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One Day You’ll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

Do you know that feeling when you’re hurt by the person you thought would never do you any harm? Do you remember how he promised you that he’d never take you for granted and yet treated you poorly and made you believe that you didn’t deserve to be loved?

I know that you’re hurting right now but one day, all the pain will be gone.

One day, you’ll get up and he won’t be the main character of your life story.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

He won’t be the first thing you think of when you wake up or the last one when you finally go to bed to sleep. And even if it’s hard for you to not think about him even when you’re at work, all of that will change one day.

He won’t be able to prevent you from functioning normally. Instead, he’ll be nothing more than a distant memory – a man who came into your life, taught you a valuable lesson about love, and left as if nothing ever happened.

Eventually, he’ll slowly fade away and you won’t be aware of it. You’ll one day feel free and relieved that he can’t hurt you anymore.

One day, you’ll wake up and realize how insignificant he was to your life and how he never pushed you to be a better person.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

You’ll come to your senses and become aware that you only need yourself and not him. You were strong all along but you failed to recognize that.

Instead of being happy with him, he just made your life into a living hell, which should never have happened if he truly cared about you. However, that pain will be gone and you’ll find your peace.

You’ll be glad that he’s no longer by your side, as you’ll breathe more easily. You’ll see that he was never the man you thought he was.

He was never the love of your life or the man with whom you were supposed to grow old. He was just another mistake.

One day, you’ll wake up in your bedroom and everything will make sense to you.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

You won’t be confused as to why it happened to you and you won’t blame yourself for all the bad things that you two experienced. Those what-ifs and buts will be gone and you won’t try to find an answer to what went wrong any longer.

All those questions will suddenly vanish and you’ll feel liberated. You’ll never again question whether or not you were enough for him because you’ll know you were.

It’s him who has to take the blame and accept his mistakes. He wasn’t enough for you but you were blinded by love and couldn’t see that.

At that time, you didn’t think that you deserved better and thought that was the happiest you’d ever be. But soon, you’ll realize that you deserve much more.

One day, you’ll get up and realize that he was never the man of your dreams.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

You’ll know that you made a mistake every time you sacrificed yourself just to please him. You put him on a pedestal and he knew how to use that against you.

He didn’t even bother to put any effort into your relationship because he thought you’d never leave him. It was always just the bare minimum from him and you were the one who worked hard and made compromises.

He would always take from you but he would never give anything back in return. You couldn’t even rely on him being there whenever you needed him because, deep down, you knew that he didn’t genuinely love you.

You missed those red flags and you felt alone all the time.

One day, you’ll wake up and you won’t be haunted by your past.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

Once the dust settles and you gather enough strength to pick yourself up, you won’t even think about any of your shared memories.

Right now, you reminisce about the good times and the moments you laughed together and you start to miss him. You think back to when you felt fulfilled with him and that really hurts.

But on that wonderful, sunny day when you finally break free of the shackles of your past, you won’t think about the good or the bad memories anymore.

You won’t feel distracted by them because you’ll be too busy focusing on your personal growth and happiness.

And that’s when you’ll start living your best life without him by your side or in your thoughts.

One day, you’ll get up and the feeling of missing him will be gone.

DONE! One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

You won’t miss him because you’ll know that there’s someone better out there waiting for you. He’ll be part of your past and someone who helped you realize what you don’t want from a partner.

You’ll start a new chapter where the main protagonist is you and no one else. You’ll concentrate on your life and there won’t be anyone to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

One day, you’ll wake up and all the pain will be gone.

Once you’ve picked up the pieces of your broken heart, he’ll become someone that you used to know. You won’t care whether he has another woman or whether or not he thinks about you.

The only thing on your mind will be to work on your personal growth and leave the rest to God. You better believe that he’ll miss the way you cared about him but you won’t be there any longer.

You’ll know that he lost a great woman who would’ve done anything for him but he has to live with that burden while you focus on your future. You know what people say – after the rain comes the sunshine.

One Day You'll Wake Up And All The Pain Will Be Gone

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