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My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do?

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do?

‘My ex blocked me on everything! We broke up months ago and I haven’t contacted him since. I would understand if he unfollowed me, but I don’t understand why he would take it this far!’

Let’s be honest here – we’re all guilty of stalking our exes on social media months after the breakup. You might be hurt and unable to let go of the past, so you visit his profile hoping to get some closure. Even if you parted ways on good terms, you still might be curious about what he’s been up to lately.

Regardless, nobody prepares you for the cold shower you experience when you wake up one day, casually check his Instagram only to find out he’s blocked you! You go on his Facebook page hoping it’s a mistake, check his WhatsApp in desperation, and turn to your last resort hoping he’d pick up the phone.

Blocked, blocked, blocked. You’ve been blocked on everything! When the initial shock goes down you might find yourself wondering ‘What do I do now?’. Blocking your ex isn’t something new, people have done it since the dawn of social media. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it?

We all deal with emotions differently, and we should be able to do whatever helps us move on. Some people get rid of their ex’s things, some jump into dating someone new, and some resort to blocking their ex on everything, in hopes of regaining some control over their life. So how exactly do you know your ex has blocked you for sure?

How to be sure your ex blocked you?

The most common way of communicating with your ex is over the phone. Whether you’re a fan of the old-school, calling and texting ways, or you prefer to stay up-to-date using an array of apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, there are many ways to recognize when somebody’s blocked you.

iPhone vs. Android

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do

If you’re an iPhone user pay attention to what your message looks like after you send it. If you’re using the latest version, your iMessage will be marked as ‘delivered’ and it will remain blue.

On an older version, your phone will attempt to send your message as an iMessage, but after a failed attempt it will resend it as a text message. Unfortunately, if your ex has blocked you he won’t receive either of them.

If you attempt to call him, you will hear one ring (but your ex’s phone will remain silent), a message that he’s not available, and you will be sent straight to voicemail.

An Android user would go through similar difficulties. If your ex blocked you, your phone won’t deliver any texts, and it will send your calls to his voicemail after just one ring.

Social media platforms

When you’re blocked on WhatsApp you can no longer see your ex’s name on the contact list. If you try to contact him it will only show one check mark (your message has been sent), but never show two checkmarks (your message hasn’t been delivered).

Instagram is pretty obvious, too. If your ex’s account is private, you won’t be able to find it at all. If it’s public, you will be able to find his account but you won’t be able to see his profile image, follower or following count, or any of his posts (this area will show ‘No Posts Yet’).

Assuming your ex has blocked you on Facebook, you won’t be allowed to view his profile, send a friend request, or comment on anything he previously posted. Make sure to check if he’s blocked you on Messenger, too (he might have accidentally left you a loophole!).

What does it mean when your ex blocks you?

DONE My Ex Blocked Me On Everything What Should I Do 2

After checking everything thoroughly you came to the conclusion that your ex has definitely blocked you. It feels like you’ve been stabbed in the back.

You weren’t even planning on getting back with him, but you’re still surprised he would do something like this. Blocking someone seems so extreme and aggressive! Take a second to think – has he really blocked you on everything?

Believe it or not, there is a big difference between getting blocked on every platform possible, and getting blocked on just one (especially if it’s the one you don’t use frequently).

First of all, if your ex blocked you on everything, he doesn’t want you to contact him. Have you ever seen the movie He’s just not that into you? Trust me, there is something liberating about recognizing the situation and seeing the power in giving up. If he wants to move on, why would you stick around?

On the other hand, if he didn’t block you on everything you might have an attention-seeker on your hands. He knows you occasionally check his socials and he expects you to notice (and care) if he suddenly blocks you.

It is up to you now! Do you want to give him the satisfaction of being right? Do you want to restore communication with him? If you want to make sure you understand the situation and you’re not misinterpreting the signs, keep on reading.

“My ex blocked me on everything!” – 5 reasons why

“My ex blocked me on everything and I have no idea why. I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong”

Let’s be clear – nobody blocks anyone without a solid reason. If you’re anything like me, you probably have a long list of people you’ve blocked because they affected your life negatively in some way. Maybe you dealt with a creepy guy sending you suggestive messages on Instagram; or you had a falling out with a college friend, and didn’t want them to contact you.

Either way, you wanted them blocked. Think about it, what reason could your ex have for blocking you? Did you end things on bad terms? Did one of you cheat?

1. You broke up with him

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do

This is one of the most common reasons why your ex might block you. Seeing you post pictures where you’re hanging out with friends, laughing, and enjoying life might be too painful for him. Nobody likes seeing their ex happy!

When the two of you were together, you probably posted cute pictures, commented on each other’s posts, and tagged each other on relatable memes. Now that you’ve broken up with him, he would rather block you than deal with the sad reality of not being your person anymore.

Not only that, blocking you could be his way of stopping himself from becoming too obsessed with you. Constantly checking someone’s accounts looking for new pictures and updates isn’t healthy. He might be trying to prevent himself from becoming a citizen of Stalkerland!

On the bright side, you might be happy to know he’s going to such lengths to recover from your breakup. That means he still has feelings for you! If you feel the same, this might be the sign you were looking for.

2. He broke up with you

Be honest – have you been sending angry texts to your ex every time you see him post a picture with a friend of the opposite gender? Have you been calling him 24/7 begging him to come back to you? Have you been sending him text after text explaining how he made the worst decision of his life when he broke up with you?

If any of this is true, you have your answer. Your ex blocked you on everything because he couldn’t find another way to stop you from contacting him.

You need to be strong and accept the situation. The two of you were happy together, and it is completely fine to feel rejected and betrayed. You probably don’t want to hear this, but sending him tons of angry messages won’t bring him back to you. It’s best to respect his wishes and distance yourself.

3. He’s dating someone new

DONE My Ex Blocked Me On Everything What Should I Do 4

Your ex doesn’t want to hurt you, and he is too much of a coward to confront you and tell you he found someone else. If you broke up recently, he might have blocked you to avoid awkward conversations about his private life.

This isn’t the worst-case scenario, is it? He is still worried about hurting your feelings which means he still cares about what you think. He definitely doesn’t want you to be upset and cry. On the other hand, he also might be worried about you getting angry and ruining his new relationship!

Either way, avoiding confrontation and serious conversation is very immature. Unless you’re still in high school, there is no excuse for taking the easy way out. He should be the bigger man and find a way to break the news to you gently.

4. He’s looking for attention

Blocking someone to draw their attention is kind of an old trick – people have done it for years! Some might prefer to command attention through different social media posts, but some might go for the shock of somebody you love suddenly disappearing. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, after all!

Your ex probably expects you to notice if he blocks you on Instagram or WhatsApp. He knows you occasionally check his profile to see if he’s posted anything new, so he is counting on you to be surprised when you finally realize you can no longer see what he’s up to.

If he hasn’t blocked you on everything, he probably wants you to call him as soon as you realize what he did. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to play his little game or not.

5. He’s just not that into you

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do

This time I’m not talking about the movie. Your ex might be trying to erase you from their life, and blocking you on everything is the last step of that journey. Think about it – did you have a messy breakup? Did one of you cheat? Did one of you fall out of love?

These are all valid reasons for someone to draw the line. You are probably hurt and disappointed, but you have to understand that these things happen.

Relationships are unpredictable, and they can fail no matter how hard you try. You can’t really force someone to stay with you, and you shouldn’t want to!

You deserve someone who loves you and wants to spend their time with you. If your ex is no longer that person, you should let him go. It’s probably for the best!

Are there any benefits to your ex blocking you on everything?

Of course! Don’t get me wrong, finding out the person you once loved blocked you on everything feels horrible. Even if you didn’t plan on getting back together with him, it doesn’t change the fact that you just got hit with a reality-check that he doesn’t want anything to do with you.

Keep your chin up and look at it from the bright side – when someone makes the decision to distance themselves, it makes it that much easier for you to let go.

No more reminders

DONE My Ex Blocked Me On Everything What Should I Do 6

Chances are you spent too much time looking at his social media profiles, patiently waiting to see what he’s doing and who he’s doing it with. You might think checking on your ex after the break-up is fine, but it isn’t healthy to obsess over someone who is no longer in your life.

He made getting over him so much easier by shielding you from a constant flow of his pictures, posts, and comments. I assure you, you’ll find yourself thinking about him less and less with each day. You will finally have enough time to focus on yourself, and who is more important than you!?

No more temptation

Don’t lie – you’ve probably been tempted to reach out to your ex every time you see his Insta-story. They made it so easy! You don’t have to use any big words or start difficult conversations. You can just send him an emoji reaction and your vow to keep your distance after the break-up is broken.

This way, you don’t have to see his pretty face everywhere. He won’t be smiling back at you when you open your Instagram, and his online status on WhatsApp will no longer be tempting you.

This is a good thing. You are better off without certain people in your life, and this might be the Universe telling you that you’re better off without him.

What if you want him to unblock you?

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do

“My ex blocked me on everything and I want that to change. So, what can I do now?”

I truly believe your ex blocking you on everything could be a good thing, but I’m not naive. I don’t expect you to read this and immediately agree with me. You don’t want to be blocked. You don’t even want to be broken up with!

So what should you do if you want your ex to unblock you? You have a couple of options, but be careful.

If your ex blocked you on everything, he probably had a good reason. When you try to contact him some other way you are at risk of appearing too needy and desperate, and nobody wants that!

With that disclaimer out of the way – let’s dive in. You can always contact your ex from someone else’s phone or social media profile, and ask him to unblock you. Obviously, this could be a huge embarrassment if he doesn’t want to be contacted. It is up to you to decide whether the risk is worth taking.

Secondly, you can look for a loophole. Maybe he hasn’t blocked you on everything? You might be able to find an old email address or even his work email, and use that to contact him. Sending emails to your ex’s work may not be the brightest idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Lastly, you can just wait it out. If he blocked you just to get your attention, he will unblock you when he realizes you haven’t found a way to contact him. He’s just a human, he’ll probably slip up out of curiosity, and unblock you to find out if you’ve moved on with your life. You better work on giving him something to find out!

“My ex blocked me on everything! Now what?!”

Listen – I’m all for fighting for love, but when your past lover decides to erase you from his life, you have to rethink your choices. Why should you be the one fighting for him and reaching out when he’s clearly made up his mind? You are so much better than that!

1. Accept it

DONE My Ex Blocked Me On Everything What Should I Do 8

They say acceptance is always the hardest part. There is no way around it. Try your best to understand the situation and come to peace with the fact that he clearly doesn’t want to be contacted. There is no point in trying to get a hold of him because it wouldn’t make any difference.

Do you really think it would be easier for you to see his posts and stories, or to send him messages pleading to take you back? It’s for the best – this way you have a bigger chance to get over him and finally find some inner peace.

2. Don’t push it

Although I did provide you with some sneaky ways of contacting him – trust me, you’re better than that. Don’t lower yourself to that level. Nobody is worth that much effort, especially after they decide to remove themselves from your life completely.

3. Let go of the past

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do

Ask yourself – why does it matter so much that he blocked you? You probably had a good reason to break up, and you haven’t talked about getting back with him at all.

Maybe you’re just holding on to your past. You remember all the good things, memories, and laughs you shared together, and you wonder if there is a possibility to achieve that again. I’m not saying there isn’t, but there’s probably a good reason it didn’t work out the first time around.

If you want to move on, you have to let go of the past. Make this your turning point – an opportunity for a fresh start.

Will your ex ever unblock you?

Regardless of his reasons for blocking you, he will probably unblock you in his own time. He might become curious about your life, or even contact you to clear the air, and explain the reason behind his decision.

Either way, you shouldn’t spend your time waiting for him to unblock you. You should focus on yourself, do all the things you wanted to do before getting caught up in a relationship with him. Not only will this make you more attractive to your ex if he unblocks you, it will also help you move on and put your heart into something else.

Final thoughts

DONE My Ex Blocked Me On Everything What Should I Do 10

Finding out your ex blocked you on everything is certainly not how you imagined your day going. Maybe it wasn’t what you wanted, and it absolutely wasn’t what you would have done to him. But it’s happened, and now you have to deal with it.

Dealing with your emotions is crucial. You don’t want to let them bottle up somewhere deep down. Trust me, they will come back up to haunt you when you least expect it.

So ask yourself – how does this make you feel? Maybe you still haven’t processed the break-up and you were holding on to that last thread of the possibility of you two getting back together.

On the other hand, maybe you were just hoping you could stay friends with him. After all, he wasn’t just your boyfriend. He was your best friend, and the thought of losing him completely makes your stomach turn. You just need some time to process and accept the situation.

Blocking somebody on everything is immature, passive-aggressive, and melodramatic. Regardless of his reasons, it is clear that your ex didn’t want to deal with your issues head-on, so he chose the easy way out.

Don’t let the panic of losing contact with him scare you. We tend to hold on to the past, and in a fight-or-flight situation, we turn to all the happy memories and ignore the bad ones. You don’t want to read the same book twice, especially if it wasn’t a good book in the first place!

My Ex Blocked Me On Everything! What Should I Do?

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