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My Soft Heart Can’t Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

My Soft Heart Can’t Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

That’s it – I’m done. I give up on the game that you’ve been playing with me.

Your toxicity will destroy my soft heart if I stick with you any longer. It’s going to break it into pieces, and I know that I’ll never be able to fix it again.

I tried, I really did.

I gave you more chances than you ever deserved, but it all came down on me, throwing me on the ground and making it hard to breathe.

My soft heart is struggling, looking for something to heal it. And still, a remedy is nowhere to be found.

No matter how many chances I give to you, you’ll never be able to appreciate me.

My soft heart will always be accused of being too clingy or needy, even though the only thing it wants from you is love.

But you have no idea what love is. You have no idea how it feels to care about someone more than you care about yourself.

The only thing you’re good at is destroying those around you – filling people with your toxicity and letting them suffer until they can’t take it anymore.

DONE! My Soft Heart Can't Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

You’re always the one to point out my flaws and make them seem huge. I keep showing you my good sides, but you ignore them.

Instead, you make my mind focus on the things I’ve been trying not to think about because that’s what toxic people do.

They play with you until you can’t handle it anymore.

Even though you know that I’ve been struggling to love myself my whole life, you’ll still make me go through the same terror I ran away from to escape my past.

You’re going to make me feel bad about myself because that’s what keeps you going.

It gives you strength and makes you go through life easier.

Sometimes, I wonder if you wake up in the morning and make a list of things you could ruin with your toxicity.

From this point of view, it sure looks like you do.

Your toxicity will never let you see me happy. It eats you alive when you see that someone’s better off than you.

I know it’s true because you already showed me that. You ruined my mood every time I walked past you laughing.

You tried to show me that you’re supposed to be the only source of my happiness.

But how can you make me happy when the only thing you know is to put me down and make me feel worthless?

My soft heart is tired of your toxicity and the way you’ve been treating me.

You’ve drained every ounce of energy I had in my body. I gave you everything I had, and now you want my heart too.

DONE! My Soft Heart Can't Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

You want me to give you this final piece of me that’s left in this body. But if I do that, I’ll be done.

I’ll be gone forever, and the worst thing is that you wouldn’t even notice it.

You would casually move on to your next victim and continue with your life. Because that’s what toxic people do.

They seek out a victim and once they get everything out of them, they simply move on.

Their toxic behavior never stops, no matter how much we keep begging and screaming, hoping that they’ll feel sorry for the things they’ve done.

My soft heart can’t give you anything anymore.

I’m empty. From the moment you met me until now, you’ve managed to make me feel a million times worse than I did at the beginning of our story.

I kept putting in the effort and you kept poisoning me. Drop by drop, you tried to change my perception of the world.

But you never knew one thing: My soft heart can’t hurt others the way you can.

If only you had a heart, maybe you would know how it feels to love someone without expecting anything in return.

Perhaps you’d know how it feels to appreciate someone because people lead different battles and sometimes all they really need is support.

But that’s far from your range.

Your toxicity turns good things into bad, and I know you’d do whatever it takes to make me the same as you if I stayed in your life any longer.

You have no idea what the word “change” means, so I won’t stick with you, hoping that one day things will be different. I won’t give myself false hope and convince myself that one day you won’t be the toxic guy you currently are.

DONE! My Soft Heart Can't Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

Why? Because I know that’s not possible. Toxicity runs in your blood and it’s hard to change that.

How can you make a man change everything he is when he has no idea that there are better ways to live a life?

This is your only way – the only game you know how to play.

Your whole life, you’ll be a man who puts down others, sees nothing good in them, and decreases their value – and at the same time, you won’t realize that the problem is in you.

But I’m done wasting my words on someone who doesn’t see through them. I’m done trying to help you when you clearly don’t want to be saved.

You’re satisfied with your toxic life and treating people in ways they don’t deserve. That’s just who you are.

So, I put an end to this fallen relationship – actually, attempted relationship.

DONE! My Soft Heart Can't Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

There’s no point in trying when you obviously don’t want to have things any different.

You’re happy in your cocoon of toxicity and no woman ever could change that, no matter how hard she loves you.

My soft heart can’t deal with your toxicity any longer. I tried, I truly did. But I can’t take it anymore.

I gave you everything I had. I tried every solution to give you a wake-up call, but it looks as if you don’t listen to my words.

To you, they’re irrelevant, and you don’t let them reach your mind because you’re afraid of what might happen next.

So, go on. Live your toxic life. Find another victim.

But I hope that one day, you’ll see all those mistakes that you’ve made and that you’ll be sorry for them.

My soft heart can’t deal with your toxicity any longerand I’m not sorry that I’m leaving.

My Soft Heart Can't Deal With Your Toxicity Any Longer

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