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A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

Pre-engagement anxiety is no joke. You know that this is the dream of every girl, but the butterflies in your stomach seem to cut off your air every time you think about it. So now you’re left here to ask yourself if you’ll ever get over it.

Your anxiety is creating a lot of questions in your head that don’t seem to have an answer. At one point, your brain started to think about whether or not you’re making a mistake. With all those awful stories you heard, you don’t even know if romance is just a myth.

Are you making a mistake? Are you going to regret this?

You see the signs that he’s going to propose to you, but you don’t want to believe it yet. You got your nails done, you picked out your outfit, and now you’re thinking about the pictures that you’re going to take.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

All of this is just making everything worse. You want to focus on your love and the fact that you’re taking the next step.

However, here you are, trying to get your breathing back in check, only it’s hard to do that. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get your lungs to work.

Pre-engagement anxiety is blinding you. You would love to focus on the future that’s awaiting you, but all these questions and uncertainties aren’t helping at all.

That’s why I would love to tell you a few things before you completely lose your mind to this anxiety. When you’re anxious, you’re much more likely to make a mistake, because it’s paralyzing and all logic flies out the window. You need a clear head for this.

Ask yourself if you love him.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

I know that you believe that love should be much easier. But with all the trauma that you’ve been through and all the heartbreaks you’ve left behind, you can’t let yourself go.

People tell you to chill, but it’s not that easy. It’s for that reason I’m telling you to ask yourself this: “Do I love him?” Once you realize that you do, you’ll also start to think about all those moments that made you fall in love with him.

You want him. You want to spend the rest of your life with him. All those times he’s been there for you – every time he put effort into your relationship and stood by your side – are clear signs that he’s the right one for you.

Once you realize that nothing else matters, your nerves will let you breathe again.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

You have each other through this journey and whatever happens, it’s the two of you against the world. I can even bet that he’d understand you if you told him how afraid you are.

He’s going to be your best assurance in this entire situation. This conversation could strengthen your bond better than anything else. If he’s going to propose to you, then he should know your thoughts on the matter.

Whatever fear you may have shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. He’s going to reassure you that there’s nothing wrong with your fears and your pre-engagement anxiety. You may find out that he’s just as nervous as you are.

There could also be a problem with other people. You don’t know how they’re going to react to this news.

It happens quite often that a person falls in love with someone their family and friends don’t approve of. They think that the person could do better or can control who to love.

The very moment you say yes to his proposal, you’re officially choosing him over your family and friends. Are you ready to lose some people to go after the love of your life? And if they’re not supportive of you, are they even worthy of your time and attention?

I know that pre-engagement anxiety can lead you into the arms of doubt. It makes you wonder if there’s something better out there in this world, but this is the perfect time to put your faith in God.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

You’re just changing your relationship status, so if you decide to walk away at any point, you’ll be able to go back to your old life. There’s nothing that binds you to that man if you don’t want it.

Even your engagement, or afterward, marriage, can’t keep you with him if you don’t want to stay there. The ring on your finger won’t keep you away from the world and it’s not a chain that’ll isolate you the second you say yes to him.

You’ll still have your free will. You’re not losing yourself just because you’re taking the next step with this man. You’ll see that things are much easier than you initially thought.

Love is something so special. You should celebrate it with your partner because you’ve spent so much time with each other that it’s finally time to focus on that happiness that you’ve been creating for such a long time.

You have the right to put every worry aside, to silence your worrying mind, and to enjoy this special moment. You’ve been thinking about this for such a long time and now that it’s finally here, don’t ruin it for the both of you.

Remind yourself why you’re in this relationship in the first place and you’ll see how easy it is to lose yourself in his love for you. He’ll give you every reason to love him if he’s the right one and you won’t have to doubt him.

DONE! A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

Just remind yourself each time that you’re doing what feels right at this moment in your life. And if it doesn’t feel right, then you have all the permission in the world to walk away from him.

If you’re sincerely doubting your relationship, you need to leave. That’s not the person you should be getting engaged to. There’s someone better for you out there.

However, if you’re letting your anxiety create more problems than there truly are, then find a way to manage it. Otherwise, you’ll always pair this feeling of anxiety with the moment that should’ve been the happiest of your life.

Don’t let your pre-engagement anxiety ruin this for you.

A Letter To The Girl With Pre-Engagement Anxiety

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