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One Day, You Won’t Have To Wait Anymore

One Day, You Won’t Have To Wait Anymore

I know that you’ve been waiting your whole life for the right one to appear.

You have looked for him in all the obvious places but no one worth your love was to be found.

So you decided to wait and hoped that God would send you the person you deserve. Some time has passed, but your man still hasn’t arrived.

What’s taking him so long?

You have been waiting for him your whole life and it feels like you are starting to lose faith.

“I probably don’t deserve love. I would already have found someone if I did.”

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

You beat yourself up, thinking that you are the reason why you are still alone.

Those words that only the strongest ones go through the hardest battles are pushed to the back of your mind, as you no longer believe in anything.

You’ve been waiting for something to happen for too long. You can’t pretend that you are optimistic anymore.

But let me tell you something.

One day, you will wake up in a hug of this amazing man. Half asleep, he will kiss your forehead. He will smile at you and pull you into his arms.

That moment, you will realize that everything you’ve been waiting for is right next to you, in reach of you.

When that day comes, you will know what unconditional love feels like.

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

You will know that it’s not about words but about actions and the feelings that are evoked in you.

When that day comes, you will realize what appreciation feels like. This man will always tell you how much of an amazing person you are.

He will appreciate everything you do and you will thank God that you finally have someone who will be the wind beneath your wings.

You will feel that you can do anything as long as he is there to tell you how great a person you are.

When that day comes, you will learn what support is. You have always struggled with finding a person who will be there for you, no matter what.

You lacked support, in every way possible, but that’s why your time will have come now.

This man will always make sure to show you that you can do anything you want.

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

If you want to climb a mountain, he will be walking next to you, telling you that you can do it and that he believes in you.

It will feel amazing to know that someone finally thinks that you are capable of huge things.

When that day comes, you will finally see what understanding looks like.

You may fall apart in front of him and cry out all of the feelings that have been bottling up inside of you while he will hug you tight and tell you that it will be all right.

He will tell you that he understands you and that he knows how you are feeling right now.

No more words like, “I don’t get you,” “You are too sensitive,” or, “Your life is amazing! Why are you crying?”

Instead, you will have someone who won’t ask you excessive questions but he will show you that it is perfectly fine to feel the way you are feeling.

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

When that day comes, you will know how it feels to be safe and secure in someone’s company.

To know that he won’t hurt you because he loves you too much.

You will forget about all of the pain from your previous relationships. It’s like he is holding a magic wand that makes everything bad disappear.

You will feel like you are born again and that you are starting your life from the beginning.

No more chasing or drama. What you will have will be a safe environment where you can be yourself to the fullest and no one will judge you for that.

When that day comes, you will have yourself a man who doesn’t just seek out the good parts of you. He won’t judge you or tell you that you need to change.

You will be perfect for him, just the way you are. There will be no need to pretend that you are something you’re not just to get him to like you.

He will have already fallen in love with your whole personality and he will never want you to change, not even the smallest detail.

You will be his muse. With your own beauty, you will make him do amazing things.

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

When that day comes, one of the most important things will happen, with the one you have been waiting for your whole life.

You will finally feel happy. Everything will be the way it is supposed to be.

No more pain, suffering, or loneliness. You will find yourself a companion who was worth the wait.

The days of trying to impress anyone who comes into your life will be over.

You will no longer be doing that. Instead, you will be the person you are, without feeling guilty.

You will feel like all of the pieces of the puzzle are finally in front of you and you can start assembling the jigsaw of your life.

Simple and easy – love will feel like that from now on. You will wake up and fall asleep next to a man who will see how worthy you are.

He will love you, care for you, and appreciate you.

DONE! One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

Your self-esteem will grow as you will finally have someone who does not put you down or blame you for everything that happens.

With him, you won’t have to walk on eggshells when you want to communicate your emotions.

Straightforward, without overthinking, you will tell him how you are feeling and he will never make you feel bad about that.

Instead, he will listen to you, he will tell you that he understands you, and he will work on improving the situation.

What a relief it will be when you no longer have to question your thoughts and opinions. You will realize that there was never anything wrong with them.

Instead, it was the people who were wrong for you and couldn’t understand what you were telling them.

One day, you won’t have to wait anymore.

You will take a deep breath and you will know that everything is finally the way it was always supposed to be.

Then, he will wake up and the two of you will drink your morning coffee and you’ll know you couldn’t wish for more from life.

One Day, You Won't Have To Wait Anymore

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