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Moving On Isn’t About Falling Out Of Love With Him

Moving On Isn’t About Falling Out Of Love With Him

“Move on with your life already!”

People tend to say those words without even considering the pain that lies behind them. They don’t consider just how much it could hurt to try and pack up your emotions and let go of the person you once loved.

Everyone seems to think that it’s just like a magic trick, as if you could snap your fingers, say some magical spell, and then everything would be fine. Your heart would heal and you would completely forget about him.

But that’s not how things work, unfortunately. You would stop loving him if you could but every little part of you is attached to him.

Even when you don’t want to admit it to yourself, you can feel it deep within.

You’ve been taught that moving on includes walking away and falling out of love with that person. They tell you that that’s why it’s so easy; you just have to decide to feel better and you will.

That’s an awful expectation to have of yourself because at some point, you’ll start blaming and hating yourself for not being able to do the same things you’re told everyone else can.

They make it seem so simple. That’s why you believe that falling out of love with someone and moving on go hand in hand.

DONE! Moving On Isn't About Falling Out Of Love With Him

But let me tell you that moving on has nothing to do with falling out of love with him.

It’s hard to believe at first but it’s true. You can move on and still love someone with your entire heart.

Moving on is about admitting to your own mistakes, forgiving him for the things he did wrong, and simply deciding that you deserve better than what he had to offer you.

You can love someone with your entire being and still choose not to go back to them. You love him so much that every fiber of your body is telling you to reach out to him one more time but you know that you’re better than that.

When you move on, it doesn’t negate the fact that you still love him. You’re aware of your own emotions and you validate your feelings because no one else will do that for you.

The love doesn’t have to disappear for you to remember that there is someone better for you out there. There is so much more to love than he was able to give you!

You can feel yourself moving on whenever the melancholy overwhelms you and you welcome it. You don’t fight against the sadness that reminds you of him because it also reminds you of the strength you had in yourself when you walked away.

DONE! Moving On Isn't About Falling Out Of Love With Him

He’s probably somewhere out there, immersed in a conversation with another woman, but you’re fine with that because he needs to stay away from you. You want the best for him but you also don’t want him anywhere near you.

He was your everything. At this moment in time, he’s just a reminder of a time when you thought that love was supposed to hurt and now you know that love is supposed to heal.

You put so much time and effort into that relationship. Now that you look back on it, he was always a bigger priority to you than you were to yourself.

That’s exactly why you need to remind yourself that this is the best for you both. You walked away in the perfect moment.

Once you realized that he wasn’t going to change, that’s when you broke everything off. You did the right thing for yourself and you should be proud of that.

It doesn’t matter what other people may say because they’ll always be too harsh for your soft heart. They’ll try to make assumptions about why you feel the way you do.

They don’t understand because they never truly moved on from their heartbreaks, they just put all the misery and all the hurt somewhere deep inside. Now they’re in constant pain and they believe that their hatred for their exes is actually a sign that they’ve healed.

DONE! Moving On Isn't About Falling Out Of Love With Him

That’s so not true.

You don’t hate him and you probably never will. Just because something ended doesn’t mean that it never should’ve happened and that you aren’t grateful for the time you spent together.

You should be glad that it happened because you learned a valuable lesson. Also, you chose yourself when you thought that you wouldn’t.

When you thought that you’d stay unhappy for the rest of your life and with a man who obviously wasn’t right for you, you made the decision to pack your bags and walk away. You should really be proud of yourself.

You found a way to leave him even though you still love him. So don’t beat yourself up about it!

With time, you will stop loving him too. You won’t love him and you won’t remember him.

But for now, embrace the love you still feel for him. Carry it within yourself with pride because that means you’re still human and you’re moving on slowly but surely.

DONE! Moving On Isn't About Falling Out Of Love With Him

I’m so genuinely proud of you for doing this for yourself! So stop waiting for other people to validate your choices and your decisions.

You’re moving on at your own pace, while also owning the love you still feel for him.

That’s why you need to remember not to push yourself too hard. Be gentle with yourself.

You’ll let go of the emotions you have for him soon enough! I can promise you that much.

Moving On Isn't About Falling Out Of Love With Him

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