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Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

Giving yourself some time and space to heal after a relationship is crucial if you ever wish to find love again. While some people may need little time to get back on their feet again, others may take longer as their wounds are deeper and they don’t know how to continue without the other person.

And seeing your ex for the first time can really be a gruesome experience, especially if he’s with his new girlfriend.

You said to yourself that you won’t panic and you aren’t going to tremble next time you see him, but when that moment comes, it all comes crashing down.

You thought that you were over him since you’ve given yourself enough time to emotionally heal. And then suddenly, you get that overwhelming feeling of disappointment and sorrow.

You start comparing yourself to the other woman and believing that she’s prettier and smarter than you. You wonder how he managed to move on so quickly and how little you must’ve meant to him that he got over you so quickly.

Or it could be that you saw him with his new woman while you were scrolling your newsfeed.

Negative emotions overwhelm you and you feel betrayed, even though you two are no longer together. Perhaps you were the one who initiated the breakup in the first place.

Maybe you think that she’s the reason he didn’t appreciate you enough or didn’t love you that much because of her.

Quit selling yourself short. Stop believing in those kinds of things!

DONE! Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

Before your emotions get the best of you and make you do something you’ll later regret doing, you have to keep in mind that him moving on too quickly has nothing to do with you. And that’s actually true in most cases.

If you spend hours thinking why he didn’t choose you over her, you’ll only be making it even worse than it already is.

Try to breathe and regain control over your life by concentrating on the present.

If you stay in the past and don’t focus on the present, you’ll miss out on the beautiful moments you get to spend with the people who love you right now. Those negative emotions will suffocate you and strip you of the possibility of meeting the right one.

Just because he moved too quickly from you doesn’t mean he’s forgotten you.

DONE! Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

There’s a thin line between moving on too quickly and getting someone out of your head.

Moving on could mean that he’s ready to continue with his life even though his heart and soul still belong to you.

There’s always the possibility that your ex is pretending to be over you. Maybe he’s putting on a show to make you believe he’s moved on, even if he still yearns for you.

Also, it could be that he decided to move on as a way to distract himself from constantly thinking about you.

Either way, if you’re certain that the connection you two shared was strong, then you can be sure he hasn’t forgotten about you that easily.

If your love was genuine and special, and moving on from you doesn’t mean he’s completely forgotten about you.

It’s just that he’s using a different coping mechanism than you and can’t stand being alone with his own thoughts. That’s why he quickly moved on to another girl.

Also, moving on too quickly can also be his way of boosting his ego a bit.

DONE! Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

It’s a well-known fact that men are highly competitive human beings. In addition to that, they can be very touchy when it comes to their confidence.

Men enjoy chasing a woman as it gives them a sense of accomplishment and they feel much worthier in the end when they actually “get you.”

Unfortunately, the same applies to breakups as well. Despite having a perfectly acceptable reason to break up with him, he’ll still be insulted when you say that it’s over.

His ego will find itself insulted, to be more exact. He’ll feel like he’s less worthy and not a real man because he couldn’t make you happy.

Not being able to put a smile on your face is a direct attack on his confidence and self-esteem. His most valuable possession, his ego, is being attacked by you.

Now, as a way to get his ego boosted a bit, he’ll try to seduce another woman. When he finally succeeds in his attempt, he’ll again prove to himself that he’s worthy of being called a real man and that his skills still work like a charm.

So, if you see him dating another woman, don’t make a huge fuss about it. It could be an ego-boosting act.

Besides, there’s nothing you can do about it. You have to accept reality as it is and continue to work on yourself.

He may have moved on quickly to make you jealous.

DONE! Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

Did you move on too quickly from him? Were you the one who called it quits and then moved on as if nothing ever happened?

If so, then he might be using the same tactic on you. It could be that he’s just telling you that he’s able to do the same to you.

It can also mean that he’s trying to make you jealous by appearing all over the place with his new woman. He’s using her just so he can prove to you that he can live without you too.

Now the question is: Why would he want to make you jealous in the first place?

Well, there are a couple of reasons. For starters, it could be that he’s testing the waters and wanting to know whether or not you’re going to call him up and say that you miss him.

Or it could be an act of revenge where he’s trying to make you feel like you’re worse than her.

Either way, don’t fall for his manipulative games and focus on yourself.

If he really misses you and wants to give your love another chance, then he’ll find an appropriate way to do it.

Read This If Your Ex Moved On Too Quickly From You

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