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28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

How old are you? Do you feel like you are a hundred years old? And has it been like that ever since you were a young person? Maybe you even remember your past life. You have probably always been searching for a deeper meaning and spiritual awakening; this is because you have a strong sense of self-awareness and self-development. You probably also enjoy your own company so a lot of time, you like having some alone time. All this is because you are an old soul.

But what does having an old soul really mean? A lot of the time, it means not being your own age but much older than you appear to be. If you have the characteristics of an old soul, then this article is for you because you will find out the telltale signs that you are an old soul. So if you are wondering if you are an old soul, read on and learn all about being one. We are going to answer the question of why old souls suffer and what old soul empathy is but let’s start by answering what having an old soul means.

28 signs you have an old soul and what it means

In this article, you will learn the old soul definition and the telltale signs that you are an old soul. You have probably already met a 12-year-old saying, “Kids today are so…”. Or a 25-year-old saying, “In my day…” Or maybe you were like that when you were younger and that means you have a beautiful old soul.

These kinds of people are often unable to relate to what others their age consider important or fun and that is why they feel out of place and it is the answer to the question of why old souls suffer. Read on because you will also learn what old soul empathy is, and what all the old soul characteristics are.

What is an old soul?

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

Have you always been able to see the bigger picture? That is one of the old soul traits. But what is the meaning of an old soul? The meaning of an old soul is that it’s some young person who has exceptional knowledge and talents and they even seem to have psychic insight. An old soul is someone who has gifts that go beyond their own age and their body.

The meaning of an old soul could be that they always feel much older than they actually are and ever since a young age, they have had trouble fitting in with their age group so you will probably find them around older people.

What is old soul empathy? Empathy is just one of the gifts an old soul has, which also includes keen insight into the human condition, high intelligence, and intuition. But why do old souls suffer? This type of person often feels like they don’t belong in this period of time or even this world and that is why they are always longing for a sense of true meaning and inner fulfillment. They search for a purpose that power, success, and money can’t achieve. It is their thirst to return back home.

However, there are two types of old souls. One of them is born that way, and the other grows into it, thanks to the process of spiritual awakening. Having an old soul will make you seem like you have a lot of life experience but that knowledge, in fact, comes from your past lives. Did you hang out with older people when you were of a young age? This type of person often doesn’t fit into their own age group, so they find friends in older generations but an old soul is an introvert, so they enjoy their alone time as well.

If you are interested in dating an old soul, you should know that being an old soul gives them a strong sense of self-awareness and self-development. They are always able to see the bigger picture and understand the deeper meaning. But you might have a hard time with their need to enjoy their own company since this type of person is an introvert and they don’t waste time on the little things other people bother themselves with. So if your loved one is an old soul, you should read on to discover the telltale signs that make the meaning of an old soul clear. But if you are wondering if you are an old soul, that is also a great reason to keep reading about the signs that you are one. Find out the true old soul meaning right now.

Signs you’re an old soul

1. You know that there’s another way you can do things

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

Maybe you find yourself saying sentences like, “There’s no harm in trying,” or, “I have a feeling this will work.” Others could consider your suggestions to be outdated but you are sure that sometimes the old ways are the best ways of doing things. You don’t want to waste time and energy when the answer is right there and an innovative or new solution is not always required. Of course, you don’t mind trying new things, but you also know that the old ways could be the best ones.

2. You give advice beyond your age

Maybe you don’t have the life experience to prove it, but somehow, you know things. It even seems like you know things from your previous lives; you simply know how things work. Others often wonder how you know something, and you answer with a simple, “I just know,” but you don’t know how you do know. Even so, people who ask you for advice don’t doubt your prophecies… even when they are a little freaked out by your previous life experience.

3. You always think things through

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

Does not being able to think things through give you a hard time? If you are an old soul, you will like to think things through even if you are an impatient person. It is what allows you to proceed in the direction that is most in sync with your soul, body, and mind and it is a part of your process of doing things. You simply feel uneasy when you aren’t able to have the time to think things through.

4. You don’t like wasting your time on questioning things

After you think things through, you move forward and are confident that you have done all that was needed and you don’t like wasting your time with justifying every little thing to others… or even to yourself. Your time is precious, and you don’t want to waste it on talking about things that you are going to do… but rather doing them. You believe that everything will work out as it should and you don’t like questioning the process.

5. You don’t want to go out just to go out

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

Quality is much more important to you than quantity. You love going out and having fun, but you won’t go out just because others want you to. What you want from going out is the experience of something that challenges you and you don’t mind spending your money on things that broaden your horizons and give you amazing experiences. But going out just for the sake of going out is not one of the characteristics of an old soul.

6. You appreciate old literature

Your opinion is that the classics should be respected. It’s one of the old soul traits, and you believe that older generations have a lot to teach us. You probably even like sniffing the books for that special smell of old literature. In your opinion, the classics should be valued and respected because they hold history between their pages.

7. You have a record collection

You like old music as well as old literature and one of the old soul signs is that record collection you have. Those who have a younger soul will never understand the feeling you had the first time you held a record in your hands. All in all, it’s basically in the old soul definition that they love the classics and are nostalgic for the old days, even if they weren’t even born during them. How many of today’s artists can you name? Probably only a few. But when it comes to Janis Joplin and Frank Sinatra, you have every record of theirs.

8. You don’t like drama

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

There is no need for you to be unnecessarily stressed, and you prefer living without drama. You really know how to enjoy the silence and be at peace. The world views busyness and stress as being productive, but you know that they don’t have much to do with it. You know that productivity is actually a matter of utilizing your time so you pay attention to what you will spend your time on. And you like to make sure that it’s worth your while because you don’t want to be busy just to be busy.

9. You love meeting new people

You consider talking to people to be enriching and you like being amazed by different perspectives. The first time you meet someone adds to your experience of this world. You love exchanging stories with the people you have just met, and you don’t mind if they are younger souls.

10. You value every deep connection

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

As I said before, quality is much more important to you than quantity and you have to have a deep connection in order to feel any bond. Half-hearted and surface-level friendships and relationships don’t interest you because you are searching for deep and long-lasting friendships and relationships. After all, you are giving yourself wholly to those who give themselves to you as well.

11. You love to learn

Whether it’s learning more about the world around you, other people, or yourself, you love to learn. You consider growth to be a part of life and how else would one grow but by learning? And you don’t need your efforts to lead anywhere in the sense of a certificate or degree. Of course, it’s great to get them, but just the act of learning is enough for you and it motivates you to grow.

12. You don’t follow trends

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means 5

Why would someone force themselves to like things and follow others just so they could fit in? Being a tech follower or a style chaser is simply something that you can’t understand. You don’t care whether you are a latecomer or an early adopter because none of it defines you. Even if you have an iPad, it’s probably just gathering dust. It’s not a surprise that one of the characteristics of an old soul is that they don’t follow trends but they would rather reminisce about the past.

13. You like the company of older people

Have you caught yourself hanging onto every word some old person is saying while telling you the stories of their youth? You enjoy hearing their wisdom and you catch yourself crying at their war stories or reminiscing about loved ones who are long-lost. It’s part of the definition of an old soul that these people enjoy the company of those older than them.

14. You are calm

You stay calm even when there is a crisis, which is one of the characteristics of an old soul. Maybe you seem disconnected to others but your friends know that you work hard, only differently. You actually know that nothing gets done if people are just running around and losing their heads but you don’t do that. Instead, you stop, wait and listen before you make a decision about what your next step is going to be.

15. You understand giving

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

Giving is your way of living. You give your money, your time, and all the things that you don’t need because they are rewarding. And that’s not all, because to you, they are pure acts of love. After all, there is no need to keep the things that you don’t need.

16. You are a lone wolf

Because it has always been hard for you to make friends with people your age, you have gotten used to being alone and what’s more, you have learned to enjoy it. So you actually like having some time by yourself to be at peace and gather your thoughts. But you are also picky when it comes to choosing the people who you are going to spend your time with.

17. You love truth, wisdom, and knowledge

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

You understand that power is knowledge, happiness is wisdom and freedom is truth. So why wouldn’t you pursue these things? After all, they are much more meaningful than gossiping about famous people or the result of a football game. Perhaps you even like spending time with books rather than with people.

18. You are connected to your spiritual side

You like spending time getting to know yourself and like how far you have gotten so far. There is something bigger than you and you are encouraged by that and because of it, you have the motivation to do good. You know that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and you like to help others but your self-development is what makes you an old soul. Whatever that higher force that you feel connected to is, don’t hide it away but embrace your destiny.

19. You feel a connection to the past

Whether it’s older people, history or the classics, you feel a strong connection to the past; that is why you consider older people to be wiser and enjoy everything that is from simpler times. Or maybe it is true that you have had a past life and you are actually nostalgic for it. Who knows.

20. You like to reflect on your life

Learning about yourself is important to you and you are always looking for ways to improve your life. You don’t wait for someone else to do it for you because you know how to take responsibility but you are humble enough to realize that life is surprising and random. And what comforts you is the fact that you have a choice of how you will react to what happens. To learn how to succeed in life, you have to know how to reflect on it, and you are well aware of it.

21. You see the big picture

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means 8

A lot of people are caught up in their lives so they become short-sighted but you know that no matter what troubles you are facing, there are still bigger problems out there. You are always aware that there are forces bigger than you and you never miss seeing the big picture.

22. You don’t need much

Your belongings don’t bring you pleasure or give you meaning; they are only the tools you use and you would be okay without them too. You choose to collect experiences instead of collecting material things. If you had to choose between the latest iPhone and a camping trip, or between the company of television or a book, the choice would be easy to make.

23. You didn’t have a lot of friends growing up

As a kid, when you went to school, you always felt like an outsider because you were more mature than the other kids; you probably liked different activities, music or books. And when you were in high school, you didn’t see the point of getting drunk and acting stupid. Maybe you even tried pretending that you liked all those things, but now that you are older, you don’t see a point in any of that.

24. You are wiser and more mature than others

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means 9

You were different as a kid and you are different now as an adult and this is because you feel more mature than others, and wiser as well. You should know that there is nothing wrong with you. Your experience of life is just different than of those around you and that is perfectly fine.

25. You have a deep understanding of emotions

You can understand others’ emotions because you feel emotions strongly. I’m sure it gets tough being that sensitive and passionate, but that is what makes you amazing. You understand that your emotions don’t make you weak; instead, they make you even stronger. Other people turn to you for advice because you understand emotions so well and you make them feel better.

26. You like spending time at home

Old souls can most likely be found in their own homes; home is a place where they feel at peace because they are secure and safe. And that is why they are happiest when they are at home. You don’t have to look far outside yourself to find happiness. Is there anything better than lying on your couch covered with a blanket and reading an old classic? You are never bored when you are at home because you can always find something to learn about or you will choose to write down what you already know.

27. You get tired easily around people 

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means 10

You feel like your mind, body and soul need rest and that is why you need to get away from everything and everyone from time to time. Maybe you will choose to go somewhere where no one knows you or you will spend some time in nature. Perhaps you will travel, take a camping trip or simply spend your time at home. Whatever it is, you need to rejuvenate your energy and you mostly do so by being alone.

28. You know to look inside instead of outside

You don’t need outside validation of your value or worth. Even though most people turn to an outside source of validation to give meaning to their lives, you find value in your own experiences. You are focused on inner things, such as your needs, your journey and improving your life and you don’t care about wasting your time on things that you cannot control. A lot of people never really feel complete because they wait for others to provide them with that kind of peace but you are able to find your missing pieces by yourself.

28 Signs You Have An Old Soul And What It Means

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