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Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

How many times have you failed in your quest to find true love? How many times have you thought that the man next to you is the right one? And how many times have you had your heart broken because you gave everything to the wrong one?

If you’re anything like me, probably too many times – and you weren’t the one to blame for it.

I know that many of us think that love is all about expensive gifts and exotic travels. We see it in many Hollywood couples who seem to have everything figured out. Or do they?

In all that mess, there is one true thing: Love is much more than that!

You see, for me, love is powerful, magnificent – the purest of everything.

Love doesn’t mean that you have to be jealous of each other, it shouldn’t be hard, and it’s definitely not something that you can buy with money.

You see, only a real man will make you realize why your other ex-relationships have failed so miserably.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

To him, love will be as easy as breathing. It will come naturally since love isn’t something that you can force.

Find those cute old couples who have proven to us that true love exists and ask them what their secret is.

Most of them will say to you that it’s about compromise and acceptance.

Accepting someone’s worst and best edition is difficult, but it’s what love is all about.

With the wrong guy, you’ll always feel like you’re never enough.

It’s as if you’re not worthy of his love no matter what you do and no matter how high you climb that unclimbable mountain.

The truth is that many people sometimes find love in the wrong places.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

We expect to find it in a hopeless place and we fail miserably.

On the other hand, those who don’t go out looking for it, receive it without too much effort – love comes knocking on their door when they least expect it.

Faith has its own ways of saying that we have to be patient. You never know what might happen tomorrow.

You might be in your house cleaning, with your messy hair, in a tracksuit, and without makeup, when suddenly you hear the doorbell ring.

When you open the door, you get to see the most gorgeous and handsome man ever.

And with a little help from God, you’re head over heels in love with the guy.

You should never try to get someone’s attention with your physical appearance because such love won’t last.

Only a real man will love you for who you are and he’ll accept the person underneath the makeup.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

He’ll recognize your beautiful and unique soul, who’s loving and caring toward those who mean the most to her.

He’ll recognize your sincere smile when you look straight into his eyes, and he’ll love you for it.

That’s when he’ll know he has the right woman beside him.

Only a real man will love you like this.

He’ll see the woman that you are – the woman who grabs the bull by the horns and tackles every problem decisively and without any hesitation.

When he sees all of that, he’ll fall for you even harder.

And once he falls in love in love with you, you’ll become his safe harbor. You’ll become his home.

He might try to show you in a thousand ways how much he loves you, but from one simple glance, you’ll see how he feels about you.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

Words will be unnecessary.

His eyes reflect his soul. They won’t lie even if he tries to hide his feelings. His eyes will tell you everything you want to know.

A real man will always call you first whenever life hits him hard.

He’ll make you part of his life and you deserve to know everything. You’re his other part, the one he’ll never leave, ever again.

You’re the only person he feels good with.

And he’ll always try to share some of that joy with you. He doesn’t want to see you sad.

He’ll always try his hardest to make your day, even if it means texting you a simple “good morning” or “good night.”

He’ll find time even on the busiest days for you.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

You know why? Because you’re a priority to him. You’re NEVER his second option, You’re his ONE AND ONLY.

That’s why he’ll give his best to show you the best version of himself just to please you. He wants you to be proud of him.

He’s the real deal. The type of man who’ll come home, lie in your lap after an exhausting day, and tell you how grateful he is that he has you in his life.

He’ll say that you’re his home and that there’s no other place he’d rather be.

Even though it might sound cheesy, you’re his queen.

He sees you as worthy of his love and he’s aware of how difficult it is to find a good woman nowadays.

He’ll show you that he really loves you both when you’re alone together and in a room full of people.

His eyes will only search for you.

DONE! Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

He won’t need any reason other than you to get up and deal with life’s problems every day.

You’re a blessing God sent him to make his life feel complete.

He’ll love you on your worst days and he’ll be there for you to hold your hand and wipe the tears from your face when you need him.

He’ll build a future with you because he knows you’re his happily ever after. You are the light at the end of his tunnel, his safe haven.

Only a real man will love you like this, and when you finally meet him, don’t ever let go of him.

Cherish him like he’s the only one for you in this world.

Fight for a man who truly believes he’s meant for you, and don’t forget to tell him that you love him every single day.

You’re his only one, his most beautiful gem. And trust me, you will get to meet your happily ever after.

Only A Real Man Will Love You Like This

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