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What To Look For In A Guy? 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

What To Look For In A Guy? 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

What makes a man attractive? Is it the way he dresses or how he behaves when you’re at dinner? What are the qualities of a good man? 

Those are all questions that you might be asking yourself if you’ve recently started dating again. You’re probably thinking that good men are really hard to find or, worse yet, non-existent. But that’s not true.

The notion of a good guy is rather subjective. What you might think is good might be bad for another woman. 

I know that you’re waiting for a guy to sweep you off your feet and prove to you that there are still great men out there. But sometimes you have to be patient and not rush into anything.

Many women dream of a perfect man who’s ready to commit to them. But to achieve that status, the man has to have certain character traits such as honesty and a great sense of humor.

And let’s be frank, no one wants to date a narcissist who’ll only break your heart and take you for granted.

What are the standout qualities of a good man?

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

Well, the concept of a good man has significantly changed over the years. Western culture and Hollywood movies have made us think that every woman wants to have her Prince Charming – a perfect guy who is tall, dark, and handsome.

But that’s changed a lot over the years. To have a successful relationship, there has to be more than just physical attraction. 

Some women really do prefer men with a great personality rather than stunning physical appearance. Self-awareness, self-improvement, and moral integrity are all qualities of a true gentleman.

They want someone who makes them laugh in hard times, cares about their family and friends, and has their back through life’s challenges. 

Those little things mean a lot if you want to have a healthy and successful relationship and eventually marriage.

That’s why so many women fall for those guys who aren’t usually their type. 

So, what important qualities does a man have to possess to be classified as good and caring?

1. He’s protective

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 2

No one wants to be in a relationship with a toxic person. But if you’re overprotective about a person, that’s exactly what’ll happen in a relationship.

On the flip side, every woman wants a man who’ll protect her at all costs.

It’s important that a woman feels safe and secure in a man’s arms. She wants to feel safe and secure no matter what happens. 

And a good man will provide her with that. He’ll understand her weaknesses and help her fight against them.

A good man will never be overprotective and he’ll always respect her boundaries. Such a guy won’t belittle her or make her feel unvalued.

A man who makes her feel like she’s superwoman is a man worth keeping. He’ll protect her so that no harm comes to her.

And guys need that. They need to feel like they’re a real hero in someone’s life. 

2. He’s in charge of his own emotions

Being capable of controlling one’s own emotions is a rare skill that you should definitely look for in a man. 

Not everyone can control their emotions. Most people, when they’re hurt, have a hard time calming down, so that’s when their emotions get the better of them. 

Another quality of a good man is that he understands that his happiness doesn’t depend on his partner’s actions or words. He’s totally in control of his own emotions and doesn’t need a woman to tell him how he feels. 

Unfortunately, many women fail to recognize whether or not their partner possesses this quality and end up marrying some volatile guy who is prone to emotional outbursts.

3. He’s intelligent

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

Every woman wants her man to be smart. And by that, I don’t mean a bookworm who doesn’t know how to change a flat tire. 

By intelligent, I mean a guy who also has a little street-smarts combined with general knowledge about things.

Ladies fall for those guys who can solve problems fairly easily and think fast. That’s because they know that those guys are very innovative and creative, and can help a lady in distress at any time.

They also can create something out of nothing as they’re able to find resources anywhere. 

Usually, those types of men put in a lot of hard work to please their women and they exude positivity. 

4. He has a positive outlook on life

Being optimistic in a world filled with negativity and chaos is very difficult. Life constantly throws endless problems at you and it’s very tough to pick yourself up, especially if you’re on your own.

That said, a lot of women want their men to have a positive outlook on life as they’ll share that positivity with them.

Being in a relationship with a negative-minded man will most likely be filled with negativity. And vice versa. 

If a man can make you feel happy and positive about life, then you should be thankful for having such a guy in your life. After all, if you want to have a healthy relationship with someone, you should be all about creating happiness and not destroying it. 

5. He cares about the people you love

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 4

Have you ever wondered whether or not your man genuinely loves you? Well, it’s not difficult to tell. 

If he cares about your family and friends – genuinely appreciates them – then that’s a guy worth having around.

Your well-being is important to him and he doesn’t want you to worry about your family and friends. That’s why he’ll care about those who are close to your heart.

Having a guy who is close to your dad and very fond of your mom is a wonderful thing. It’s also very important for him to get along with your friends, as you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. 

And you don’t want drama with your boyfriend over you spending some time with your friends, am I right? 

6. He truly appreciates you

No woman wants to be in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t respect her for who and what she is. Every woman wants to be appreciated by her partner despite her flaws.

One of the qualities of a good man is the ability to see those special qualities in you that other men failed to see. 

Don’t ever let go of a guy who respects you and is genuinely interested in what you can offer. He’s most certainly the right guy for you.

7. He can quickly break the tension

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

Another quality of a good man is if he can sense the tension and quickly turn the situation before it culminates into something more serious. 

A good man should be able to read his woman’s emotions and know how to ease the tension before things start to heat up. 

He should notice your negative emotions and place a well-timed joke to crack things up. Such a guy knows when a little fight is building up between the two of you and that no good will come of it, so that’s why he does this.

But don’t think that he’ll do it every time. He’ll properly evaluate the problem at hand before trying to break the tension because he knows that you shouldn’t sweep your problems under the rug. 

8. He shares your values and respects your beliefs

You might be thinking that it’s never a good idea to marry a guy who doesn’t practice the same faith as yours. But that’s not always the case.

As long as he respects your beliefs and shares the same values and principles that you have, then that’s an obvious sign your relationship is going to be successful.

Relationships and marriage are built on compromise and respect, and not just romance and physical attraction. 

If you two can work things out and meet each other halfway, and at the same time respect each other’s individual traditions and values, then your relationship definitely has a bright future. 

9. He’s your biggest supporter

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 6

If you’re looking for what makes a man great and the qualities of a good man, then being your biggest supporter ranks pretty high on that list.

Tell me, have you ever considered your man to be your biggest fan? And does he celebrate every little success with you? 

If your answer is yes, then you should definitely hang on to your man and never let him go.

Your man should always celebrate you as a person. He shouldn’t be intimated by your success. Instead, he should be proud of it. 

A good man will be your greatest supporter and your hype man. 

10. He’s always honest 

One of the pillars of a healthy relationship is definitely honesty and trust. 

Many women can get rather uncomfortable when their man is being completely honest with them. But that doesn’t change the fact that they want an honest man and not a lying cheater.

If he’s always telling you the truth, then he’ll make you feel comfortable and secure around him. You won’t have to second-guess his words and you won’t have to wonder what he’s thinking or how he’s feeling about you.

A good man will always tell you the truth no matter what – he knows transparency really matters in a relationship.

11. He’s mature 

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

There’s nothing worse than dating a guy who’s emotionally and mentally immature. No woman likes a man who behaves like a child. She doesn’t want to worry about whether or not he will fix the sink or own up to his mistakes. 

One of the qualities of a good man is being mentally and emotionally mature.

You shouldn’t be running around after your man and be embarrassed about the things he does. That’s not a man, that’s a child. You’re not his mother. 

And the truth is, you can’t change a man like that. He has to experience certain things before he evolves into a real man who’s mature enough to be in a real relationship. 

Otherwise, he’ll start to irritate you as time passes because it will feel like you’re not in a relationship with a man but with a spoiled kid.

12. He’s generous and kind

Two more qualities of a good man are generosity and kindness – not just to his woman, but also toward others. A good man is generally kind and knows that kindness goes a long way.

He knows that you can’t be sure what the other person has been through, so that’s why he’s kind and generous toward everyone.

After all, a nice word is free yet has a huge impact on how other people perceive you. 

If you have a kind, generous man in your life, then you should be truly grateful. And if you’re still searching for the right one, then these two qualities of a good man are definitely a must. 

13. He accepts that you’re a career-oriented woman

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 8

Many men get really intimated by women who are career-driven. They think such women don’t need a man in their lives, so that’s why you’ll see those types of women being single for a long time. 

And then you get the guys who think that a woman should stay at home and take care of kids and her husband’s needs. But those are just immature boys who haven’t yet grown up.

If you have found a guy who respects and supports your career choice, then he’s definitely a keeper because he’s truly rare and special.

A real man will pursue a woman with ambitious career objectives. He’ll make sure to complement your lifestyle and support you in every way he can.

He’ll definitely give you the time and space you need to chase your career goals, and won’t complain if you’re constantly busy at work, because he knows just how important it is to you.

14. He knows relationships require hard work and dedication

For a relationship to work out and evolve into something bigger, there has to be a generous dose of hard work and compromise. Why? Because there will always be ups and downs – it won’t be all pretty and shiny all the time. 

A good man understands that. He knows that arguments and fights are normal in a relationship. 

He knows that the hard work will pay off eventually. And the more effort you put into a relationship, the more love you’ll receive. 

Many people get comfortable in long-term relationships and don’t feel the need to put in the hard work once they’re sure their partner loves them.

But a relationship is like an ongoing project. There’s always some room for improvement, no matter how great you think it is.

15. He’s a true gentleman

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

Sometimes I think that courtesy is one of those slowly-forgotten things of the past.

Many people think that only women should be courteous and polite. But this is a trait that should be seen in both men and women.

This is a really good quality to see in a man since it shows that he has respect for all people. It also shows that he loves his woman through simple acts such as holding the door or pulling out the chair for you.

Another thing that shows he’s a true gentleman is the way he presents you to his family. Does he make you feel very important? Or does he make you feel like you’re just some random girl in his life? 

It must be said that if he doesn’t exhibit such acts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not a good man at heart. You shouldn’t expect or demand these things from him.

But if he does exhibit good courtesy of his own accord, then you can consider yourself one lucky lady. 

16. He’s confident 

Many women mistake arrogance for confidence, only to end up being hurt by arrogant guys.

Being confident means that you’re aware of what you bring to the table. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the guy you’re dating is arrogant if he’s aware that he’s physically attractive or charismatic.

If he doesn’t let those things get to his head, that means that he’s confident and nothing else.

And a confident guy will never beg to be loved. That’s another quality of a good man. He’ll know when it’s time to pull away because he’s not wanted anymore. He won’t suffocate you and beg you to take him back.

17. He makes you a priority in his life

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 10

Sometimes a man loses track of what’s important to him in life and because of that, this partner suffers. If you’ve ever experienced this, you know what I’m talking about. This can lead you to feel resentment and distrust toward your boyfriend.

A good man will always be able to express his interest in your relationship and he’ll show you that you’re a priority for him. 

He’ll always make time for you even if he has work to do. He won’t let other areas of his life disrupt your quality time. He’ll always prioritize you and your relationship above anything else. 

18. He takes responsibility for what he does

A good man won’t ever blame-shift or come up with excuses if he’s made a mistake. He won’t be one of those guys who’ll blame you for something they’ve done.

If he messes up, you better believe that a good man will own up to it. 

If he was the one who started a fight, he’ll admit it. If he shows up late to your dinner date, he won’t try to find some lame excuse. He won’t have any problem with saying he’s sorry – and meaning it.

Many guys don’t dare to say it because they think it portrays them as weak and not manly enough.

But a good man is mature enough to own up to his mistakes and do what it takes to rectify them.

19. He has integrity 

What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

Integrity means that your guy is always honest and has a strong moral compass. 

A good man with integrity doesn’t do lip service – he will always back up his words with actions. He’ll keep his promises and be open about his emotions. 

Also, pay attention to how he speaks about other people. What kind of actions does he disapprove of and what are his core values? 

You can also learn a lot by listening to what other people have to say about him. 

20. He doesn’t feel threatened by a woman

A good man doesn’t feel threatened by a strong woman. He won’t have a problem with you taking charge of what’s going on if the situation calls for it. Instead, he’ll give you space to do so and follow you.

For him, it’s completely normal for a woman to take charge of the situation because he knows she’s more than capable of solving the issues at hand on her own.

He won’t feel threatened and less masculine if he does that because he knows you’re a team. It’s not a competition. 

21. He listens 

DONE What To Look For In A Guy 21 Qualities Of A Good Man 12

The last, yet vitally important quality of a good man is his ability to listen to you. He must be able not just to hear you, but also understand your point of view and feelings.

He might not understand what you say at all times, but he’ll be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to vent to. 

Also, a good man who knows how to listen won’t dismiss your opinions or retaliate by talking over you. He’ll let you speak your own thoughts and feelings, no matter how different they may be from his. 

He also knows when and when not to give his opinion, and gives his advice only when you ask for it. 

What To Look For In A Guy? 21 Qualities Of A Good Man

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