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Pisces Eminent Personalities: 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

Pisces Eminent Personalities: 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

The Pisces eminent personalities seem to be just like with every other water sign, but there are a few differences.

Pisces is ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter. It falls into the family of water signs together with Scorpio and Cancer.

Because of the fact they seem to be so mysterious, we can’t easily read what a Pisces is like when they’re by themselves. They tend to differ from one person to the next, but there are things that all people born under this sign have in common.

Of course, every person is unique in their own way, they all have their little quirks that make them special. That’s why one Pisces isn’t necessarily like the next. They may have different hobbies, different experiences, and different social circles.

However, the universe gave a specific list of traits to each person born under the sign of Pisces.

Are you one? Or have you met a Pisces and now want to find out more about them? You’ll be surprised to find out these things about them. So buckle up!

17 Pisces eminent personalities

1. They’re sensitive

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

One of the eminent Pisces personalities is that they’re extremely sensitive. This means that they’re very susceptible to criticism and negative feedback. They can’t stand knowing that someone doesn’t love them or has something bad to say about them.

You can see that every single time you try to tell them that something’s wrong. They get stressed and anxious very easily. This happens most of the time because they don’t know how to handle their own feelings, so it all comes bursting right out.

Sometimes, they try to hide their feelings, but it’s obvious. They start to get defensive and you see the hurt on their face. Other times, you even see how their eyes well up before they start crying.

2. They’re highly empathetic

Because of the fact that they’re sensitive, they’re also very empathetic. They have a big heart and can sense pain in others deeply. The only sign who shares this same eminent personality with Pisces to the same degree is Cancer.

Pisces love people, despite some of them being introverts. The only issue is that they get tired quite easily.

This is because they’re so empathetic. If they feel a shift in energy for whatever reason, it could affect their mood for the rest of the day.

It’s not uncommon to see them upset because their friend is going through a tough time. If it’s someone extremely close to them, like a family member, a Pisces will even cry instead of them. Although it seems a little bit overwhelming for other signs, this is just how this water sign is wired.

3. They’re extremely loyal friends

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

It doesn’t matter if you’ve known them for a few days or for years. A Pisces is undeniably loyal.

The moment you entrust something to them, there’s nothing or no one to make them break that trust. They’ll always stay loyal to the people around them. You can be sure your secrets are safe and sound with them.

You know that many people like to jump from one friend to another. They do that because sometimes they benefit from that one specific person much more than someone else.

Well, if you have a Pisces friend or are crushing on a Pisces, I can tell you with certainty that they’re not that type of person. They stay loyal and they’ll always be by your side, even if it does happen that you end up in a fight.

4. They see beyond the physical

This zodiac sign is known for its ability to read the aura of a person.

Pisces people simply see beyond the physical aspect of others and see their true soul beneath. You can look like the most beautiful human being on earth, but if you don’t have a kind heart, nothing else matters.

They always look for the best in people. Of course, they’ll see when you put an effort into your appearance. They’ll appreciate how much you’re trying for them and always compliment you on your effort.

But that’s not what’s so important to them. They understand that we can’t choose the body we live in. We can only choose to heal our souls and treat people with care and understanding. That’s what Pisces will always look for!

This is one of Pisces’ highly eminent personalities. This part of their personality is very precious and you should always appreciate it. To them, it simply doesn’t matter what you look like, as long as you’re taking care of yourself and those around you.

5. They’re known for their overthinking

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

Due to their intense empathy and sensitivity, Pisces tend to overthink absolutely everything under the sun.

They’re unable to grow a thick skin from trauma, but become even more sensitive over time. Pisces people simply aren’t able to protect their hearts as easily as, for example, earth signs.

That’s why they’re so prone to overthinking. They don’t have another way of going through life, because if they didn’t prepare themselves for every possible scenario, then they’d just fall into a very depressed state.

Overthinking is like their little pastime that helps them figure out how to react in possible situations. This doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to prepare themselves for anything and everything the world throws their way. It just makes them feel a little bit safer.

Even though they put themselves through extreme anxiety by overthinking, it’s still better than facing the universe unprepared.

6. They’re avid dreamers

One truth about the people born under this sign is that they hate living in the real world. They have so much going on in their heads, that they also use it to create all sorts of scenarios. It doesn’t matter if they’re thinking about the perfect life or perfect partner, their imagination is always on hyperdrive.

Living in the real world is oftentimes very boring to them and they’d much rather stare into space and imagine a life in a completely different city or country.

They use their beautiful imagination to come up with a safe world that they can use to escape this one and help themselves through tough times. It’s kind of a coping mechanism they develop to keep the negative emotions at bay.

7. They always have a creative outlet

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

One thing you’ll notice that can be seen as an eminent Pisces personality trait is their creativity and need to have an outlet for it.

Every single Pisces I’ve ever met does something creative – be it playing an instrument, painting or sketching, or being part of a theater group where they let their creative juices flow freely.

For some reason, Pisces are so gifted with the arts that it even seems like they’re not trying hard to achieve perfection within their field of interest. It’s such a common trait that you could almost always guarantee a talented artist is Pisces.

Typical artsy stuff aside, their creativity may have other outlets. For example, a beautifully decorated home or DIYing. Why would anyone pay for something they can build themselves just how they want it, in the beauty of their own home? That’s kind of the motto Pisces lives by.

8. They make ideal romantic partners

If you’re a Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn, or Virgo, then your compatibility with this sign is extremely high.

Regardless, one of the many eminent personalities of Pisces is that they’re extremely romantic. They love being in love. To them, it’s like second nature.

Because of that, they tend to unfortunately make very poor choices when it comes to romantic partners. They fall in love before they’re even able to see the first red flags.

Pisces are extremely good at reading the true intentions of other people, but that judgment becomes easily clouded when they’re in love. When they love someone, they do everything in their power to show the person just how special they are.

Pisces will never let you believe that you’re not worthy enough for them or they would ever want someone else. No. You’re the only one to a Pisces and even if you find that hard to believe, it’s the complete truth.

9. They’re able to read right through you

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

It doesn’t matter how good you are at pretending in front of other people, a Pisces can read right through you and see your intentions without you even having to say a word.

If you have a boyfriend and want to know if he’s good for you, just take him to meet your Pisces friend. The Pisces in your life will be able to tell what’s going on before you even sit down. They’re very tuned in to body language, tone of voice, and other subtleties. Your friend can probably see things that you’re not even able to comprehend.

This doesn’t mean that they have some kind of superpower, but their discernment is a powerful tool they’ve been using on a daily basis.

That’s why you need to understand how special you are if you’re in the life of a Pisces. They’ve chosen you because they know just how beautiful your soul truly is.

10. They’re highly adaptable to different situations

When you think of Pisces, think of water. Think of how water flows and how it’s able to take the shape of everything that it’s within. It’s also able to find its way through mountains and form itself in a way that allows it to get to its destination.

This is quite a beautiful metaphor for Pisces.

They’re able to adapt to any and every situation that they find themselves in. One of the eminent personalities of Pisces is the fact that they find their place easily wherever they are.

It doesn’t matter if they’re in a group setting, in a business meeting, or about to meet someone extremely important. It’s also irrelevant if they’re going to a fancy place that they usually don’t frequent. A Pisces will always adapt to the situation perfectly.

We could credit this to the fact that they’re extremely intelligent or because they’re so creative. Either way, they use their big brain to help them navigate through all of these different environments.

11. They’re not afraid of their vulnerability

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

So many people are afraid to be vulnerable. You’ll often see men trying to avoid their emotions and get you to believe you’re the crazy one for being overly emotional. The reality of the situation is that you’re not crazy, you’re the normal one.

But Pisces isn’t like that. They’re never scared of showing who they truly are. They don’t know another way of existing. They wear their heart on their sleeve and that’s how they go through this harsh world.

That’s why every single Pisces you’ve ever met has been heartbroken one too many times. But they also show when they’re sad, angry, and happy, and are unable to fake their emotions.

You’ll never see someone born under this sign trying to pretend that they’re happy for you. Even if they do, it’s so obvious that it’s not genuine.

However, someone who truly understands how beautiful their vulnerability is will never try to hide it just to make other people feel comfortable. That’s not how Pisces do things.

12. They’re a little mysterious at times

As stated before, Pisces will wear their heart on their sleeve. You’ll always be able to read their emotions right away. But what you won’t be able to do is know their past and what they’re actually thinking about a situation.

More often than not, you’re left to ask one question after another, begging the sweet Lord that they’ll answer truthfully. This doesn’t mean that they’ll lie to you, just that they’ll avoid talking about the topic like their life depends on it.

You’ll mostly be the one talking. That’s simply how things roll with a Pisces. You talk and they listen. Even if you do manage to make Pisces tell you about their past, they’ll definitely avoid talking about the more important things that built them into the person they are today.

You’ll always go home thinking how you finally got through to this human being, but then, when you take some time to think things through, you’ll realize they only gave you a little glimpse into their personality.

13. They hate cruelty with everything in them

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

Taking into consideration just how sweet and caring Pisces people are, it’s not surprising that they hate cruelty. This can manifest in them not being able to watch horror movies with you, because they’re so affected by the violence going on.

One of Pisces’ eminent personalities is that they would erase all traces of violence and injustice in this world if they could. Unfortunately, they probably can’t. But that won’t stop them from feeling like they should do something about all the bad things out there.

You’ve probably already noticed just how sensitive every Pisces you ever meet is to bullying, injustice, and all the other problems of this world.

14. They’re very spiritual and wise

It’s said that because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, they took something from every other sign. This mostly relates to the fact that they’re extremely wise – as if they’ve taken on the knowledge of the rest of the zodiac signs.

They always know a solution to any issues you’re facing, as well as the best way to resolve the troubles within yourself.

As said before, Pisces see beyond the physical. For that exact reason, they tend to see the deeper meaning behind each moment in your life.

It’s as if there’s a completely different way of understanding the concept of life when you’re looking through the eyes of this sign. Whenever you’re looking for advice about anything, you simply know that you have to ask your Pisces friend.

15. They fear being rejected and abandoned

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

Even though Pisces are all too capable of taking care of themselves, it also doesn’t change the fact that they’re scared of being lonely. A Pisces would rather do everything needed to avoid conflict and being rejected or abandoned by someone they hold dear.

For example, if you see them in a relationship, they’ll do everything in their power to keep their partner interested and a part of their life. Pisces take their time when it comes to opening up to people, so when they find someone they can trust, they hold on to that person tightly.

They’re very emotionally available and often have an anxious attachment style. That’s why it’s so easy to see people born under this sign in long-term relationships.

Now, is this healthy or not? That’s for you to decide. But at the end of the day, Pisces love so wholly and deeply that we have to realize why they’re afraid to lose the person they love so much.

16. They have a surprisingly competitive side to them

One eminent part of Pisces’ personality is that they’re surprisingly competitive. Pisces are notoriously known for their hard work in the fields they’re interested in, so they want to become the best.

They’re not competitive in the sense that they’ll always be jealous and envious of other people. However, they’re prone to feeling these emotions when they’re protective over something or someone. They would rather disappear than admit that they’re jealous, but that doesn’t change the fact that they experience this emotion.

They’ll compete for the approval of the person they love as well as those in their field of work.

But that doesn’t mean that they won’t help you if you need them to teach you something. They’ll help you out and Pisces will even tutor you if you ask, but they’ll use that to boost their own ego too.

17. They’re lazy at times

DONE! Pisces Eminent Personalities 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

Okay, maybe “lazy” isn’t the right word to use. Somehow, “depressed” doesn’t seem the right term either, as we don’t know who could be diagnosed with this mental illness.

However, we can still say Pisces tend to get paralyzed by their own overthinking and overbearing mind. That’s why they’ll isolate for days or weeks at a time.

You can try to reach them all you want, but if Pisces have made the decision to stay away from the world, that’s what they’ll do. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to catch their attention, you simply won’t be able to.

This also means that they won’t do anything for several days at a time. The Pisces in your life will probably procrastinate and only make a move at the very last moment, because they simply feel overwhelmed by everything.

All of this is due to the fact that they’re so sensitive, their emotions can keep them bedridden. To some, it may seem like they’re just being overly dramatic, but Pisces actually hate drama and avoid it whenever they can.

That’s why we can’t say that they’re pretending in order to get attention. If anything, they don’t want to bother other people, but just retreat and be “lazy” for a few days to recharge their batteries.

When things get better, they get back out into the world and show how absolutely amazing they are.

Pisces Eminent Personalities: 17 Personality Traits Of The Loving Fish

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