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Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

A long-distance relationship is as tough as it gets. It’s everything but an easy ride through a flower field. If anything, it’s a rocky road that, at the time, doesn’t seem to lead anywhere.

I mean, you and your partner see an end goal. You see where you’re going and what you’re trying to achieve, but somehow that goal just seems to be buried under all the issues you’re facing.

It’s devastating when you meet your soulmate in a completely other town or even country. You feel like you were destined to find each other, but it’s also torturous to know that you can’t always hold and kiss them.

That’s exactly how you feel with your partner. You know that you were meant to meet him and fall in love with him because there’s no other explanation for this. But it also seems like a lesson at times or even a trial.

You’re so done with trying to make things work, but this relationship seems like it’s worth a shot. Even though it’s breaking you apart to know that you have to schedule a time to see him, you’re still ready to try.

But just because distance separates the two of you, that doesn’t mean that you’re ready to give up. It’s just that it’s hard.

You want to be there for him when he’s not doing okay.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

You feel so helpless when he tells you that he’s sick and you can’t just rush over to care for him. There’s not much you’d be able to do either way, but you could at least make him some soup or tea. You could take him to the doctor if you were there.

He could also be there for you. Even though you’re in a relationship, you feel so lonely at times. When he goes to sleep, you’re left with your own thoughts until the morning hours.

You think of him and cry your eyes out, believing that nothing will ever be okay until you find a way to be together physically.

You’re both trying to make it work. Here you are, texting and calling each other all the time. You spend hours on your phone and feel like your life is whizzing past you.

There’s nothing that’d you’d rather be doing, but it’s exhausting. You’re tired of texting all the time. You’d so much rather talk to him in person.

And let’s not even start with how you have to plan out entire trips to see each other. You have to make time in your schedule. Both of you spend so much money and time on those trips, but you know that it’s worth it.

Then the moment you step into his embrace, you know that it’s all worth it. You know that you wouldn’t have it any other way.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

But after the fifth visit, you start to wonder if you can do this for much longer. You start thinking that things may have to take a little break. In the same breath, you’re scared of where that may take your relationship.

Long-distance relationships really are hard. Sometimes, you wonder if all this effort is worth it. But you know what? It is.

How many people in this world are currently trying to find their person? You’ve found that. So many people have never loved or felt what it’s like to be loved in return.

But here you are – you have both of those sacred things and you’re still wondering if it’s the real deal.

Think of this as a relationship test. Remind yourself of the things you want to achieve together.

Because this moment in time is so fleeting! One day, you’ll look back at this rough patch and be grateful that you didn’t give up on each other. You’ll be happy that you didn’t throw in the towel because you’ll never find the love you have right now with anyone.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

He’s ready to do so much to make you happy. He puts so much effort into your relationship because he believes that it’s worth it. This man knows just how special your relationship truly is.

There are few men in this world who’ll do this much for love. They definitely won’t even try to make you feel loved from another part of the world. But here he is, doing his best to show you that things will be fine.

He’s loyal. He’s charming, loving, and caring. Your boyfriend is the guy other girls would do anything to have!

Even though he’s not right there next to you right now, one day he will be. One day you’ll reminisce on this time and tell your children how hard you fought for each other.

You’ll tell stories about how difficult it was and yet still managed to pull through.

You can do so many things together even though you’re not right there by each other’s side! Watch a movie together, play truth or dare, talk for hours. You can spend so much quality time together. Of course, you can’t kiss or touch him – yet. But that’s why things will be even more special the day you manage to live together.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

Don’t just give up because it’s hard on you. He’s a wonderful human being. You’re a beautiful soul.

You can do this!

Both of you will be so proud of your relationship when you buy your first house together or lie each night in bed together. You’ll share your happiness with each other even in the times when you’re stressed because you know that the worst part of life is over. You’ll be okay. I can promise you that much.

Just please don’t give up.

You’ll thank me later.

Read This If You Feel Like Your Long-Distance Relationship Is Hard

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