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Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You’ve Found ‘Your Person’

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You’ve Found ‘Your Person’

I assume you know there are many ways our souls can be connected, but have you heard about platonic soulmates? No, I didn’t invent the term right now, it’s a real thing!

Even if you don’t believe in the whole concept of soul connections, you’re well aware that there are different types of soulmates. We only connect a word soulmate with a person we’re romantically involved with and there is no other.

Well, the first thing to learn today is that there are a lot of different soulmates out there. It’s true that there are romantic soulmates, but there are also past-life soulmates, karmic soulmates, twin flames, and well, platonic soulmates as well.

A light bulb went off in your head? Perfect. It’s going to be easier to continue talking about this.

Unfortunately, we’re not going to talk about all those various soulmates this time, we’ll focus solely on explaining this rare connection only the lucky ones manage to experience in their lifetimes. In this article, we’ll be talking about the latter – mentioned above – the platonic soulmate.

What is a platonic soulmate?

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

If you never heard about this type of soul connection, I’m sure this was the first question in your mind after reading the title. Without further ado, let’s explain what a platonic soulmate is, or better said who is this soulmate.

Do you have your person? No, I’m not referring to your boyfriend or husband, or any guy you’re romantically involved with. Rather, Meredith and Christina’s type of your person (if you’ve watched a single episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

That is your platonic soulmate. The person you can count on no matter the distance, the hour, and the circumstance. They are always one call away even if they’re on a different side of the world. You can go for months without daily contact, but when you get together again, it feels like nothing has changed.

This person can be literally anyone from your social circle; your siblings, family member, or someone who once used to be a stranger. Age, financial status, and gender are completely irrelevant in this situation. And, what’s even more interesting, you never know when they may show up in your life.

The connection between the two of you is so profound, but it never scares you. You’re eagerly embracing it and everything that comes with it. You can have one or several platonic soulmates in your life and even though you feel a strong attraction toward them, romantic feelings never develop.

This sounds like a perfect match, but how is it different from your romantic soulmate? Time to figure that one out as well.

What is the difference between platonic and romantic soulmates?

I know that learning new terms can be an extremely complicated task, especially since every year we add new words to the English dictionary and people can be really creative. However, this one is pretty simple.

It’s inevitable that both of these are going to change your life for the better and have an enormous influence on who you’re yet to become. But the main difference is that with your platonic soulmate you never thought of doing anything that would insinuate something romantic between the two of you.

On the other hand, a romantic soulmate is someone we associate with passion, physical intimacy, jealousy, and your future. It’s someone we want to compromise with, build our lives with, and create our little oasis in this chaos on Earth.

Romantic relationships require hard work and it means that you’ll sometimes put your partner’s needs before your own. When you love someone on a platonic level, you don’t have to carefully choose words because the bond you share is impossible to break.

You can be brutally honest without fear that the other person won’t understand your good intentions behind your words. It’s extremely easy to communicate with your platonic soulmate since you’re both on the same wavelength constantly.

Both of these relationships are important in our lives and are meant to be cherished. You may know right away when you meet your romantic soulmate, but how can you know you’ve found the platonic one?

15 undeniable signs that you’ve found your platonic soulmate

DONE Platonic Soulmate Have You Found Yours 15 Signs Confirming That 2

If you ever thought that the whole concept of soulmates is ridiculous since you believed that you can only have one in your lifetime, it’s time to change your opinion. As mentioned earlier, we can meet multiple soulmates on our journey and they’ll all teach us something new.

Soul connections are not as rare as you may think, you’re simply not aware of their presence. Every single person you connected with on another level, extraordinary even, is in their unique way your soulmate. They all changed your life in one way or another and shaped you into the person you are today.

After everything we’ve learned so far, it’s time for us to finally list all those undeniable signs that you’ve found your platonic soulmate and I hope you’re ready.

1. You instantly recognized them

Do you remember the first time you met him or her? Was there an instant recognition, like you know them, but you’re not sure how or where from? Their smile was so warm, and their voice sounded so familiar. Did you have to stop for a second and ask yourself if you’ve met them before?

When you meet your platonic soulmate, you’ll instantly recognize them. You won’t have any explanation, but you’ll know that you want to be around that person and that they have to be a part of your life. It won’t be possible to explain to others how you simply clicked from that first greeting you’ve exchanged.

2. You understand each other on another level

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

Do you have some crazy dreams and desires that no one seems to understand, yet this kooky new friend wants to help you in fulfilling each and every one of them? Yup, that’s your platonic soulmate. When nobody can understand all the non-senses coming out of your mouth, they definitely will.

You know what they’ll order in a restaurant even before they check the menu. Knowing every little detail about them is not something weird for you, because you’ve already mastered that art so all those soulmate quizzes are not challenging at all.

Sometimes it feels like you have telepathic powers to read each other’s minds. Your bond is so strong that you even know when your soulmate is upset and needs to talk with you. Not even distance can change your unconditional love and understanding for each other.

3. You have your own language

I’m not saying that you’ve invented your own language, or I guess in a way you did. You started communicating in codes, you’re using puns and quotes while you’re talking and nobody can understand what the heck is happening.

I can bet that you’re using some made-up words and conversation with them is completely effortless. These came spontaneously while you were having your everyday conversation and you absolutely liked them, so why wouldn’t you use them?

You finally don’t have to explain movie references or elaborate on your opinion. Because you’ve found a weirdo in your life who understands what you’re talking about!

4. You finish each other’s sentences

DONE Platonic Soulmate Have You Found Yours 15 Signs Confirming That 4

It happened a lot of times, and you just can’t stop it. You both know what the other person is going to say before you vocalize it. It’s like you’re reading each other’s minds! Sometimes it scares you, but most of the time, it’s a mind-blowing experience. In a positive way of course.

In the beginning, when you’d go out with your group of friends, they thought that you two already made a deal about what you were going to say. After some time, they’ve realized that the way you’re finishing each others’ sentences can’t be rehearsed and you simply can’t help it.

It became interesting for them too! They started guessing when will be the next time you’ll say something simultaneously or make the same move.

5. You’re each other’s biggest support

Whenever you need support, they are right there. There are no ifs and buts. You know that they are someone you can completely count on and be sure that they will be the loudest cheerleader you’ll have on your team. They will be exactly someone you needed to motivate you to move forward.

If you need emotional support, they will be there to offer their shoulder and give you a warm embrace. They’ll help you overcome difficulties in your life and they will celebrate every success with you, no matter how small it is.

They are going to be the ones offering you a cheat meal as an award after successfully completing your first 5k run. Neither of you will be able not to brag to other people about the accomplishments of the other person and you’ll do it regularly.

6. You can talk for hours

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

There are a lot of topics you still haven’t tackled and it seems like a lifetime won’t be enough. You always have something new to talk about and you can do it for hours! Every time when you’re out with them, it feels like minutes are passing by at the speed of light.

Your platonic soulmate is someone you’ll share your mishaps with, someone you’ll eagerly talk to about your day, and with whom you’ll debate if aliens exist. You’ll talk about your plans for the future, share your memories, and even gossip about that cute guy who smiled at you last weekend.

There won’t be a subject that you won’t be able to chat about and what’s even more fascinating – you’ll probably have the same opinion about those important matters.

7. You have unique inside jokes

Your friendship came to that level when you have your own inside jokes no one else understands – and that makes them even funnier! Maybe you have a unique and funny greeting, or you gave each other hilarious nicknames and it’s kind of embarrassing to explain where those came from.

Usually, when you’d be the one sharing something funny with your friends, their facial expressions would tell you that they didn’t get it – at all. You’re not afraid that they won’t get your jokes, and sure as hell, you won’t have to explain them anymore. Sarcasm or not, they will get it.

They may be the only person in this crazy world that can actually follow your thoughts and get to the point with you. You have the same sense of humor and you can finally stop thinking about yourself as someone who’s strange.

8. You help each other grow

DONE Platonic Soulmate Have You Found Yours 15 Signs Confirming That 6

It’s more than evident that from the first moment you two met, you’ve grown as people. What’s more important is that you actually helped each other grow. They taught you new things and even though you’re very much alike, there’s so much more you can learn from them.

A platonic soulmate is someone who will push you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. They probably showed up in your life when you needed them the most. When you’re seeking a couple of words of wisdom, you know that you can count on them.

Their advice turned out to be the best decision every single time you decided to follow it. You’re genuinely grateful that you have someone like them in your life.

9. You feel calm in their presence

Are they always there for you and comforting you when you need it the most? Is their presence simply calming for you? You can look at them and your heart rate will slow down and your lips will form the most beautiful curve. But it’s completely platonic, and it’s absolutely wonderful.

Sometimes you can’t find words to explain why you calm when your platonic soulmate is around, and it’s probably because you can’t rationalize it either. You just know that you’re safe and sound in their presence and nothing can disturb your peace.

You can sit with them for hours, each one of you reading different books, or just doing your thing. It won’t be annoying to have someone in your presence while you’re trying to meditate, for example, because your platonic soulmate helps you stay grounded.

10. You’re each other’s go-to person

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

No matter if you need to share good or bad news, or you just thought of a new adventure with someone, your platonic soulmate is someone you’ll look for. They are your go-to person, and you are always there for each other.

Whether you want to celebrate your small wins or big success, you’ll want your person to be by your side. You know that you can count on them when times get tough, because not only they’ll be your support, but they will selflessly share their advice with you.

Your platonic soulmate will hold your hand through the storm and help you go through it. They are reliable and are actually the first person you think of when something happens.

11. You like and dislike the same things (and people)

Isn’t this the blessing of a strong friendship? You like and dislike the same things and people. When you need to get the hate out of your system, you know who you can take to without being judged. One of the girls you don’t like approached the guy you like, and of course, you’re going to vent to your person!

You have the same food preferences as well. Neither one of you is a big fan of seafood, so you know which places to avoid. Also, you know the perfect spot for a good Italian pizza and pasta when you’re craving carbs.

When it comes to your taste in music, it’s almost completely the same. Of course, your favorite bands may differ, but the genre you prefer is identical. You know that your soulmate will start dancing to the same beats as you and undoubtedly, you’ll have so much fun together!

12. You accept each other’s quirks

DONE Platonic Soulmate Have You Found Yours 15 Signs Confirming That 8

How could you love someone unconditionally if you don’t accept their quirks completely? Those little, sometimes annoying habits, actually changed your life and now you adore them. Even if they’re being perfectionists from time to time, you don’t mind it.

You’ve accepted the fact that your platonic soulmate is always going to be late, and you’ve learned to wait for that message they type on their way to the meeting point: “Hey, sorry, I’m late again…” You know they don’t like that personality trait either, and you never pointed it out.

It’s not the most interesting thing when they interrupt you while you’re talking, but you know that they are super excited about the topic you’re discussing right now, so you don’t mind it at all.

13. Silence feels comfortable with them

This one doesn’t need some particular explanation, but let’s quickly go through it as well. When you’re with your platonic soulmate, silence is not awkward at all! You can sit across from each other and not share a single word.

Sometimes, simply being in their presence helps you recharge your batteries. It’s not unusual that you come to each other’s home, just to be quiet together. This may sound weird to others, but you know that you’re with your person when even silence feels comfortable.

14. Time and distance mean nothing

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

Do they live on another continent and you see each other every once in a while? Who cares, your bond is strong regardless. Time and distance mean nothing when it comes to your friendship. You know you can call them whenever, and they will be there for you.

Even if you’re in different time zones, your person will always find some time for you. It won’t be a problem for them to stay late at night listening to you while you’re venting about your love problems. They know they can count on you too.

Once you get back together, it seems like nothing has changed. You just continue right where you left off.

15. You can be yourself around them

The best and the most important part, in my opinion, is this one – you can be yourself around them! There are no hard feelings, judging, and holding grudges. There’s no envy or jealousy, but pure respect and genuine honesty towards one another.

We’ve previously mentioned a lot of things that are actually part of this final sign. But, ultimately, when you can be who you truly are with someone, you know you’ve found your platonic soulmate. You won’t shy away in their presence and you won’t be bothered to ugly-cry in front of them.

You’re not afraid to show all of your flaws and share your worst nightmares. Sharing your deepest desires and weirdest dreams has never been easier since you’ve started hanging out with your platonic soulmate, perfect isn’t it?

16. You’re the yin to their yang

DONE Platonic Soulmate Have You Found Yours 15 Signs Confirming That 10

You can be the yin to their yang, peanut butter to their jelly, and all those cliche phrases that you can think of right now. You’re compatible on so many levels and sometimes it seems that every word that you want to use to describe your bond is too weak.

Being able to found on someone whenever you need help and caring for someone wholeheartedly is something you can’t really explain no matter how hard you try. People around you are not able to comprehend this type of connection unless they’ve found their platonic soulmate as well.

Being away from them is not a big deal, because you know that nothing can separate you. What’s even more interesting is that people actually can’t think about one of you, without the other. Wherever you show up without your person, everybody’s asking about them.

It may be weird, but nobody can picture you apart because they got used to seeing you all the time together. You always have fun when you spend time by their side and you wouldn’t change those sleepless nights with them for anything.

Sometimes you’re crying tears of joy with them, other times you’re trying to control your emotions not to get the best of you. It’s not that you don’t want to share it, but rather because you know they’ll feel everything you’re going through with the same intensity.

You never thought about them in any other way than being friends. Your love for them is purely platonic and you both feel it. Nothing can change your opinion of them because you already know them well. You may struggle sometimes to understand their point of view, but it’s all worth it in the end.

In the end…

If you’re one of those lucky people who managed to encounter their platonic soulmate, I want to congratulate you. Nurture that relationship with them and have the best friendship you could dream about. Embrace that unconditional love and support they’ll show you.

It won’t be a problem to recognize them when they show up, because your life will be turned upside-down and you’ll love it! They’ll change your perspective of the world and they’ll make you believe in miracles.

I truly hope you’re ready for something this beautiful. There won’t be a place to doubt yourself, because they won’t let you forget your worth. They will push you to reach your goals and you’ll gladly accept all the challenges.

Finally, your platonic soulmate will become one of the most important persons in your life. And let me share one more interesting thing – it doesn’t have to be only one! Maybe you’re one of those people who got exquisite right by birth to have more of them.

Whatever the reason was for them to cross your path, I hope you’ll honor them and be aware of the blessings they are about to bring to your life. Enjoy it completely!

Platonic Soulmate: 16 Confirming Signs You've Found 'Your Person'

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