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My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

I gave you everything I had but it feels like it had no value to you.

No matter how much I begged you to change, you kept doing your own thing, breaking my heart bit by bit.

All this time, I was the one who kept fighting for us while you were the one who kept playing your games.

You ignored me, chased after other girls, and hurt me with your actions more than anyone ever did.

Still, you would always appear in front of me and beg me for forgiveness.

A tear or two would slide down your face, and each time, I thought that you were being honest.

How could a man fake-cry in front of me after he knew that he was the one who hurt me? It seemed unbelievable.

Still, you proved to me that it is possible and that the only thing you wanted from me was to prove to yourself that you could trick me into believing anything you wanted.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

And you succeeded. You fulfilled your goal and played me like a fool.

You showed me that no matter what I did, you would always keep playing games with me. That’s just what you do.

How do I know that? Well, it’s because I tried every possible option.

I tried giving you the silent treatment, hoping that you would understand that you were a part of the problem.

I ignored you, thinking that you would come running to me, realizing that you’d made a mistake.

That didn’t work out.

Then, I tried talking to you. I sat in front of you and told you every mistake that you’d made.

I made it clear that if you didn’t change this final time, I’d have no other choice than to leave you.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

But as a man who loves to play games, you gave me a list of excuses. They were a counterpart to my list of your mistakes.

You told me that all those girls I said you were chasing were actually your friends.

You mentioned that you never ignored me, but it’s only that you were having a hard time at work.

And finally, you gave me the excuse that you never hurt me, but that I was too emotional.

Now that I know where you stand, I want you to know that those girls were not your friends.

You don’t go out with your friends and hide your phone so I can’t see who you’re taking out.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

You don’t text friends all the time and take them out more than you took me out. That’s not how friendship works.

You said that it wasn’t ignoring if I was crying next to you because I’d had a terrible day and you told me to keep quiet.

You told me that I was just overreacting.

How could you know whether my reaction was reasonable when you never bothered to ask me what was wrong?

Whenever I told you that I had an issue, you acted as if you didn’t hear my words.

I felt emotionally neglected, shunned in the corner of the room, and expected to be happy all the time.

Maybe I could have made myself happy if you weren’t the one who kept ruining my mood all the time.

You put me down and then blamed it all on me, and I don’t think that’s the right way you treat a woman you’re in a relationship with.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

Plus, you said that it happened once when you’d had a long day at work.

But trust me, I’d been trying to reach out to you for months, but nothing seemed to work.

You made no effort to change.

Finally, you explained to me that you never hurt me and blamed it on my emotions. Like they were wrong for seeing things the way they were.

You can deny it as much as you want, but you hurt me more than anyone ever did.

You took me for granted because I showed you that I would always be there for you.

Even when you made the biggest mistake, my soft heart felt sorry for you and welcomed you with my arms wide open.

I didn’t know how to leave you on your own because I thought that we were supposed to fight for a relationship.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

But it makes no sense when only one side is fighting. It creates a disbalance, and that’s exactly what our relationship ended up being.

I was alone on the one side, craving your attention, while you on the other side kept playing your games.

Each day I woke up, I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I was in a battle with myself, trying to convince myself that I was wrong.

But then once again, I would open my eyes and see the way you were treating me and it would all fall apart.

My picture-perfect image would crumble in front of my eyes, and I realized that I was doing too much for a man who played games with me.

I gave you more than you deserved, and there was no point in doing that any longer.

You had your shot(s). From now on, my arms will no longer be a shelter for a man who plays games.

DONE! My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

I’ll no longer protect you from your own mistakes because you don’t deserve that. You don’t deserve my attention anymore.

And to be honest, It’s clear that it only fed your ego.

That was the only reason you kept me next to you – to prove to yourself that you could win me over, no matter what you did.

And I’ll admit – you succeeded in that.

But I won’t let you destroy me completely when it’s more than obvious that you have no right to call me yours from now on.

The game that you kept playing is over. Goodbye and please close the door behind you on your way out.

My Arms Will No Longer Be A Shelter For A Man Who Plays Games

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