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Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

Does your man pretend to not know what he did wrong and then blame it all on you? Does your man expect you to forgive him every single time he makes a mistake? Maybe he accuses you of being passive-aggressive, or tells you that you were the one who started everything?

I know that you’re sick and tired of such toxic behavior. Most men are unable to put their egos aside and apologize to their significant other. Unfortunately, many women passively accept that men are like that and believe that they’re unable to do anything about it.

But the truth is far from that.

If a man truly loves you – and I mean genuinely cares about you – then he won’t make you feel like you’re less than him. Every time he sees you hurting, he’ll be courageous enough to apologize to you and put an effort into making things right.

He won’t put his pride above your love because he knows that true love means sacrificing yourself for the greater good.

DONE! Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

Being empathic and selfless in a relationship is essential when you’re trying to build a future together. It’s fairly easy to let go of pride and see things from your partner’s perspective, but not many men do that.

But why does that happen? Is self-reflection something guys avoid doing because they’re afraid of what they’ll learn about themselves?

And why is so hard to say those two little words “I’m sorry”?

Well, one of the reasons men refrain from saying them is because it’s difficult for them to admit they’re wrong. They think others may perceive them as less manly and less competent, which hurts their ego.

If they utter those two words, that means you won the “battle,” even though there isn’t any competition when it comes to love. Men, in general, don’t like to lose. So weakness is a feeling they’ll try to avoid at any cost.

Another reason has to do with that irritating BUT that follows immediately after he admits to his mistake. When he answers with “Yes, it’s my fault, but…”

Men are prone to playing the blame game. They tell you that they’re the ones who messed up the entire situation, but you were the first to do it, so now you’re even. But this doesn’t get you anywhere.

Men are petrified of being vulnerable. That’s also why they won’t admit that they’re wrong. Even though they look sturdy and tough from the outside, men have feelings too – they just usually hide them.

They’re taught from a young age that they should hide those emotions, and sometimes because of that, you’re unable to solve your issues with your man.

I’m not saying it’s okay that men avoid apologizing to you, I’m just explaining the possible reasons for them acting that way.

DONE! Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

After all, if he can’t admit that he’s wrong even when you’re both aware that it’s his fault, then he’s clearly disrespecting you.

It’s fairly easy to see that he doesn’t value you enough in your relationship. There’s no other reason for him wanting to prioritize his pride above your love.

And truth be told, women don’t ask for too much. They just want a real man who’ll own up to the mistakes they make – and we all make them.

The difference between a mature man and an immature boy is that the first one will actively listen to you and try to understand your feelings. The latter will simply ignore you and move on as if nothing ever happened.

A real man won’t play the jealousy card or any other mind game. He’s responsible and careful with his words. He doesn’t let his ego get in the way of making his woman happy.

He’ll value and respect you even if you don’t agree with him because he knows that it’s perfectly okay to have differences in opinions. He’ll lend you a hand whenever you need his support and love you for who you are.

He has no problem saying “I’m sorry.” In fact, he’ll be the one to initiate the conversation and suggest a solution first.

His goal is to improve your relationship, not to make it worse. He’s mindful of the fact that in order to grow, things have to change and evolve. You must make an effort to be better and wiser with each new day, and not let problems overwhelm your heart and mind.

You can’t be selfish in a relationship and that’s a fact. I mean, it’s so easy to just admit something, let it go, and learn a valuable lesson from it. But that only happens if you have a mature man by your side.

DONE! Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

Know that he’s a keeper if he apologizes to you after being in the wrong. That means he values you more than his male pride. Your love comes first and that’s what really matters.

And even if you haven’t yet met a man like this, don’t lose hope, because there are plenty of fish still in the sea. Don’t think that all men are bad just because you’ve had a couple of bad experiences.

You’ll meet a man who’ll prioritize you above everything and won’t have any problems apologizing to you.

Only A Man Who Values You More Than His Pride Will Apologize To You

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