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Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

Many women stay in a loveless relationship and think that it’s perfectly acceptable to be someone’s second option. But the truth is, the right man – the man of your dreams – will never see you as his backup plan.

Even though women are searching for reasons why men can’t and won’t commit to their relationship, many are afraid to accept the bitter truth that usually those guys simply aren’t right for them.

They can’t handle the truth since they believe they won’t find anyone better. But it’s perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that it was a hit-and-miss situation and just walk away.

So, why do women act that way?

DONE! Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

Truthfully, it could be that your soul and heart are tired of searching for the perfect man. You don’t have high standards and you’re ready to compromise when it comes to love, yet finding the right man almost seems impossible.

That’s why you’re exhausted from trying, only to find out that he was just another guy who broke your heart. Another man who made you lose your faith in love.

You’re just fed up with the endless dating and failing to label anything that might make him commit to you. That’s why you’re not invested as much into getting to know him better because you already know it won’t end well.

The disappointment you face every time you hope that a man will commit to you is what makes you blind to see the truth that’s right in front of you – a man who is genuinely in love with you will commit to you right away. He won’t hesitate even for a second because he’ll know how valuable and unique you are.

And strangely enough, this is something that you already knew yet hadn’t the courage to accept. You hid this deep inside of your heart and kept making excuses for why it didn’t work out.

A man who is truly in love with you won’t be late for your dates. He won’t ignore your calls or text messages about how you miss him already, even though you saw each other couple of hours ago.

DONE! Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

He won’t act like that.

Instead, he’ll put everything else after you because he knows spending time with you is worthwhile. He accepts the fact that you’re the only one who can fill his voids in life.

Here’s the harsh truth. If he doesn’t quite know where he stands after having been together a couple of months already, and you see him as a part of your future, then stop wasting your precious time and just walk away.

Don’t be blinded by the love you feel and ignore the fact that this thing you have going on isn’t going last much longer because of his incapability to commit to you.

Usually, people ignore and sweep under the rug all the bad things that happen in their relationship. They fail to open their eyes to see a simple truth – that they’re not meant to be together.

Instead, what they do is continue to live in an imaginary world they’ve created in their mind because that’s the only thing that makes them happy.

So, tell me do you want to be one of those people?

DONE! Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

Even after you push aside the negative stuff, be honest with yourself and answer me this: What will happen when you wake up from this dream? What happens when you come back to reality and see that things aren’t going well at all?

You’ll probably look back at your failed relationship and realize that all this time you’ve been lying to yourself.

You’ve been giving him second chances when he doesn’t deserve them. You were hoping by some miracle he’d change, but that dream of yours never came to life.

When you’re being mistreated by a man who doesn’t value you enough, you’re probably going to give him the benefit of the doubt and tell yourself that he’s the one.

You’ll read many articles about how men do this and that to show they love you, convincing yourself that he’s your soulmate.

But if he’s really the man of your dreams and your happily ever after, why would you go and search for those signs when you’re already experiencing them? You won’t need an article like that because you just know he is.

And if you think otherwise, then, I’m sorry to break it to you, but you’re only wasting your time.

I know that it’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it’s better to be hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.

DONE! Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

You may try to refuse to admit it, but deep down in your heart you already know. You’re just not strong enough to accept it yet.

Because once you do, it would mean ending up being alone all over again. But you know what? That’s not awful at all because you’re one step closer to finding your true love.

Someone who loves you and wants to be in a committed relationship with you will do literally anything in his power just to have you by his side.

He won’t be bothered by those minor differences between you two or what others might think of him. He’ll only work toward creating a safe environment where the two of you can grow together.

He’ll put in the effort to spend his life with you.

And if you can’t relate to any of those things, then it’s better for you to just leave him.

DONE! Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

It may be hard at first. You’ll have to give yourself enough time to emotionally heal before moving forward with your love life. You’ll probably date a dozen wrong men.

But you can’t succeed if you don’t fail a couple of times. You’re never going to meet the man you’ve been waiting for if you stay with the wrong one.

You may be single for a month or even a year, but mark my words, the right one will come.

If your current man doesn’t know exactly how he feels about you, then do the both of you a favor. Be the bigger person and walk away.

If a man genuinely loves you, then he certainly won’t have a problem committing to you.

Only A Man Who Is Genuinely In Love With You Will Commit Right Away

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