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Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Dating can be readlly tough sometimes. Being in a position where you think that another person could hurt you is hard to comprehend.

If you have been looking for love, for someone who can understand you and your needs in any way possible, I know that you have sometimes felt like giving up on everything.

Having no luck in finding love can give you a sense of hopelessness, when everything that you do is never enough for someone to realize the true you, to love you in ways that you have dreamed of.

And still, nothing happens. You start to lose hope and start giving up on love. That should never be an option, especially if it’s something you want badly.

It’s in human nature to seek love. To seek a connection with another being on a level that is difficult to explain.

To have someone who can shower you with the love and affection which you desperately deserve.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

However, dating in today’s times is difficult. You may find reasons to date, but finding a potential partner proves to be hard.

And that is a fact. Online dating is great, but how many times have you been stood up?

Yes, it has made it easier for people to get to know each other, but on the other hand, it has also made it easier for people to feel empty after hopelessly searching for a potential partner for several weeks.

Another thing to keep in mind is ghosting. Ghosting is seen as no big deal. Like disappearing from a person’s life is something that we do every day.

However, dating should be a fun and exciting adventure. You get to know new people, experience new things, try out different restaurants, and so on.

As you get older, dating becomes a real bummer.

You just want to have a good time, when all of sudden the thought of why you cannot find the right person hits you.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

You don’t want to be alone. You’re not one of those people who thinks that you should stay single forever.

Even though there are people who want to be alone and die alone, I truly believe that there is someone out there waiting for you.

You just have to realize what the qualities are that you desire and seek in a partner. Seek comfort as it will open up doors to countless possibilities.

The other side of the coin may be that you recently broke up with your partner.

Maybe he was cheating on you, maybe he got cold and disappeared. You start to question yourself, “Is real love even possible in today’s times?

You may think about going up to the roof of a building and just screaming, “I give up on love!

Instead of doing so, you should take a break for a little while and give yourself space to grow as a person, because the right one will come, believe me.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

I know it is hard now. Going through a breakup alone can be frustrating, depressing, and quite heartbreaking.

Rather than focusing on those feelings, focus on the big picture.

Timing is everything. Believe me when I say that every person you meet in your life will teach you a lesson.

Don’t be discouraged to meet new people just because one person has given up on you.

Just because one love is over doesn’t mean that love has ended for you. You learned something from that particular relationship.

Picture a relationship like baking a cake. How many times did you fail before making a perfect, delicious cake that you saw on television?

Perhaps you should focus on the things you have learned.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Maybe you learned how to deal with certain emotions, how to express yourself, or how to be vulnerable with someone, or maybe you learned that certain traits in a man are huge red flags.

Those lessons can never be learned if you isolate yourself and tell yourself love isn’t for you.

You have to learn to be stronger, more resilient, and more beautiful. You will find hidden strength in you that you never thought would be possible.

A relationship is much more than caring and sharing with another person.

It’s about learning a lesson, even a negative one, and moving on stronger and better than you were before.

Give yourself time to grow.

Growing is an important part of our lives.

The point of being single is to think about who you are and how you can grow from the previous experience that you went through.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Give yourself the opportunity to be the best version of yourself.

Maybe you should learn to cook or start a gym membership, or learn how to be more patient or how to express your feelings better.

Those are just some simple things that you can work on once you have ended a relationship and thought about giving up on love.

Trust me, giving up on love should not be an option for you.

The time for self-exploration and self-dedication has come. Be better every day and you will find a person who will cherish you for who you are.

Don’t get me wrong, you could also do this when you are in a relationship, but a relationship can sometimes be limiting.

Now is the perfect moment to pursue your new career, to travel, or to focus on your social life.

Maybe you neglected your friends during your relationship.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Now is the perfect time to pay them back for those moments when you cried and they were there to cheer you up.

Now is the perfect time to find out who you actually are when you are not part of a ‘we’.

Your mental health and personal growth should be your priorities.

Boost your confidence by getting out of your comfort zone, and someday you will be appealing to another man.

Whatever you do, just don’t blame yourself or doubt yourself as a person.

Many people tend to blame themselves for a breakup. Maybe you think you are not lovable, not funny enough, or annoying. Trust me, you are not.

You are worthy of love. You are valuable and you should never compromise your values because that wouldn’t make you happy anyway.

“What you give is what you get.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Seems right, yes? If you are happy with your life and with yourself, you will find someone who is worthy of sharing those happy experiences with you.

Don’t beat yourself up if you had some bad dating encounters. Focus on yourself and you will flourish.

Don’t let fear put you in a cage. Don’t let fear stop you from believing in true love or in your ability to find another partner.

Positive thinking and positive energy go a long way.

If you feel happy and optimistic, those feelings will bring hope into your life. Positive energy can attract a positive person.

There are times you think you want love, but you are only doing things that push love away.

You are sabotaging it without realizing it. I know you have done it and you know it too.

How many times have you tested a man just to see if he would stick around?

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

How many times have you challenged a man so you didn’t appear vulnerable? Exactly.

If you want to experience love, you have to be vulnerable, you have to embrace the fact that someone could love you.

You should give a relationship a chance and not cut it off even before it even starts.

If a man is doing all the right things, and you still are protective of your heart, then honey, your relationship will soon shatter into tiny pieces.

You cannot hide forever or create a wall that is hard to overcome.

Give love a chance. Understand that being vulnerable is okay. Love and vulnerability cannot exist without one another.

You should be transparent and real. How do you think you can achieve that? By being vulnerable.

You know those times when you told a friend everything, a time you felt vulnerable and after that, your friendship solidified?

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Those moments truly count and they cement true friendships. And guess what? The same applies to relationships.

A relationship cannot move forward if you are not ready to become vulnerable and be honest with each other about your concerns, failures, and fears.

Those moments count the most and those moments will bring you two closer together.

Don’t beat yourself up just because you are single now.

You are worth it.

When you are working every day to be the best version of yourself and when you are not trying to force love, that’s when love will find you.

You are worthy of love and being loved.

DONE! Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

Don’t be discouraged. I know that finding love is tough. Remember that it only takes one.

One person to truly give you everything and satisfy every need and desire that you have. You never know if the next guy is the one.

Think about it. If you are open and ready, maybe in a week, you will find the love of your life.

Enjoy your time of being single. Don’t give up on love because it only takes one.

Be resilient, enjoy the journey, and focus on yourself and personal growth.

The lessons that you learn now will greatly improve your chances of meeting someone who’s a better fit for you.

Don’t put up a wall and don’t isolate yourself. Love will come when you least expect it.

You just need to change your mindset and not believe you are ‘destined’ to be alone forever.

Because you are not.

Read This If You Are Discouraged To Fall In Love Again

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