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Read This If You Feel Like You’ll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

Read This If You Feel Like You’ll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

When your heart gets broken, you feel this intense amount of pain that throws you to the ground and makes it hard to breathe. You feel like you’ll never be able to pick yourself up and move on with your life.

Days pass and the only thing you can really think about is the agonizing thought that the person you loved so dearly decided to betray you. That person willingly chose to break your heart in two, without even giving a second thought to that decision.

The man who used to be your safe harbor determined that he would no longer protect you from pain. He decided that he’d throw all of your dreams and plans down the river.

And by doing that, he subconsciously decided that he’d break your heart to the point where you wouldn’t be able to recognize it anymore. All of the feelings you once treasured in that sacred place are now scattered around.

Your heart now feels like a messy room in which you have no idea where things are placed. You also have no idea how long it’ll take you to put everything back where it belongs.

You’re desperately looking for yourself in that messy room. You’re trying to find the person you used to be before all of the tears smeared your make-up and changed your reflection in the mirror.

From the moment your heart got broken, you haven’t been able to really tell who you are anymore. You don’t recognize yourself and you no longer see the joys of life.

The only thing that you feel is pain; this constant pain mixed with the feeling that you’ll never get better.

When you go through a heartbreak, you get this sensation that nothing will be the same ever again. You feel like you’ll never know what happiness feels like again, since the only thing you can recognize right now is the pain.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like You'll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

And even though you want this feeling to stop, you don’t really know how to pull yourself out of this gray zone. You’re stuck and the more you fight it, the deeper it pulls you in.

But instead of trying to run away from the emotions you’re feeling, you should accept the fact that you’ve been hurt. You should accept the fact that your heart is broken and start from there.

No, it’s not your fault that you trusted a person who decided to inflict the worst kind of pain on you. No, you couldn’t have done anything differently since you’d have ended up in the same place anyway.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous but you were meant to get your heart broken and he was meant to hurt you. This is just a lesson you had to learn and an experience you had to go through.

So, instead of trying to hide the fact of what happened to you, you should embrace it and learn how to live with it.

That way, the quicksand of your emotions won’t drag you down further. It won’t pull you in harder because you’ll learn how to deal with the experience you just went through.

Yes, the little things will be there to remind you of your broken relationship. They will remind you of the pain you felt when you went through a heartbreak.

The moment you smell his cologne on someone else, you’ll remember the face of a guy who played with your feelings. The moment you see a happy couple goofing around, you’ll remember how much fun you had on the beach the day before your heart was broken.

Like flashbacks, memories will come back to you but with time, you’ll learn to live with them.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like You'll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

You’ll get yourself to a place where you won’t cry yourself to sleep because the thought of him breaking you into pieces hurts more than you could ever have imagined.

Instead, you’ll be thankful for everything you went through because you know that it made you the person you are today.

You’ll finally realize that the fact he moved on with his life like nothing ever happened won’t make you upset anymore. Instead, you’ll appreciate all of the pain you endured because it showed you how strong of a person you are.

And even though you now believe that you’ll never again be able to love someone else, in a month or a year or two, that thought will completely evaporate from your mind.

You’ll realize that life has a lot to offer and that you shouldn’t shield yourself from it. Maybe you’ll get hurt many times more but it could also be that you’ll find your true love after this heartbreak.

You don’t really know what will happen but as time goes by, you’ll realize that you shouldn’t allow one stupid heartbreak to stop you from experiencing the joys of love.

Even though you currently feel like there’s no way that you can move on, those feelings will pass. Trust me!

One day, you’ll wake up and you won’t even know the reason why you felt the way you did.

Just like that, your body and mind will move on together with your heart. The wounds will heal and you’ll feel ready to fall in love again.

DONE! Read This If You Feel Like You'll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

The pain will disappear from your body and it’ll no longer be a part of your system.

You’ll feel like the old you but you’ll be an improved version of yourself. You’ll be someone who went through a heartbreak, realized her worth, and came back stronger than before.

You will be someone who learned that loving sometimes means hurting and there’s nothing wrong with that. Those are all the lessons you have to go through in order to arrive at your final destination.

Today, you’re a person who believes that she’ll never get over a heartbreak. Today, your future self is laughing at you for feeling that way because she knows how easily you’ll get through all of this.

And you’ll come out of it stronger than ever!

Read This If You Feel Like You'll Never Get Over A Heartbreak

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