doesn’t mean that the people who settled won’t have a fulfilled marriage, it just means that you’ll be much happier with your perfect man than with a guy who may be nice but not the one for you.

The pressure is real. I totally understand what you’re going through. You feel like you’re late to a party. Or that everyone else was invited except you.

DONE! Read This If You're Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

You’re the only one in your friend group who doesn’t have a boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. You’re the one all of them look down on as if there’s something wrong with you.

I can guarantee you that there’s nothing wrong. You’re more than capable of being the perfect girlfriend, fiancée, and bride to someone one day.

That day will be the luckiest day for both of you.

You just need to believe me when I tell you that things will happen when the time is right. Your time simply hasn’t come yet and you’re not ready to receive all that love the universe is waiting to give you.

That’s why you should enjoy your single life while it lasts. Get the best out of it and make sure you know just how much of a privilege it is to wait for Mr. Right.

Experience life to the fullest now, so that you can tell your future husband all about it.

Read This If You're Always The Bridesmaid, But Never The Bride

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