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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love

Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love

When two people connect on a different level, love is bound to grow. However, we can’t make a connection with every person we meet. Therefore, we need to find someone we’re compatible with to give birth to love.

Each of us loves differently and has our own way of showing affection. But our horoscope also has something to say about love and the zodiac signs.

There are different types of people and they all can give you a different type of love. The horoscope knows just how hard each sign can love. Today, we’re going to rank zodiac signs based on how hard they can shower you with affection!

1. Pisces

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 8

It’s not a secret that Pisces will spill out their heart to you with no problems. In the horoscope world, they’re known for being extremely emotional.

Therefore, they don’t find it hard to express their emotions and to say them out loud. I love you is probably one of their favorite phrases to say.

Based on how hard they love, Pisces definitely get first place in this ranking. They’re a real Romeo or Juliet!

2. Scorpio

Expect the unexpected. I know what you’re probably thinking. How could it be that a sign so cold and emotionless can even be in the top five?

Well, here’s the deal. Scorpios won’t let you in that easily, but once they do, they’ll love you until death. It’s just that they’re so great at hiding their emotions.

Therefore, it’s not easy to find out just how hard they can love someone. That is unless you’re the lucky person and you can see this different side to them.

3. Cancer

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 9

I know. You’re sitting there with your mouth gaping! Why hasn’t this zodiac sign taken first place?

Well, Cancer is one of the most loving signs out there. They’ll simply shower you with affection and will cling to you as if their life depends on it. Well, it kind of does – they were born to love and to be loved.

It’s really not difficult to find out how hard they actually love. All you need to do is meet them and spend some time with them.

4. Sagittarius

You probably weren’t expecting to see this name this high up on the list. Well, I guess we’re full of surprises today.

Sure, Sags can be flirty and free-spirited. Yes, they may value their freedom more than anything else in the world and not be very keen on committing.

On the other hand, once they find their true love, it’s all they know. They basically become blinded by love and don’t see anything or anyone else but their significant other.

5. Libra

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 10

Libra is one of those people who everyone wishes to have, even as a friend. They have a calm and peaceful nature that draws most people in.

They’re definitely one of the signs that all of us need in our lives. It’s not even questionable how hard they love and they’ll definitely show you that.

Libras are usually fully committed to their relationship and ready to help it grow bigger and stronger each day. They’re someone worth fighting for, that’s for sure.

6. Gemini

Just as is the case with a Sagittarius, Geminis can sometimes be a bit misunderstood. They like to venture their way into the world and they don’t feel sorry for it.

You might think that this is why they don’t deserve to be mentioned on the top half of the list. However, this isn’t entirely true. They have something else in common with Sags.

They too can show another side to them once they’ve fallen head over heels for someone. If needed, they’ll travel to the moon and back to show their unyielding love for someone.

7. Leo

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 11

I can see why you’re a bit skeptical about this sign. If this article talked about signs who love themselves the most, Leos would top the ranking.

Well, it’s no secret that they love themselves. But little do most know, they’re not entirely selfish and will transfer some of that love onto someone else.

Their significant other can sometimes feel left out, but it’s nothing to worry about. Over time, you’ll definitely see just how hard they can love someone.

8. Capricorn

This sign and its relationship with love mostly resemble Scorpios and their (in)ability to love and be loved.

However, the thing with this zodiac sign is that they have their walls up high. They’ve built it a long time ago. But honestly, all they need is someone to come along and crash them all down.

From that point on, their partner will see just how much love Capricorns have to give. They just need someone to give them a chance.

9. Aquarius

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 12

I’m not going to lie. Aquarius can sometimes be a handful to other people. They tend to make things harder for themselves.

This sign can have some trouble with self-love, which is almost always reflected in their romantic relationships. You know how they say: you can’t love someone else before you love yourself.

The thing isn’t about how hard they love. It’s about when they can love and when they will allow someone else to love them.

10. Aries

And lower and lower down the list we go. Overall, Aries can make it hard for someone to love them. It’s because there’s no such thing as easy access to them.

It is not that they play hard to get. This zodiac sign is the type who finds it hard to believe in true love. This greatly affects their relationships and how hard they love someone.

11. Virgo

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Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love 13

Did someone say workaholic? I’m not trying to be rude and they probably know it by now, but Virgos don’t have a problem with putting themselves first.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. After all, it can be really beneficial. Virgos know their worth and have had their goals set for a long time already.

So it’s no wonder they find it hard to shift their focus from themselves and their ambitions to an exact person. But if they tried harder, they’d find it’s possible.

12. Taurus

They may appreciate you and be head over heels for you, but they won’t admit it. And this is definitely what earns this zodiac sign the last place on this list.

It’s not that they’re incapable of loving someone. It’s just that they’re too stubborn to show their vulnerable side.

Ranking Zodiac Signs Based On How Hard They Love

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